How to earn free NFT/Crypto via CoinMarketCap

Earning free Non-Fungible Tokens and Cryptocurrencies is one of the things that most cryptocurrency investors look forward to. Aside from airdrops, CoinMarketCap gives you the opportunity to earn free diamonds that you can use to get free cryptos. In this piece, I highlight how you can use diamonds on CoinMarketCap to earn free NFTs. 

What is CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap is the top website that tracks the prices of crypto assets in the ever-expanding cryptocurrency space. It is the world’s biggest crypto data aggregator. Its mission statement is to make publicize cryptocurrencies and increase their global efficiency by granting retail users access to high-quality, unbiased, and accurate information that will help them draw their informed conclusions. 

Founded in May 2013 by Brandon Chez, the website has quickly grown to become the most trusted source of information for users, institutions, and media for comparing thousands of crypto assets. CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news outlets frequently cite CoinMarketCapmaking it an authority in the field. Also, CoinMarketCap’s data are used by the United States Of America government for research and reports.

What are CoinMarketCap diamonds?

Diamonds are a loyalty rewards program of CoinMarketCap. The purpose is to reward users for visiting the website daily. The diamonds accumulated by a user can be used to get certain rewards like opening a mystery box with a prize, getting exclusive access to an offer, earning crypto, etc.

How to get CoinMarketCap diamonds

 1. You have to register on the platform with a username and password

2. After registration, log in with your email and password.

3. On the homepage, click on the green diamond icon and it will bring you to the diamonds page where you can view your diamonds. You can see the diamonds on display and how you can get them.

4. Log in every day and claim your daily diamonds. If you do this your stash of diamonds will keep increasing.

5. Perform daily tasks.

The daily tasks could be joining an airdrop. This is cool because not only do you get 10 diamonds for doing something that takes less than 5 minutes of your time, you get the opportunity to get free crypto airdrops or whatever they are giving out as well.

How to join an airdrop

1. Click on the “join an airdrop” button. It will bring you to a page where you can see ongoing airdrops and upcoming airdrops. There is a whole list of airdrops that you can join. You can click on “View All” to see all the ongoing airdrops to join.

You can also see which ones you’ve joined already. So you can check on the status of your airdrops.

2. When you select an airdrop to join, click on “Join this airdrop” on the right side of the screen. It will bring up a to-do list consisting of all the tasks you need to do before you can join it.

3. Do all the assigned tasks.

Most of the airdrops will require you to do something on Twitter, telegram, discord and sharing links to your friends and followers, etc. Be diligent and follow through with the tasks.

4. After completing all the tasks for joining the airdrop, click on “join airdrop”.

5. Go to the diamonds page and click on the “Collect Diamonds” button. The assigned number of diamonds will be added to your stash.

This is a cool little way to stack these diamonds. Do this every day as it takes just a few minutes to complete them.

Placing price estimates

Another way you can get diamonds is by placing price estimates on any coin or project that is on CoinMarketCap. 

How to place price estimates

1. Click the price estimate tab.

Six cryptocurrencies will be presented to you to estimate their prices in six days.

2. Click on each cryptocurrency to do the price estimation.

When you click on a cryptocurrency, it will load the page for prediction.

3. Click on the “Estimate” button on each day.

4. Select either of the estimates: +2%, +5%, +10%, -10%, -5%, -2% and hit “Submit”.

When you are done with the price estimates, return to the diamonds page and collect the 10 diamonds reward for completing the task.

There are a few more options for getting more diamonds.

– There is the task where you are asked to make up to three predictions for which countries will make crypto legal tender next, and get 10 Diamonds.

– Click on the “Go to Vote” tab and select from the list of countries, the next three countries you think will make cryptocurrency to be a legal tender in their country.

– After you have done the selection, return to the diamond page and collect your 10 diamonds.

If one of your predictions turns out to be correct, you will be rewarded with 50 diamonds.

Another way to earn free diamonds is to join the Coinmarketcap referral program.

You can send invites to your friends to join through your link and as soon as they stash up to 100 diamonds in their balance, you and your friends will be gifted 20 diamonds.

However, to take part in the referral program, you must accumulate a minimum of 200 diamonds.

All these will increase the number of diamonds in your stash.

Remember to log in every day to accumulate the diamonds.

How to use your CoinMarketCap diamonds to redeem rewards

Go to the rewards page on CoinMarketCap.

You will see a list of rewards, mostly NFTS with the number of diamonds required to redeem them indicated beside them. 

If you have the required number of diamonds for redemption, click on the reward and input the stated wallet address and click on the “Redeem now” button.

The crypto or NFT will be sent to the wallet address.

CoinMarketCap Referral ID

The CoinmarketCap referral ID is PWB35Y7O


Coinmarketcap aggregates information about cryptocurrencies to its users. Users can earn free diamonds by completing daily tasks. These diamonds can be used to redeem Cryptocurrencies and NFT rewards. CoinMarketCap diamond earning is a fun way of acquiring digital assets and getting involved in the cryptocurrency space.

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