How to monetize Facebook (2024)

So what is all this buzz about Facebook monetization? I believe you have seen content creators begging for followers, and also begging you to like and engage their content. Some even go the extra mile to buy followers while others spend their earned money to run Facebook ads to create awareness about their page and get more followers and likes. 

Now have you wondered why they do all this? Do you think there is something they are not telling you?  Or do you feel you’re missing out on great financial opportunities? 

I can assure you, that you’re not alone, as many want to know what’s behind this massive craving for followership and how they too can cash out from Facebook. 

Yes, there are indeed tons of ways in which you can monetize your Facebook and turn it into a cash printing machine if you get the know-how.

This article explores all you need to know about Facebook monetization and some little exceptions you must know.

How to monetize your Facebook page

There are several ways you can monetize your Facebook page, but first, you must have grown your page to a reasonable amount of followers and a good number of engagements. Below are the following ways you can monetize your page.

Facebook monetization policy and in-stream ads

Facebook pays creators who have met certain criteria on their Facebook page.

Here is how to know if you have met the Facebook requirements for monetization 

The first thing is to read the Facebook Creator Studio’s instructions on how to upload content and monitor the success of your videos.

You should do this by going to the right-hand column on the Home Page and selecting “Monetization” from the list.

 Then you go to the  ‘Overview’ part which will let you know what kind of monetization you approve of. From there, you may check it out. Another thing you must note is that the eligible age for this is eighteen years old.

Check to verify if your information is accurate before clicking “Set up Monetization.”  then you will receive a confirmation email, and you should rest assured that the money might soon begin to come in.

However, that is only the first loop.

The next thing is what we call In-stream advertising from Facebook.  This works like Google Adsense. This is where the main hassle and work is and when you get this right, you will surely see money flowing right into your account. But it’s quite difficult to meet these requirements unless you put in the effort. 

To be certified and be able to secure these ads before, during, and after your Facebook videos (for which you will be compensated and paid), you must have met the Facebook Partner Monetization Policies that were previously covered.

Next, you need to have five videos that are all currently live and are each longer than 60 seconds. 

Additionally, you must have at least six hundred thousand minutes of views during the last sixty days. 

Then if you’re monetizing live streams, sixty thousand of those minutes must come from live broadcasts. 

 Also, 3 of your at least 5 videos must come from live sessions

The last requirement is that you have at least 10,000 followers.

Influencer marketing 

One of the thriving businesses in the online space is influencer marketing. But first, you must seek to have a large follower base, with real-time engagement.   This means the page must be alive and thriving.  This is where your work as a creator comes in.

You must be able to continuously post exciting,  and valuable content to your page, depending on the niche you choose. There is also the place of your followers knowing you, liking you, and having great trust for you. When all these are in place, then you’re set for monetization as a digital influencer. 

And so as one with a large follower, business owners will seek you to help them post their products or promote their brand on your page. This is where the money begins to come. Then charge them at your rate.

Organic Traffic Generation

With a pool of massive online followers, you can drive massive traffic to your website or blog or even WhatsApp or any other social media. This, like what I have said already predicts how much you have invested on the page. That is how much content you post that is valuable,  and how much followers have come to like you, know you, and trust you.

With this in place,  and having built your site, with relevant content,  you can drive traffic from your already established Facebook page to the site. All you need to do is write good content and add the link to your site to it.

This will help to boost the traffic to your site, which in turn will turn out to be money as long your site is monetizable.

 Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, owning a page becomes important.

This will help to drive organic traffic to your product page. And like I said, by this time, you must have done the work of making them engage your post, and also the know, like, and trust factor must have been in place too.

When you recommend this product to your loyal followers, most of them have no choice but to buy it because it is coming from you. 

How to Monetize a Facebook group

Like a Facebook page, there are several ways one can monetize a group created by him or her.

Have you wondered why millions of groups and more are being created daily? Though not all are created for monetization purposes, as an administrator of a Facebook group, there are different potential ways to monetize the group. 

But first, you must, you must be able to grow the group to a reasonable amount of members. Also, the group should be tailored to a specific niche or purpose.

Finally,  while it’s advisable to make the group public initially, with no restriction on who can post,  a time comes when you put a cap on posting, where you as an admin must approve every post before it’s displayed to all members.  Though this rule is generic,  it’s just at your discretion as an admin to know whether you have enough people in the group before such action is taken. Also, as an admin, you have the exclusive right to flag any post or comment as unacceptable and delete them. 

Now here are some of the ways you can monetize your group

Influencer marketing 

As group admin or the owner of a group,  you will always be met by people who want to showcase their brands in your group.  Or sell their product. They will then meet you privately to discuss their intent and terms with you.  Having agreed,  they may go to post, while you approve it.  Now someone else, being a member of the group, will want to post or sell a product in the group, you have the right not to approve the post.

Selling of products and services

As an admin, you have the exclusive and unhinged right to sell whatever you want on that group, provided it resonates with your group members.

Affiliate marketing

As stated above the Facebook page, also applies to Facebook groups.  But the connection is not as deep in comparison to that of a page.


Facebook monetization is a big way to get money if you are ready to put in the work and your expertise. Many page owners even go the length of running paid ads. Some also buy massive followers which is not advisable for several reasons.

However, it’s noteworthy to check if your country is eligible for Facebook in-stream ads. This is because one might meet all the requirements, but it’s still dependent if your country is eligible for payment.

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