10 Companies that hire transcriptionists (2024)

As a transcriptionist, working from home is a terrific opportunity to have flexible hours and a reliable income. 

A transcriptionist is an individual who listens to an audio or video recording and then accurately writes every word said while producing a clear document devoid of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation problems. This might be a lucrative job for you if you’re an accomplished typist with solid grammatical abilities.

It’s crucial to have good attention to detail as a transcriptionist since transcribing businesses demand a degree of precision down to every word. You could be requested to transcribe podcasts, interviews, business meetings, and lectures from the classroom.

It’s very easy to get well-paying work as a transcriptionist as long as you are good at what you do and have the right knowledge. If you’re racking your brain thinking of where to start then look no further, as I’ll outline 12 companies that hire transcriptionists. 

1. TranscribeMe

TrannscribeMe is one of the best transcription companies out there. The initial salary range is $15 to $22 per hour of audio. You may take on as much work as you’d like, and the typical length of the transcriptions is between two and four minutes.

To work for them, you need to take a training course and pass the English test; use Google Chrome as your browser. Once you’ve finished your transcriber training course, TranscribeMe enables newcomers to start without any expertise or specific equipment. They use WorkHub, where transcriptionists may pick and choose which audio recordings to finish when they have time. As one clip ends, the next one starts loading automatically until you decide to stop.

Additionally, TranscribeMe provides prospects for promotion in “Special Teams” for medical transcribing and “Special Styles” for high-end customers.

2. Speechpad

Speechpad pays their transcriptionists from $0.25 to $2.50 per minute of transcribing, and you may choose the projects that best appeal to you.

To work for them, you need to send an application and then pass a grammar and typing test. All you’ll need when your application is approved is a computer and a strong internet connection. Speechpad offers all the tools transcribers need to make the most of their time. They have support personnel available to you around the clock, seven days a week.

Speechpad also provides examinations that you may pass to gain ratings that will assist you in choosing which audio transcripts are accessible to you. You are free to choose your projects and may be able to find employment with greater income.

3. Quicktate

There are several transcribing services available from Quicktate. Quicktate calls for transcribing expertise, so, if you’re just getting started, this may not be the best choice. The requirement to work for Quicktate includes passing a background check, providing three references, and paying the $20 background check cost.

Additionally, much as with other transcription jobs, some degree of English proficiency is necessary. If English isn’t your strongest language, Quicktate also offers the opportunity to transcribe in other languages.

Quicktate pays their transcribers 0.0025-0.005 cents per word

4. Rev

Rev is one of the greatest places to get online transcribing jobs, with more than 170,000 customers worldwide, including CBS and Viacom. 

An excellent opportunity for any aspiring freelance writer, Rev is constantly searching for transcriptionists with exceptional English skills and attention to precision.

You no longer need any prior expertise with transcription work to get started; you only need to pass a grammar test and submit a brief transcription sample.

The rate is between $0.40 to $0.75 per minute of audio. 

5. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking diversity. They give you the freedom to decide when and on which projects you wish to focus your efforts. The company, which has been operating for more than a decade, promises to have plenty of work for motivated transcriptionists. 

According to the quality of their job, transcriptionists are given ratings and are paid up to $0.60 for each audio minute. 

To become a transcriptionist at Gotranscript, you need to pass the exam first. After that, you can have your on the project you want to work on. They also provide entry-level transcribing jobs. 

6. BabbleType

Babbletype is a very discerning and exclusive transcribing firm that is always on the search for fresh talent.

The market research studies that Babbletype specializes in need a high degree of accuracy. 

Before being employed, you must watch a 30-minute video, go through an interview, and pass a lengthy period of paid testing. Typing speed is less significant than the accuracy of the content summary.

Native English speakers are used by Babble Type for translation, editing, and transcribing. They let transcribers pick their assignments and provide flexible hours.

7. Scribie

For customers, Scribie provides two options: Services for automated transcribing (80% to 95% accurate); and 99% accurate human-generated transcription services. Naturally, the A.I. solution is more affordable and faster than human-generated transcription. 

Nevertheless, some customers find the inconsistent accuracy of AI to be off-putting. AI, like humans, is far from flawless, thus skilled transcribers are still required for quality control.

At Scribie, each audio recording is subjected to a lengthy transcribing process that involves many employees. 

To work for Scribie, you must first pass their exam. Both seasoned and inexperienced transcriptionists are hired by Scribie. A waiting list exists, nevertheless, to begin working as a freelancer.

They give bonuses to individuals who finish three hours of audio transcribing each pay period. 

8. 3Play Media

Either in English or Spanish, 3Play Media provides the option to work as a transcriptionist. Additionally, they need editors to correct inaccurate transcriptions. 

You’ll need to get acquainted with the proprietary transcribing software used by 3Play Media and pass proficiency tests to begin working for them.  

You are paid weekly, and 3Play Media points out that even if you simply transcribe for a few hours, you are still rewarded. Although they pay for the specific assignment, 3Play Media estimates that this works out to an hourly rate of $10 to $30. They provide flexible work schedules and hours.

9. Way With Words

High English proficiency might be your ticket to a career with Way With Words. Particularly sought-after are transcriptionists with an understanding of various accents. You don’t need any prior professional experience, and training is offered. 

Pay rates range from $.45 to $1.73 for each audio minute, depending on the deadline. According to Way With Words, your income will increase as you get more expertise with transcribing and develop a speedier writing style. Although a certain typing speed is not specified, accuracy is anticipated.

You need to pass their exam as a requirement before you can start working with them. 

By accepting tasks that need to be completed more quickly, you can earn more money. Way With Words recruits inexperienced starters.

10. Pioneer Transcription

Check out Pioneer if you have some expertise with transcribing and are meticulous with a strong command of English.

Pioneer Transcription Services will administer a transcription test to you once you complete the online application. If you succeed on the exam, you may start working as a subcontractor for transcribing projects. 

One-on-one interviews are transcribed for the most part at Pioneer. They typically pay $1 for each audio minute. 


The need for transcribing services has skyrocketed, meaning there are now more options than ever before for skilled transcriptionists looking for flexible and satisfying work. As seen by the wide range of companies mentioned above, the field of transcription has a wide range of opportunities for those looking for remote employment or an additional source of income. 

The need for transcriptionists is expected to expand across a range of sectors due to technological developments and a greater focus on digital content. As a transcribed or aspiring transcriber, you may take advantage of these expanding opportunities by keeping up with the changing needs of various businesses and your experience to establish a lucrative career in this fast-paced industry.

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