How to find copy and paste jobs

Making money online or offline can be tough especially if you are new or lacking in experience. You may lack the required skills and understanding it takes to make money. But with copy and paste jobs, you can make money without much skills. Almost everyone can copy and paste.

No matter where you are, you can do copy and paste jobs. There are copy and paste jobs in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Kenya. Wherever you are, you have access to make money from copy and paste jobs online. There are also numerous opportunities offline.


What are copy and paste jobs?

Copy and paste jobs involves the copying of data from one place to another as a means of income. You are typically given the information that is needed, all you have to do is search through a resource platform and copy the information, then paste it where it is needed. It is a simple job that anyone can do for income.

By data, we mean anything such as names, addresses, list of companies, name of countries and so on. Any information at all is known as data in this context.

Copy and paste jobs may come in many forms, it could be data entry jobs, transcriptions jobs, etc. But all you really need to do is look for a particular information, copy and paste. Sometimes, arrange the copied information in a particular order.

The job could involve copying from PDF to Word, word to PDF, Invoices, Excel to words, from websites to word processors and so on

Why copy and paste jobs are important

Copy and pastes jobs are very important for the sake of record keeping and adequate data. To companies and many organisations out there, data is very important.

For example, a company might have a large data base of customers. But they need to arrange these customers according to their location, names and phone number. All they will need are people who can search through the data base, copy these information and paste them in order that is needed.

Also, companies could needs names of their competitors sought and arranged. There are very many reasons why this job is important.

Generally, for accurate information storage, copy and paste jobs will always be important.


How much can you make from Copy and Paste jobs?

This job is not for people who wants to make big money. Typically the money you make from it is not much. If you are expecting to make big money this is not the job for you.

But if you are interested in making passive income. Earnings extra income regularly then this job is for you.



There are many advantages to this kind of job:

  1. You do not necessarily need educational qualification.
  2. You can work from the comfort of your home
  3. The work is very easy to do. Just copy and paste!



Where to find copy and paste jobs

Here are places that you can fin copy and paste jobs:

Micro job sites

You can find this job on micro job websites. Micro job websites are sites that offers mini online jobs. Most of the jobs offered only require you to copy and paste. Examples of micro job sites include: Micro WorkersAmazon Mechanical Turk and more.

Freelancing platform

You can find this job on freelancing platforms. All you have to do is create a captivating offer to work in this field. Set how much you charge per hour or per job done. Companies and individuals looking for people to recruit will discover and contact you. You can use platform like people per hour, Fiverr and so on.

Job boards

You can search on job boards like Indeed, craigslist and so on for this kind of jobs.

Search engine

You can make use of search engines to find companies offering this kind of job. There are many search engines like Google, Bing and more than can help you on your search.



Please beware of many scams out there. There are so many websites that will promise you this kind of jobs and ask you to pay registration fees, do not pay.  Don’t be a victim.

Be very careful. Do your research on them. If they exist close to you, visit their office to be sure. There are many genuine copy and paste jobs.

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