How to learn Copywriting online for free

If you are looking for an online high-income generation skill, Copywriting is one! 

The goal of every business is sales. And Copywriting involves writing copies with the objective of making sales.

As a Copywriter, you’ll need to know the strategic words that will compel, convince, and convert strangers to buyers. A Copywriter is more of a psychological salesman who makes in-depth research to fully comprehend the problems of the target audience and use appropriate words to make them see a product or service as the solution.

Copywriting is an art and can be learned! It’s an all-round skill that cuts across all other fields. To be an expert, you need to take a copywriting course. Even if you spend all your time combing the internet from one blog to another for information about copywriting, you won’t have all the detail you need. 

Hence, if you want to choose this career, you need to enroll in a well-organized, value-packed copywriting course. And good to know that several platforms offer free copywriting courses online. I will be talking about some of them in this article.

But before then, 

Why take a copywriting course?

Obviously, the goal is to get rich! There are lots of people all around the world who made their wealth and fame through Copywriting.

According to ZipRecruiter, a well-paid Copywriter makes up to $130,500 in a year. That’s a whopping sum of money! I guess it’s enough motivation for you to devote time to learning this skill.

In addition, Copywriting skills will be a game changer for you in other spheres. The way you write has a huge effect on what you get, both personally and professionally.

Imagine that every time you write something (a CV, an email, a profile on social networks, a video script, a sales text…), you manage to obtain the desired result.

That would be insane, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s what copywriting does.

For people who have an online business, in particular, it guarantees better results.


Because copywriting wins the war for attention. How many times have you ignored a Facebook ad or YouTube video, or stopped it in the middle because it didn’t hook you?

Copywriting allows you to write texts or scripts that attract more attention and that “push” people to consume your entire message.

Also, copywriting makes it possible to become better in sales. And sales equals more money. Hence, going back and forth, being good at copywriting will fetch you a lot of money.

Where to learn Copywriting online for free

Now to the main thing. This is a list of free online copywriting courses.

1. Skillshare: basic copywriting course 

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of courses taught by experts.  One of the free copywriting courses on this platform is the basic copywriting course. This course begins with a summary of copywriting while teaching you the introductory technique of copywriting for creating compelling and high-quality copy.

This is a short duration course. In just 1-hour, you’ll master the basics of copywriting. Some lessons in it include the introduction to copywriting, principles and paragraphs, how to understand the audience, how to analyze your work for more improvement, and more.

2. Skillshare: Writing sales copy course

Available on Skillshare is also a copywriting course for anyone that wants to learn how to write copy that sells. Over 12,000 students have taken 

this course which makes it a highly-rated course.

This copywriting course includes 1-hour virtual learning, teaching students the difference between copywriting and content writing, how to understand your target audience, how to make headlines, how to convert calls to action, and more. You’ll also be awarded a certification upon completion of the course.

3. Udemy: Complete Copywriting course for beginners

This Udemy Copywriting course is one of the best for beginners. In this course, you’ll be taught the techniques and formulas that you can apply to your business, website, or e-commerce store.

Some lessons in this 3-hour course include how to write headlines, a call to action, e-mails, copywriting formulas, and more topics that will increase your copywriting knowledge.

4. CopyHackers

The CopyHackers Copywriting course is a good course for beginners in copywriting. No matter the field you’re in, effective writing will be as easy as following the right formula upon completion of the course.

5. Creative circus: Copywriting course

The creative circus consists of successful advertising professionals who have decades of real-world experience. Taking a copywriting course at this online accredited school is a great step toward becoming a highly-valued copywriter.

This free online copywriting course includes step-by-step guidelines and offers tutorials on how to write the first draft, conduct revision of it, last-minute changes, and finish the project successfully.

6. Udemy: Writing copy that sells

This is also one of the best free online copywriting courses for beginners that come with certification. The words used in a sales copy are the determinant of a business’s success or failure. 

In this modern world of short attention spans, you have to use the right words for the right audience for your ad copy to sell.

This 7-hour copywriting course taught by Evan Kimbrell, a co-founder, and creator of several marketing products, is a great course for this. The modules include copywriting formulas, call to action, B2B vs B2C, and copywriting for social media and emails.

7. CXL: Writing effective copy for website 

In addition to its design, a website relies heavily on good copywriting for its success. This free copywriting course taught by a team of professionals with great experience from reputable companies like Hilton, Hewlett Packard, and Google, in the CXL institute is self-paced and efficient for all levels. The topics on it range from research, outline, and guide posts to conversion boost, draft copy, revise, and test.

Included in the course is access to other free marketing courses, a PDF file of free copywriting courses, and certification upon completion.

8. Udemy: Secrets to writing sales copy

In the world we’re in today, there’s a great need for quality writing skills in every profession. This free copywriting course aims to teach you some important strategies for writing whitepapers, case studies, and press releases, and also to teach you how to generate leads and some sales secrets with real-life training.

You also stand a chance of learning effective communication skills and a way to go to have your work published.  In addition, you have access to extra exercises you can take to enhance your learning and additional resources. 

The 3-hour course includes lifetime access to 39 tutorials, 2 articles, and a PDF of a free copywriting course that will help you master how to write in a B2B environment. Also, you’ll be awarded certification for completing the course.

9. Khan academy: Selling with storytelling

Khan Academy is one of the online platforms filled with various courses. Storytelling in sales copy is an effective way of connecting with the audience thereby getting massive sales.

The Khan Academy free copywriting course is on how to utilize storytelling in sales copy, and at the end of the course, you’ll be able to weave storytelling in sales copy and thus create an engaging copy.


The world of Copywriting can be a shady one without guidance, but with the article above, the copywriting world will be as clear as a crystal to you.

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