Pixl Coin (PXLC): Is it a good investment?

The Cryptocurrency market is loaded with thousands of coins and tokens for investment. An investor has to research before they invest in any cryptocurrency project. This article explores Pixl coin and all that you need to know about it.

What is Pixl coin?

PIXL is a coin that is created to merge the world of advertising with the world of the metaverse. It follows in the Web 3.0 framework, offering a new way for advertisers to reach out to a diverse, new and engaged audience. The cryptocurrency space today is manipulated and flooded with a diversity of different dishonest projects. PIXL through its community and dedication to the values of transparency, honesty, and integrity is providing a space for investors to interact with projects that have been trusted and vetted, and also allows those projects to effectively demonstrate and advertise their true value.

Pixl is focused on bringing visibility to projects on the blockchain while increasing the value of the coin in the process.

Quick Stats:

Current price: $0.001409

Marketcap: $1,428,167

Circulating supply: 1.00B Pixl

Market rank: 5975


Safety – Ownership renounced. No dev/admin distribution.

Static Reward:  5% of every transaction is redistributed to the holders.

Liquidity Pool: 5% distributed to the liquidity pool

What is the use case of Pixel coin?

The use case of this coin is in Blockchain advertisement. It seeks to collaborate with and publicize other coins in exchange for more investments, collective exposure, and more. This will increase the value of the coin even more.

Roadmap of Pixl Coin

Phase 1: Emergence (2021)


    Website launch / Website completion

   Fair launch Pre-sale on DXsale

   Pancake swap listing

   Basic marketing

   Introduction of “coin of the week”


Brand awareness

  In-depth and advanced marketing campaign.

  Partnership developments

  Website use case launch

  Advertisement partnership integration

  Retro 8-bit game integration


One million pixel image creation

Fully established business partnership

Merchandise launch (ready for Christmas!)

Future roadmap development for the next year

Phase 2: Virtualization (2022)

Phase 3: Commerce (2023)

Phase 4: Maturation (2024)


5% of the token is automatically distributed to coin holders

5% is distributed to the Liquidity pool

The liquidity pool is locked for 5 years.

There are no developer’s wallets

This makes the project to be rug-pull proof.

This is a fully community-oriented coin with no whales at the start and no edge for the developers.


The PIXL Admin team comprises 11 individuals whose identities are revealed on the website. These people work in marketing as a profession, a few are business owners and others are in diverse professions. There is a CEO, COTW Lead, Developer, Copywriter, CTO, Social Team, Designer and Managing Director.

What is the one million PIXL page? 

This is a page on the internet offering 1,000,000 available spots for advertising. The projects advertised will be the projects that the Pixl team has carefully vetted by studying and investing in them. This is not just about paying for ads, every project that will be featured on the 1million PIXL page has to be carefully vetted before it’s featured, no matter the ad budget.

As an incentive for coins to apply to be featured in the Coin of the Week, all featured coins will automatically receive some free advertising space on the 1million PIXL page. PIXL coin aims to develop partnerships with many different crypto projects and to help bring investors to their platforms honestly and truthfully.

Through actions like the 1million PIXL page, PIXL coin aims to disrupt the sea of dishonest advertisers who quickly profit from their audiences and then leave them hanging. PIXL coin aims to be around for the long run, and it aims to be a household name that can be associated with marketing and advertising great crypto projects.

How much is Pixl coin worth

The total self-reported market capitalization of Pixl coin is $1,428,167 which isn’t bad for a new coin. It is expected that the price and value of the coin will increase when the prices soar.

How to buy Pixl (pixl) token

PXL token is now live on the BNB chain mainnet.

Token Address: 0x5b2b5bd1e5c53870fe135fb7b289d686f762858d. 

Ensure you do not purchase any other token with a different smart contract from this one as it can be easily faked.

Short edition

–        Connect your wallet to Metamask

–        Deposit BNB into your Wallet

–        Go to pancakeswap here: 

–        Choose a currency and paste the contract address of Pixl into the search field: 0x5b2b5bd1e5c53870fe135fb7b289d686f762858d

–        Click the cogwheel and set the slippage to 11%

–        Set the amount you want to buy and click the exchange swap button.

–        Confirm the transaction

Using Binance

–        Install and register on the Binance app

–        Get verified

–        Click on the profile picture from the top left of your screen and switch from Binance Lite to Pro

–        Buy BnB coin. You can do this with your local currency or exchange a token for BnB

Buying using MetaMask wallet

–        Install Metamask

–        Go to settings

–        Select Networks

–        Select Add Networks

Complete the fields:

 Network name: Use BnB Smart Chain

RPC Url: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

Chain id: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block explorer url: https://bscscan.com

Adding tokens to your wallet

-In your MetaMask wallet, click “+add tokens” at the bottom of the screen.

-Click  on “custom token”

-Paste the Pixl address into the token address field: 0x5b2b5bd1e5c53870fe135fb7b289d686f762858d

The rest of the fields will be auto-filled and the Pixl token will now be visible in your wallet.

Pixl Coin (PXLC) contract address

Below is Pixl Coin contract address for the BNB Smart Chain network.

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x72d2946094e6e57c2fade4964777a9af2b7a51f9

Is Pixl coin a good investment?

There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) PXLC tokens, all of which have already been minted. This means that the maximum supply is the same as the total supply, and there is no way to mine or create PIXL.

To discourage selling, PIXL has implemented a transaction tax in its smart contract. This means that every time PXLC is used, a certain amount is sent back to the marketing fund to grow the project.

The smart contract also features a burn tax, which can burn tokens as a transaction tax, effectively reducing the total PXLC supply with every transaction. The team can also implement a sell penalty tax to incentivize holders. The transaction tax is determined by the PIXL coin team and will be adjusted as the project grows to continue to incentivize people economically to participate in PIXL coin.

PIXL coin’s smart contract and tokenomics have been carefully audited by known blockchain auditor CertiK. As a PXLC holder, you can be sure that you are transacting with a trusted smart contract and that you can count on the team to be transparent about the tokenomics of the project. 

All these measures indicate that Pixl is a safe project to invest in as it is rug-pull proof. But additional research is needed.

Where else to buy Pixl?

There are popular crypto exchanges with decent trading volumes and huge user bases. These platforms will enable you to sell your coins at any time and low fees. You should also register on these exchanges because when PXL gets listed there as it will attract a large number of trading volumes from the users there. This will give you trading opportunities to make a profit.


Trading Cryptocurrency is very risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money. An investment in Pixl coin is worth taking in the long term.

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