How to make money on Clickworker

Clickworker is a platform that enable people make money online by doing several micro jobs. Over the years, Clickworker has been the leading platform for data entry jobs on the internet. If you are good with English language then you can explore this platform to make some extra income. Apart from data entry jobs, they also have different opportunities like surveys, mystery photographers and more. You can work from anywhere: Nigeria, India, Ghana, South Africa, United States, Kenya, anywhere that you are.

How much can you make on Clickworker?

It is very possible to make $10 or more an hour from Clickworker. In its early days, you can make $20 or more an hour from the platform. But it went a bit downhill but gradually it is picking up again and people are making good money on the platform.

How much you make depends on how many jobs you do and how fast you are with typing and other necessary skills.

sometimes, work will be many and you have many choices. The good thing is, they will often let you know how much you will make from a particular job in advance. So you can decide to do it or pass.

You also decide when you want to work.

Please note: We advice you to see this as an extra income stream not as your main income stream. Maybe as you get to work on the platform and see how it goes, you can decide if you want to focus mostly on it.

How to make money on Clickworker

Here are steps that you can take to make money from click worker:

1. Sign up

The first step to make money with Clickworker is to sign up. Click here to sign up with Clickworker.  When signing up, make sure that you provide adequate and true information. Just follow the on screen information to sign up.

When you sign in, you should fill in more information as much as you can.

To receive money, you may need a Transferwise account. Transferwise is one of the best ways to receive or send money. Click here to open a Transferwise account. Then go back and fill in your details.

You can click here at anytime to sign up with Clickworker

2. Complete assessment

This is very important. Once you have signed up and verified your email address, you should complete assessments. There are different kind of assessments, to test your English language ability and more. Don’t worry, they are basic and easy. The more assessment you complete, the more qualified you will be for jobs.

If you are having problems finding where to complete assessments, look at the image below:

make money on Clickworker

3. Writing jobs

On the website it is called creation of text job. If you are good in writing, you should be able to make some money with it. The topics and template is chosen for you, your job is just to create texts!

4. Data categorization jobs

This will typically involve you running some search on a particular keyword. Then you determine if the search result match what you were looking for. Decide which search result is more accurate and also if there is adult content on the page and more.

5. Copy Editing jobs

These simply involves you editing texts. The texts are typically short. It could be about anything: products, cities and so on.

6. Proofreading jobs

This simply involves you reading short articles and correcting mistakes that you find in them. There is no predetermine topic for you to pick from, it all depends on which is available.

7. Web research jobs

This involves you searching for data on the internet and updating them. It could be searching for address of companies or searching anything simple and similar.

8. Survey Jobs

This is all about you sharing your opinion and getting paid for it. On Clickworker, you will get chance to take surveys and make money. You should be an active user to be picked for surveys.

If you love taking surveys then checkout this article: Best paying online survey websites to make extra money

9. Video and photography jobs

This involves you making videos of certain things around you. You may also get the chance to take pictures of products in certain places.

10. App Testing jobs

This is all about testing apps to see if it works well before it is release publicly. You get to make money too doing this in your spare time.

11. Recruit a Clickworker

You can refer your friends to Clickworker and you get paid 5 euros when your friend makes up to 10 euros. This is Clickworker referral program or you can call it affiliate program. It is another way to make more money.

Where to find jobs

Once you login, you will be seeing the jobs available to you. If you wander away at anytime, you can always click on Jobs at the top left of the page to view all available jobs.

How do you get Paid?

You get paid through PayPal or Transferwise. For people in countries who cannot receive money via PayPal, you should open a Transferwise account. They are one of the best platform to send and receive money anywhere in the world. Click here to open a Transferwise account. Then after opening account, you can go back and fill in your Trasnferwise info to receive payment.


There are times that you may find jobs limited at Clickworker. The truth is that Clickworker is a platform that help companies give these jobs to you. So there are times that they may not have enough companies.

But to ensure that you are always getting jobs, the tip is to complete every necessary assessment as soon as you can. Then do as many jobs as you can. It is important. When you complete lots of jobs, you will be noticed and more jobs will be pushed to you. It works.

Download the Clickworker app to help you check on jobs from your phone anytime. You can get it here


Clickworker is a good platform to work and make money at your spare time. It will likely not make you rich which is why we advice you to see it as your extra income opportunity. Whenever you have spare time, you can use it to grab some money. Click here to sign up.

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