WhatsApp Marketing: How to create a campaign to increase customers

There are numerous ways for businesses to market their goods and increase customers or target audience awareness. WhatsApp marketing campaign is one of them. This approach can strengthen your business to grow rapidly.

It’s the most straightforward approach to contact friends, and clients. WhatsApp marketing campaign is a form of messenger marketing to promote a brand via WhatsApp. 

Continue reading to learn how to create WhatsApp marketing campaigns to grow your customer base, develop lasting relationships with existing consumers, and boost revenue.

How to create a Whatsapp marketing campaign to increase customers

It could appear confusing at first, but the process is practically as easy as setting up a personal WhatsApp profile.

  • Send promotional messages
  • Pin down your target audience
  • Start getting contacts
  • Define your goals and KPIs
  • Make your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.
  • Follow WhatsApp rules
  • Provide real-time customer support

1. Send Promotional Messages

Most businesses offer smartphone applications that may be downloaded and utilized to enhance the shopping experience. 

When downloading these applications, customers can quickly receive notifications from these firms about their items or suggestions.

Many well-known OTT services have started using WhatsApp to notify users when new series episodes are due to be published.

Similarly, you can notify your clients about your e-commerce brand by sending them promotional messages via WhatsApp. 

To increase sales and engagement, you can further complement this with coupons, points for recommendations, and shopping discounts.

2. Pin down your target audience

All your marketing efforts are to know your target audience and get more customers. For instance, sometimes, you have to create a good customer profile to determine your target market or audience.

Also, avoid guessing your target audience preferences and focus on researching them. You can carry out surveys on social networking platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, using web analytics, and others to know more about your audience.

Using these survey tools, you can identify the demographic and geographic traits of your consumers.

3. Start getting contacts

Both business and user-initiated communications are available with the WhatsApp Business solution. Users can engage with your brand using the WhatsApp Business API through an opt-in service. 

They must voluntarily consent to have texts sent to their phone number. Several effective strategies for obtaining users’ agreement without being obtrusive include:

  • Incorporate a link to click-to-chat in your marketing emails.
  • Request for their permission about getting WhatsApp notifications during checkout.
  • Enumerate all the advantages of utilizing this messenger;
  • Give a subscription discount.

4. Define your goals and KPI

Create marketing objectives to launch your WhatsApp marketing campaign. This stage will enable you to set boundaries for unnecessary items and indulge in essential issues.

You are reviewing and identifying weak points in your marketing funnel. Try to devise company goals you can get from your WhatsApp marketing strategy. 

Determine the KPIs that will let you know if you have completed these objectives. Here is an illustration to help you see this plan: 

Sending promotional messages through WhatsApp is a way to address customer retention difficulties for your business. Your KPIs could be click-through rates and client retention rates.

5. Make your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

It’s time to draft the actual message that will be distributed once you have your audience, objectives, and tools prepared. You can communicate text, pictures, videos, or PDFs that includes powerful communication mediums using WhatsApp.  

Do you like to provide a catalog of your designs or the menu for your restaurant? Apply PDF. Or do you have an upcoming occasion? Make a little video to announce the launch. 

Also, Emojis give your talks a more human touch. Without WhatsApp’s template approval, you cannot send a message straight through the app.

To create a template, use the dashboard offered by your WhatsApp Business Solution Partner after you’ve prepared your copy and any accompanying photos.

6. Follow WhatsApp rules

You must follow the policy of WhatsApp at all costs. Give the WhatsApp rules a thorough reading before you decide to jump in. It’s your best bet to follow the platform’s guidelines because all your template messages will go through a verification process.

To enhance the mobile user experience, you can abide by the following standard unwritten rules:

  • Ensure the PDF file you send is small enough to be downloaded with 10 MB, anything more is may not be supported.
  • Choose the ideal image size for your WhatsApp marketing posts. The perfect image size for WhatsApp posts is 800 800 pixels. It is 500 500 pixels for a profile picture.

7. Provide real-time customer service

All a client may do if they have a question is either write an email to the company or try to connect over the phone with a customer service representative. 

The executives are frequently preoccupied with taking care of other clients; thus, not every client receives the required attention.

On the other hand, WhatsApp enables businesses to send and receive customers’ messages without creating lengthy text. 

Customers also prefer texting their questions to the brand over WhatsApp rather than emailing them or waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative.

Chatbots can provide your customers with real-time customer service around the clock. This will give you time to concentrate on growing your business and increasing sales while making the procedure hassle-free for your customers.


WhatsApp is one of the most used media texting platforms for sending and receiving messages. Due to this application’s popularity, several firms have incorporated it into their marketing plans to increase their effectiveness.

WhatsApp provides you and your company a platform to communicate and engage with clients away from your company website.

How successful are Whatsapp’s marketing campaigns?

Proactively reaching out to prospects is the first step in WhatsApp marketing. With WhatsApp, you can initiate conversations with contacts who have chosen to hear from you, which is different from most messaging programs.  It can help in customer retention. Add image

Can I send promotional messages on Whatsapp?

Yes. Businesses can send promotional messages over WhatsApp. Businesses can utilize WhatsApp Business API to send unlimited users discount coupons, promotional offers, coupons, product launch notifications, alerts, and more.

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