11 Ways you can make money reading books (2024)

The greatest flex nowadays is being able to transform what you love into a source of income. If you are a book lover, then I’m sure you will be thrilled to learn that you can make money from reading books. If reading books, critically analyzing what you found to be good, terrible, and what you would alter, and then discussing your ideas with others was what you wanted to do all day, then this article is for you. 

There are a lot of ways reading books both offline and online might earn you money. I’ve listed 11 methods here.  

1. Create a book club on social media 

Creating a social media persona where you establish a reputation for reading books, thinking critically, and persuading others to read or not read certain books is one of the most common and enjoyable methods to earn money from books.

A means of posting content is all you need to begin going. These are some of the top methods for utilizing social media to earn money while reading books.

  • Create an account and make it obvious that your accounts are about book reviews. Describe the type of novels you like reading.
  • Upload a video reflection to BookTok, BookTube, and BookStagram, which are TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram communities for book lovers. 
  • Write reviews on books and establish yourself as a bookfluencer. 

To get the most out of your investment, make the video once and then cross-post it to all three video channels. You can method money by reading books in this method, usually from sponsorships and affiliates, albeit it can take some time.

2. Create a book review blog

Creating a book review blog is one of the best ways to make money from reading books.  Since it requires less maintenance than video material, you may publish once or twice a week while reading and reviewing books, which will help you gradually build a following.

It may take some time to gain popularity and start making money, but as long as you enjoy reading, you will feel fulfilled whether you make money or not. As time goes on, you will begin to make money and reap the fruits of your labour. 

3. Start a podcast 

Podcasts function similarly to BookTok or Bookstagram, allowing users to earn money by reading books—the only difference is that your voice is recorded rather than your face. Discuss your most recent ideas on the books you’ve read and make money by way of sponsorships.

Most podcasts don’t currently make any money from advertisements, but if your show increases in popularity, you may be able to use your audience to sell more material, get support from Patreon, or secure an exclusive agreement with a podcasting firm.

4. Join Online Book Club

Online Book Club is an online reading forum that pays you to read books and write honest reviews. You will get a free book in exchange for your first review; there will be no payment made to you. However, after your first sample book, you will be qualified for chances to evaluate books for pay. The pay for a book review might range from $5 to $60. 

Simply sign up with your email address then get a free book to read. Following that, you have 14 days to write a review and confirm the download within an hour. The only method of payment is PayPal.

5. Provide audiobook narration

The good news is that narrators for audiobooks are in great demand so if you have a good voice then you will be able to make money.

More and more people are listening to audiobooks, so you may read books aloud for pay. You may enlist your services on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. 

6. Write on Medium 

Medium offers a plan for earning royalties. The way it works is that you are paid a tiny percentage of the monthly membership charge of each paying Medium user who views your article so greater views equate to greater revenue.

To profit from ad views, SEO is not necessary. Hosting your website is not even necessary. Simply share your opinions, get 100 followers, and begin earning money from both reading and blogging about books.

7. Become an editor 

This is a choice for freelance work as well as a profession. Depending on your level of schooling, you may submit your gig on an online marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork or apply for full-time editing positions.

8. Work as a literary agent

As a literary agent, it is your responsibility to choose the best, unnoticed writings, read them, and polish them. Not only do you make money reading countless books, you get to decide which book gets published and which does not.

If you have faith in a book and decide to publish it, you may become the reason for someone having a new favourite novel. 

9. Translate books 

If you can speak multiple languages, then there is a high demand for you. A lot of publishing companies pay to have books translated to another language, so the whole world can enjoy the book. 

10. Become a proofreader

Although it may be a full-time job, most people use this as a side gig. Because the book is usually more polished and ready for publication by the time a proofreader joins the team, I believe it’s one of the finest methods to earn money reading books. Editors must deal with the text as it is, whereas proofreaders just check for minor mistakes. 

Although it requires constant attention to detail and a keen sense of grammar, it is feasible to earn money by reading books. 

11. Create book covers.

If you love books and have an artistic side or are a graphic designer, then this is one of the greatest methods to make money. You will read novels, consider how you would portray the primary idea, create a book cover, and get payment.

Here, you have two options: either work as a freelancer or apply for positions as a book cover designer within companies. Either way, reading books will be a fantastic method to earn money.

Once again, this is a later stage of the process, so you will be reading an almost-finished book. For the author, this is also quite significant in my opinion. One of the key elements influencing the book’s success will be its cover.


While there are countless ways you can earn money reading books, you need to figure out what works best for you. With the above 11 options, I’m sure there will be something that suits you well. 

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