How to start selling on Konga (Complete guide)

Selling on Konga is the act of putting up a product for sale using Konga online ecommerce website as the selling point for customers to buy from you, and advertising the product digitally on Facebook, Instagram, and blogging or any other advertising media. is Nigeria’s largest online mall that started in July 2012, purchasing and distributing products, and today it is one of the most significant engines of commerce and trade in Africa.

Retailing products on its platform now span different categories like Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care, and more for the customer’s convenience and satisfaction. Konga owns one of the largest websites in Nigeria, with more than two million followers on social media.

You could join thousands of merchants and start selling to over 50 million buyers on Konga across every state in Nigeria. That is an exciting possibility if you learn how to start selling on Konga today. In this post, we will discuss what you can sell, where to source your products, documents you need to start, and steps to open an account. Others include listing your products, handling your first order and shipping methods, guaranteed order fulfillment method, payment, charges, and difficulties of making money on Konga. So, let us start right away.


Documentation to Start Selling on Konga

It is easy to sign up to sell on Konga but, keep the following documents ready before you start the sign-up process. They are:

  • A unique store name and store description
  • Contact and personal details
  • An ID issued by the Government, like a Voter card. International passport.
  • Account information for receiving payment


List of Categories of Products You Can Sell on Konga

Look for a product with massive demand and low competition that you can sell. Sell goods like TV, Toys,  Phone accessories, Clothing, Beauty products, and home décor. The most popular categories include electronics, fashion products, and mother and kids’ products.

Your account could be banned or suspended from Konga if you list any of the products below. The prohibited products include:

  • All types of Weapons
  • Hazardous chemicals and poisonous materials
  • Indecent images
  • Classified Gaming and Gambling products


How to start selling on Konga

Follow these steps to start selling on Konga:

1. Register

Visit Konga Seller HQ to register.

2. Provide accurate information

Fill out the signup form with a correct Email address, phone number, and bank details so that you will receive payment when customers buy from you.

3. Submit form

Next, submit the form to create your SellerHQ account. Konga will verify the information you provided, and once they check your details, they will create your account, and you will receive access to the market management portal called SellerHQ. (SellerHQ is your control panel or Seller Dashboard from where you upload your products, monitor your sales, control your finances, and manage your inventory).

4. Wait for Konga

Konga will then assign a devoted support officer to your store and create a SellerHQ account for you.

5. Sign in and upload product image

So, sign into the SellerHQ portal to upload at least five images of your products for sale. To do that, add pictures of products that are a minimum of 500 pixels by 500 pixels, and write a brief description of your product, state the quantity and price.

6. Make your listing attractive

Create high-resolution pictures, accurate and attractive description, and vital information for each product. Make the data convincing to prospective customers so that they will patronize you.

7. Your product becomes visible to buyers

At this point, your products will become visible on Konga’s database for its customers and followers to start buying nationwide.

8. Get notified when orders come in

Konga will receive orders for your product on your behalf and notify you by SMS, SellerHQ, and Email.

9. Ship product

Then you can pack your products properly and ship them yourself or use a preferred courier, a logistic partner like Konga’s K-Express, who will deliver your goods to the buyer, and Konga pays the money less commission to you.

10. Confirm your logistic partner

Confirm that your preferred logistics partner makes deliveries on time so that you will enjoy good ratings and attract customers to your business.

11. Keep learning and growing

Download the new merchant orientation PDF to learn more about selling on Konga.


Taking care of your first Order

Taking care of your first order is a big step when you start selling on Konga

When you have an order on, the operators of Konga will check the buyer’s information and send them to your dashboard, and you must accept or reject the order fulfillment in 24 hours.

Once you accept the order, print the order summary and invoice by clicking on orders on your dashboard. Finally, pack the order neatly and ship it to the buyer via your chosen courier. Remember, the packaging is part of getting repeat purchases from the same customer, so do it properly.


Where to Source Goods

 It is your responsibility as a seller or merchant to source and sell only genuine products. You could sell your brand if you have one or look at the catalog of goods on sale on Konga and procure goods that are on hot demand from manufacturers in Nigeria, China, or anywhere.
Get more information about wholesale and dropship platforms like Chinabrands, or importing goods from brands like Alibaba or AliExpress, and more.


Available Shipping Methods

Available shipping methods on Konga include Self-fulfillment, Fulfillment by Konga (FBK), KOS express, DHL logistics, QUO, EMS, and Courier-Plus. These are the companies that provide shipping services at an exclusive rate for Konga nationally.

You can provide Self-fulfillment by providing free shipping that delivers at buyer’s doorsteps within your area, and the action may boost sales by up to 30%.

For KOS express, you must take your order to a drop-off spot. The customer pays shipping costs. But you must ship the order in 3 days after the buyer places it. You can confirm KOS express fees by checking the delivery settings on your dashboard.


Guaranteed Order Fulfillment

Recently Konga has made order fulfillment very easy and inexpensive by creating one of the most Innovative fulfillment networks in Nigeria, called Fulfillment by Konga (FBK). All the customers using the FBK facility, share the expenses. With FBK, a seller will receive payment for an order in 3 working days after successful delivery.


FBK Enlisting Method:

  • You list products on SellerHQ
  • Next, you deliver the product to Konga’s Fulfillment Centre
  • Customers order your products
  • Konga selects and packs your product
  • Also, Konga ships your products
  • Konga provides support and manages Return Logistics


Another vital tool when you start selling on Konga you must learn about is payment. When the delivery of a product is successful, it is tagged ‘delivery confirmed.’ But if you operate a return policy, which is usually between 7 to 14 days, depending on the settings on your dashboard, the money will be put in an escrow account until it lapses.

You get paid into your KongaPay registered account after Konga collects commission between 1 to 7  business days. (3 business days if you use Fulfillment by Konga (FBK) and seven business days if you use another means of self-fulfillment)


Seller Fees to Konga 

You pay several fees as a seller on Konga. These fees are in many phases.


Membership fee

After signing up, you must pay a monthly membership fee for access to the platform. There are two plans:  Silver plan and Gold plan.

  • Pay 1000 Naira per month for a Silver plan to list up to 10 products monthly.
  • Pay 2500 Naira per month for a Gold plan to list unlimited products monthly.


Commission Charges

Konga charges commission percentage on any items you sell. These fees differ depending on the number of products you sell monthly. Besides, depending on the category of products you sell and the class of seller you belong to, the commission rates also vary.


Category of sellers on Konga

Two classes of sellers exist on Konga, such as Premium seller and Classic seller.

  • Premium sellers operate large stores and make sales of around 1 million Naira monthly with a quality rating of 90% at the least, and the commission amount for premium sellers are between 2 to 7 percent.
  • Classic sellers manage small stores and sales under 1 million Naira. The commission amount is between 3 to 10 percent.

Shipping Fees

In April 2015, Konga launched Self-fulfillment and began to charge sellers shipping fees for all orders shipped by  K-Express. From the SellerHQ, a seller can review their shipping charges and Locations.



Difficulties of Making Money on Konga

  • Image description and product title: Other sellers can steal your title or images. To stop that from happening, put a watermark on them before you upload them on Konga.
  • Competition: This can hinder your chances of making money on the platform. Others can sell any product you sell at a cheaper rate. This action creates prize competition, and it becomes a buyer’s market. Konga is also your competitor as it will sell any fast-moving product since it buys and sells on that platform too.
  • Suspension and deletion of the store: Your account is not immune to being suspended on Konga or other online sales platforms. Konga can suspend your account if you delay in the payment of a commission andif you cancel orders They can delete your account if you sell fake products or dupe customers.



This post explained how to start selling on Konga. You can begin by registering for an online store on Konga, and once they approve your application, you will gain access to the Sellers HQ and upload images of your products. Konga is trusted nationally, so start your business, ride on their popularity, and start making money today.

Use the information to start selling on Konga and share your experience on Konga in our comment section.

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