10 websites that pay you to browse the net (2024)

Is there anything better than being paid to browse the internet? Since you’re always browsing the internet, why not earn some additional cash in the process?

You might not be aware but you can make money from browsing the internet, and in this article, I will outline 10 websites that will pay you to do so. 

1. Brave Browser

Installing the Brave browser on your PC or smartphone will allow you to surf the internet and earn Bitcoin at the same time. By watching anonymous advertisements, brave users may receive BATs (Basic Attention Tokens). On the browser, these advertisements may be shown as push notifications. Your browser’s built-in wallet receives cryptocurrency incentives when you watch the adverts.

Additionally, you may get BAT incentives for producing content. Your fans may donate BAT to your website if you are a blogger, YouTuber, or any kind of content creator. In addition, when installing the Courageous browser, new users automatically get BAT incentives. Your daily internet browsing activity will determine how much money you can make with Brave Browser.

2. Swagbucks

There are several methods to earn money on the well-known website Swagbucks. Anyone may register for free and may get a $10 bonus. Following your registration and login, you’ll find several options for earning points, often known as Swagbucks or SBs.

Completing surveys, playing games, viewing films, and doing online shopping are some of the alternatives. Additionally, you may get SB by utilizing Swagbucks as your main and default search engine while you browse the web. It’s simple to earn points every time you search the web by using their browser extension.

Once you’ve accrued SB, you may exchange them for PayPal cash or gift cards of your choosing. 

3. MyPoints 

You may earn points by performing several activities with a free MyPoints account, such as watching movies, playing games, completing surveys, printing coupons, shopping online, and more.

As you perform tasks and browse the internet, you will accrue points. After that, you may exchange the points for rewards like a huge assortment of gift cards.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars and Swagbucks are comparable in a lot of aspects. After you register with InboxDollars, you may earn money in several ways, such as by completing surveys, seeing movies, playing games, and experimenting with other offers.

Using InboxDollars as a search engine while you browse the internet is another way to earn money. In the Chrome browser, you may make it your default search engine or your homepage.

You may exchange your InboxDollars earnings for any kind of reward of your choosing.

Similar to Swagbucks, your earnings from InboxDollars are contingent upon your level of activity and the variety of methods you use to generate income.

5. Up Voice

On the website Up Voice, users get incentives for using their typical methods of internet browsing. Users who browse social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and others get paid.

Users just need to visit one or more of the aforementioned social networking sites once a day after adding the up voice extension to their browsers. Users get incentives in exchange, which they may use to purchase e-gift cards.

Up voice functions by gathering personal information to support businesses in their marketing campaigns. Additionally, prizes may be redeemed using Visa and PayPal.

6. MobileXpression

You may be paid by MobileXpression, a market research company for access to the browser history of your mobile device. Although they won’t gather private or sensitive information, you must be okay with them exposing your browser history.

Installing the MobileXpression app on your phone will allow you to accrue 5 reward points per week while it’s in use. Once you reach 30 points, you may exchange them for a $5 gift card or, for a better deal, hold out until you reach 50 points to exchange them for a $10 card.

You may earn around $50 in gift cards annually if you wait until you have 50 points. You can select from a variety of gift cards, including free Amazon gift cards.

With the help of the smartphone software MobileXpression, you may earn prizes entirely passively. After installing the app on both your phone and computer, all you have to do is redeem your prizes. With very little work, you may earn $50 or so in gift cards annually.

7. Swash Application

Through the usage of the Swash app, users may be paid in cryptocurrency (SWASH coin) for their internet surfing. In addition to gathering your data, it compensates you for it.

Installing the browser plugin on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Brave will allow you to go on with your regular surfing activities while earning money.  Users of Swash are rewarded with coins, which you may verify in your wallet and then withdraw via a cryptocurrency exchange.

8. Cirus

With the help of the browser plugin Cirus, you may get cryptocurrency for just browsing the internet. The add-on provides you with cryptocurrency in exchange for your location data. The extension is only compatible with Chrome browsers at the moment, but it will eventually work with other browsers as well.

The nicest thing about Cirus is that it doesn’t advise consumers to turn off ad blocking to see advertisements and be paid. It permits users to go on with their current internet use.

9. SavvyConnect

Similar to MobileXpression, SavvyConnect is another data research software that pays you to browse the internet. The distinction is that SavvyConnect is compatible with mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop PCs.

If SavvyConnect is installed and active on each device, you will get $5 each month, up to $15 per user.

Even though it doesn’t seem like much money, that is entirely passive. And if you have three devices linked, it will come to $180 over a year.

10. Nielsen Mobile & Computer Panel

Nielsen, a market research firm collects statistics on internet use. If you install their app on your PC or mobile device (tablet or smartphone), they will pay you to browse the internet. Your browser history will be collected by the app, but sensitive or personal information won’t be collected or stored.

This may be a great opportunity to earn some big money if you don’t mind having your data shared for scientific reasons. You will be eligible to join their $10,000 monthly contest as a participant. You will also get $50 annually for each device.

The nicest part about Nielsen Digital Voice is that you may be paid to browse the internet and install the app without having to make any further effort.


Although you won’t get very wealthy using any of these alternatives to be paid to browse the internet, these websites are genuine and provide users excellent incentives for doing easy chores like surfing and watching advertisements and videos. Rewards may be obtained in the form of cryptocurrency or real money.

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