How to make money with Uber

At, our goal is always to help people make money and we are always writing on different hustles, ideas and ways to make money. Some of the ideas we write about are ones that you can do part time while working on your main job. Uber, is one of those ideas. You can make money with Uber part time, whenever you are free.

If you are looking for extra cash. Either to pay off debts, to save or to meet your target, consider Uber as a way to make that extra cash. The good thing about making money with Uber is that it gives you the choice to choose when you want to work and to decide how much you want to make.


What is Uber?

Uber is a platform that connects who are looking for a ride with riders. The goal is to make transportation easy and convenient for people.  The company uses real time tracking to make transportation easy. It is easy. If you are looking for a ride, all you have to do is download the Uber app, request for a ride and it will instantly match you with a driver close to you.

You will see the price of the ride, the driver and car details. So you can essentially decide the kind of ride you want to have.  They are very popular and widely used worldwide. It started in the United states but it is now present in almost 800 major cities world wide including cities in Nigeria and Africa.

To make money with Uber, you will need to have a car or have access to one. Your job is to give ride when you can and make money. You can do it on your way to work, on your way back from work, when you are on holiday, weekends or whenever it’s convenient for you. It is up to you.

You can also give your car out for someone to use and get commission. You can rent a car from someone who is not using it to run your Uber business and return to them when they have need of it. Just have access to a car that is acceptable.


How much can you make with Uber?

One thing about making money with Uber is that you are your own boss. You are in control. So, that means you decide and control how much you can make. The more rides that you give, the more you make.

Sometime ago at my former office somewhere in Lagos. I had a colleague who had a company car. But I guess the boss gave him freedom to use it at will. I noticed that, at a particular time, he will get a call, and dash out and come back later. I still didn’t understand.

He was a lawyer and worked as a lawyer in our firm. I knew he was not going to court because we worked same place. Then a new pattern started, whenever he comes to work, someone will come pick up the car and return in the evening before closing.

It was later it dawned on me, that he must have been using it for Uber to make extra money.

That should not be a surprise to you, a lot of big boys and big girls give rides with Uber to make money.

I once read a Facebook post from a Nigerian who returned from America. He said when he landed, there were no jobs. Since he had a car, he decided to make money driving Uber when he can. According to him, he was making good money off it and in control of his time.

Uber is very popular.  I have a neigbour, for some reason she does not have a car. Every day she goes out, she orders an Uber. Quite a lot of people use Uber, it is the most popular form of road transportation among the elites in major cities.


What you need to know

To ride and make money with Uber you must know the following:

  1. Your car must be good enough. There is emphasis on the quality of car.
  2. You must have vehicle documents
  3. You must have driver’s license
  4. Car must have valid insurance
  5. Your car must have valid road worthiness certification
  6. Your must have a passport photo

You will upload all these online. Let’s get straight to details.


How to make money with Uber

Here are ways that you can make money with Uber:


1. Register with Uber

The first step to making money with Uber is to register with them. The process is easy and straight forward. You will need to scan your photo (or driver’s photo). Scan the drivers license. Also scan the road worthiness certificate and insurance. But you can start registration first and upload them later.

Got to the website and register. Click here to register Once you are there, fill in all the information, submit and follow instruction.


2. Download the Uber app

It is important to download the Uber app on your phone because that will be your office space. You will get alerted on rides. That is where you will essentially operate from.

After registration, you should download the app on your phone.

You can click here to download on your android phone

Click here to download on your iOS phone (iPhone)

Or click here to download on your window phone.


3. Driving it yourself

You can decide to drive yourself and give people Uber ride to make money.  This is a good option if you don’t want someone else handling your car and you only want to drive when you are free.

You are the boss and control when you want to. Just plan and make out time you will spend on giving rides. You can choose to do it while on your way to work. Do it after work. Do it on public holidays and weekends. Anytime that is convenient for you, there is no pressure at all.

If you are not fully employed or unemployed then you can drive anytime and make even more money. You can make equal or even more money than people who fully employed if you give many rides a day. It also attract bonus from Uber.


4. Hire a Driver

You can decide to partner with a driver to make money from Uber. The person must be licensed and qualified to drive. You should in this case register this person and ensure he has the app. You should only work with people you know. Drivers you can trust. Do due diligence and background check.

Have an agreement with them on how much they pay you a week or how you split payment. They can pick up the car from your office once you arrive and return it when you close. Or if you don’t use the car, they can pick it from home.

If you have more than one car and they are idle, you can find drivers you know and trust and partner with them and make extra cash instead of just parking the cars.


5. Understand your local market

One important Uber tips to make more money is to understand your routes and local transport market. All rides are not the same. Some places make more money than  others.

So you need to research to know when and where to drive to make the most money. There are part of the city that there is more need for rides than others, you will make more money where the demand is high.

There are times of the day where demands go up, study and understand.  Days like weekends, public holidays, festive seasons will likely attract higher demands. You can interact other Uber drivers in your location to find out the best times and best routes.

Surge fares are also common and if you are smart, you can grab money from it. When there is high demand for drivers in a particular part of town but there are low supply of drivers available, Uber may increase fares. Drivers in that areas get alert.  If you know areas where that that happens always, you can plan and tap into it.


6. Find a good place to wait

When you have finished giving a ride and there is need to wait for a new ride, find a good location to wait. There is no need to drive around looking for areas to get rides. You will waste your fuel and energy. Just get a good location that is full of riders and wait. You don’t have to wait long.


7. Use no-wait trip requests

If you have a lot of free time and fully in money making mood. It is likely you will not want to wait between rides. You can take advantage of the no-wait trip requests to get back to back rides without having to wait. This means you will receive new trip request to pick up someone while you are almost dropping off someone. That way you don’t have to wait. Read more about no-wait trip requests here.


How do you get paid by Uber?

Typically you receive your payment from Uber weekly. There is no excuse or whatever, they are automatically paid into your bank account. However, if you want your money quickly, Uber has introduced Instant pay, for riders to get their money instantly. You can even request up to five times a day. This is depending on location as at this moment.



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