10 ways to get free money

Who doesn’t like free money, hands in the air… No one! But, is it possible to get free money without having to do all sorts of hard work? Well, you’ll find out now…

We all need money to sort out ourselves and our ever-increasing bills. But for many people, the regular sources of income are no longer enough. Hence, the need to find out more ways to get money, especially for FREE.

Getting free money sounds unreal but it is possible. There are things you can venture into and earn money for yourself doing next to nothing.

If you are eager to find out how to get free money, read on as we go into more details.


Ways to get free money

  • Online surveys
  • Referrals
  • Sign-up offer.
  • Scan your receipts for free cash
  • Get paid to play games
  • Complete tasks online
  • Monetize your phone lock screen
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Cashback sites for online shopping
  • Watch videos

1. Online surveys

Taking online surveys is a way of getting free money. Although it doesn’t mean you will get so much money in your account or wallet, it’s a stress-free system of getting free cash. 

You can complete surveys whenever you feel like it and wherever you are to get paid. Just ensure you go for sites that are reliable and pay well. Some of the platforms you can start with include 

2. Referrals

Recently, there have been lots of businesses or other industries that require online referrals and in return, you get a reward for referring someone.

This is one easier way to earn free money. You can refer your friends, and family to sign up with some companies and their products to get cash rewards or earn points you can convert to cash.

Banks are one of the industries that offer the best referral programs. They reward you for referring someone and they also reward the person you referred to them.

3. Sign-up offers

There are lots of companies out there that give free cash when you sign up with them. Although, after signing up, you might need to buy something from them to qualify for receiving this free money.

Apart from these companies, other sign-up offers can get you free cash like signing up to survey sites to get some percentage of cash after completing surveys.

Also, you can earn free crypto by joining platforms like Coinbase and doing some tasks.

4. Scan your receipts for free cash

If you have been discarding your receipts or you feel too lazy to collect them, then you should reconsider. This is because there are receipt scanning apps like; shoppix that pay you free money whenever you upload copies of your receipts issued by any store you purchased from.

After earning enough tokens enough to be withdrawn, you will get the free money paid in a cash form or a voucher.

5. Get paid to play games

You can get free money while playing games online and at the same time having fun. There are different platforms like; Mistplay that pay users to play new games, and you get to earn more points if you play for a longer time.

These points can be redeemed through gift cards, free Google play codes, and prepaid Visa.

6. Complete tasks online

There are various websites you can sign up with to complete certain tasks and get paid. These tasks you need to do are very easy and stress-free; for instance, you may have to answer a question, take a picture or watch a video and you earn. One site you can do this is; Toloka

7. Monetize your phone lock screen

You can monetize your device’s lock screen to earn some free money. To get started, you need to download some apps, one of which is Current – an app that allows you to earn money while listening to music online. You can download any music of your choice to listen to when you are offline and still earn more points.

8. Scholarships and Grants

Students are often the beneficiary of scholarships and grants. It’s a way for them to receive free money because it requires little to no effort.

Lots of students believe that these scholarships or grants are for students with the best grades, those who are good with athletic activities, or those involved in music.

But regardless of your talent, prowess, and background, these scholarships are meant for every student for a variety of reasons. You can get a scholarship or grant that can aid you till you finish your studies.

9. Cashback sites for online shopping

You can shop for a product directly or through a cashback website, but you should shop through a cashback site. This is because you get a much better experience shopping and you will receive a percentage refund for the total amount you used in shopping.

You will find lots of shopping sites on cashback platforms. When you maximize these cashback platforms, you tend to gain free money.

10. Watch videos

Watching videos is another way of getting free cash. There are sites you can sign up with to watch videos and earn points you can later convert to cash. These sites are;

On these sites, you can watch the following;

  • Tv shows.
  • Commercials.
  • News.
  • Movie previews etc.

Using your laptop or other mobile devices, in exchange, you get points that can be redeemed as a gift card or through PayPal from retailers.


So, the above-listed are the 10 best ways to get free money. If you are searching for a way to get free money, I hope you choose from this list. Thank you for reading! 

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