How to sell to Gen Zs

Gen Zs (or Generation Z) is an acronym for the current generation – people who are more social and have massive spending ability. They are also referred to as the educational or scientifically oriented generation. 

One of the attributes of this current generation (Gen Zs) is that they take more time to evaluate their opinions. Hence, it takes them more time to make a buying decision too.

With the booming of technology and social media, Gen Zs are opportune to obtain information about several products online. So, they are more likely to conduct research on their own about a product before making a purchase.

And therefore, since the current generation is more technology-inclined, every business owner must think of how to sell their products and services effortlessly to them in a unique way. If you are looking for the right strategies to sell to Gen Zs, then this guide is for you.

How to sell to Gen Zs

Selling to Gen Zs is not a difficult task if you are ready to follow some simple tips. Provided below are the strategies and hacks to sell to Gen Zs:

1. Employ the use of digital platforms for advertisement

With the increasing technology, there are many digital platforms where you can successfully reach your target Gen Zs who are willing to buy your products. Nowadays, everyone has access to a smartphone, PC, and tablet which means they have access to social media and digital content. 

As a marketer, you need to harness the power of all those platforms to promote and advertise your products. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. They can be used to run ad campaigns and reach more audiences. 

To sell effectively using this platform, you must ensure the content is tailored to their interests.

2. Respect their privacy

This current generation values their privacy the most. They cherish their personal information so much and want it protected. 

With the advancement of the internet, a person’s identity can be used to scam or perform fraudulent acts on social media which is the reason why Gen Zs always like to stay anonymous to maintain their privacy.

As a marketer, you can use this to your advantage, don’t ask too many questions that you know can drive them away from your website or store. Always remember that Gen Zs are very conscious of their personal information.

Indeed, effective marketing strategies always involve collecting the audience’s information to generate more ideas on how to capture their attention. However, you must be sensitive not to invade their personal space. 

3. Use the newest technology and software

Gen Zs are known to be digital-savvy and marketers can utilize the newest technology to provide them with a smooth buying process. 

The current generation always wants to explore new developments in the online space. Hence, you can make use of these tactics to hook your target audience.

If you already have an online store or website where you sell your products or services, you can incorporate the right technology and software to enhance their shopping experience and make them stay longer. 

The internet is rapidly evolving, therefore, ensure you keep your store up-to-date with the right software. 

4. Create a compelling, and concise online content

Human beings generally have a short attention span, less than that of goldfish, not to even talk about Gen Zs. It’s not absolutely their fault – there are lots of distractions around them online and onsite.

The current generation can find a 10-second ad too long if it is not informative. So, when creating content to drive sales, always remember to keep it short, simple, and informative. 

Gen Zs demand concise and snackable content that can drive their attention toward your business. Additionally, it is not only about being short but you should try to also make it compelling – because short and non-compelling content will produce no sales.

5. Focus on selling quality products

If you are only after the sales and not quality, it might be hard to sell to Gen Zs. You can hardly trick them into buying low-quality products.

With access to the internet, there are several ways Gen Zs check the genuineness of a product before buying. 

And once they find out that your product is fake or is of a lower grade, they can easily share it across social media to prevent more people from buying. This will definitely ruin your brand’s reputation, and you don’t want that to happen.

So, always focus on selling high-quality, and authentic products. It will help you have positive reviews of your product and ultimately boost sales.

Tip: If you’re selling a low-grade product, let them know. Some Gen Zs can still buy it as an alternative to the higher grade if the price is much lesser.

6. Maintain the price and quality of your product

The quality and price of your product are important factors when selling to Gen Zs. One of the foremost things the current generation checks before buying a product is your competitor’s price and quality. 

Gen Zs have access to unlimited information on the web – including information about the prices of other alternatives to your product or service.

Hence, they can’t be bamboozled into buying a product that has a higher price than its equivalent. Even if they will buy your high-priced item, they must know why yours is better than the other competing products.

So, the best practice is to know your competitors’ price tag and work out a competitive price for your product or service. 

Tip: If you want to sell at a higher price than other equivalent products, then make your brand more popular. Gen Zs are moved by popularity and they will hardly think twice about the price If your brand is popular.

7. Partner with celebrities and influencers

Another way to make your product and service appealing to Gen Zs is to partner with celebrities and influencers. This is a sure way to attract this younger generation to buy a product. 

Most new generation folks have celebrities and influencers they regard and follow on social media – especially popular personalities in the entertainment and sports industry.

And many Gen Zs don’t just follow them on social media, they also imitate their lifestyle, mode of dressing, etc because they believe so much in these personalities.

This fact is a good advantage for your business. What you need to do is to partner with some celebrities and influencers to help you promote your brand or product. This works 100% of the time!

8. Communicate with the Gen Zs to understand their needs

One of the keys to making Gen Zs patronize your business is effective communication. Have a means of communication with them to understand their needs and create a product that solves their demands. 

You can communicate with them through customer service, comments, and reviews on social media, email, and helpline numbers.

Tip: Make it so easy for Gen Zs to communicate with you anytime. If they can, they will trust your brand and also refer their connections to your brand.


In summary, to sell effortlessly to Gen Zs, you must ensure that your brand has a good reputation and original products. Also, you need to create compelling content tailored to their interest so as to hook them.

The above tips are a few of the strategies you can use to sell to Gen Zs as a marketer. I believe you’ll be able to make massive sales by deploying them.

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