How to become a LinkedIn influencer

The influencer community has become a so much a lucrative opportunity as many brands and businesses seek their influences to promote their business, create more awareness, and drive bigger sales

But not much is known about LinkedIn influencers and their professional portfolios whose style and method of posting make it seem confusing to the average social media user.

Here, I have come to demystify this so-called mystery and let you into a world of professionals hiring professionals, the world of making deals and securing contracts; this and many more is the world called LinkedIn

Who is a LinkedIn influencer

A LinkedIn influencer is a professional who creates content in a specific niche that is related to their profession. Unlike other social media influencers, where creators make content on anything to drive traffic and be known, LinkedIn influencers use their professional experience and achievements as a tool to become a top voice on Linked In.

They are leaders, executives, CEOs, and other top voices in the business community, political echelon, and bodies whose sole aim is to become a voice in their respective endeavors like Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Elumelu, and many others.

However, it may interest you to know that the above is not always the case when it comes to being an influencer on LinkedIn. There are other groups of influencers who were nobody and have also become a voice on LinkedIn because they understand how LinkedIn works and have been able to position themselves as one of the top voices on LinkedIn. This set of persons has grown to become brand ambassadors for major global brands both locally and internationally like Joseph Inneh, and the likes of Houma.

Also, it may interest you to know that LinkedIn currently has about 960 million active users, and though that figure is small compared to other social media, it holds the highest potential because there you find the highest numbers of highly skilled professionals and business-minded individuals. 

LinkedIn is for building connections with highly placed individuals in society, and also it is notable for making deals and securing contracts.

Have you heard about the LinkedIn influencer program?

LinkedIn is a platform for the professional, the who know whose. In this vein, LinkedIn cares so much about its creators and has established the LinkedIn influencers program. It is an invite-only meant for only the top and biggest names in businesses all around the globe. As it stands today, the programs only have about 500 members which is regarded by LinkedIn as the greatest and brightest thinkers in the world.

LinkedIn has created this program of influencers so that ordinary individuals can learn from them, through comments and conversations.

This means if you are not on the list of super successful businessmen, or top CEOs globally, you will not be invited.

However, you can stand out as an influencer and secure deals and contracts when you position yourself as one, through valuable and inspiring content.

Reasons why you should join the list of influencers on LinkedIn

And so, this is for you. The reasons why you must break the ice and join the list of influencers on LinkedIn are enormous and very enticing.

First, you must know that LinkedIn has garnered more professionals and industry experts as a network for more than 20 years now. It is the best platform to meet the best of the best in any field’ find and secure a job, build great professional relationships, and secure contracts and deals.

Here are some more benefits why you should be a likened influencer

Create your brand and followership

As an influencer on LinkedIn, you can create your brand and build a massive followership and audience with it. This will help secure deals and contracts for your brand, both locally and internationally.

Gain trust and credibility

like other social media influencers, you get to gain trust and credibility from others through your growing influence. This happens when you always share insightful content relating to your profession or industry and more

Get noticed by industry experts and global leaders

As your influence grows, you will have the opportunity to be recognized by other top voices on the platform, and who may extend an invitation to you to meet in person or for a contract.

Opportunity to connect with other brands as an influencer on LinkedIn

 it is not uncommon to connect with brands and secure ambassadorial deals with them. This happens when you have been recognized as a top voice in your field.

How to become a LinkedIn influencer

Like any other social media influencer, becoming a LinkedIn influencer takes time, focus, and consistency amidst the other basic requirements. 

If you have decided it is time to crack LinkedIn and get the best out of it as an influencer, then here are the most important tips to get started

1. Optimize your profile 

This is the foremost, as your profile tells everything about you. Optimize it to make it look professional, and let it reflect and portray you as a professional or someone of great value.

2. Choose a professional or a studio-perfect picture

 This is very important too. It communicates a whole lot about who you are and your personality. It positions you as a professional and gives you some credibility at the facial level

3. Tell a good story about yourself in the About session 

In the About session, this is where you sell yourself out to the world. It must reveal who you are, what you have done, and what you can do

4. Fill in your skills 

In this session, you must be exhaustive about your skills and professional achievements

5. Solidify Your Target Niche/Industry

Yes, you must keep being good at your skills, and in your industry, as this is the way you get to inspire your followers.

6. Prioritize your headline

Like any other social media influencer, you must understand how to craft content generally.

First, your headline must be catchy and good enough to attract everyone to your content

7. Have A Unique Voice

Your voice is you. Having a unique voice means you are known for something and can be a go-to for it. You just have to be consistent and build on it.

8. Grow your network by sharing personal experiences

On LinkedIn, we talk about achievements, we talk about feats. Either getting a new job, getting another degree or certification, winning an award, or securing contracts. As an influencer, to grow your network, you must constantly some of these, in other to inspire your audience and grow your network

9. Engage with others and build a connection

Engaging with others is a must if you want to increase your visibility and reach. While you do that, others get to see your comments and get to connect with you. People have secured great jobs or contracts just by commenting on posts from other influencers


LinkedIn is for building profitable connections, securing jobs, and making deals. As an influencer on LinkedIn, you must be ready to inspire a group of people whose aim is to learn something new every day. This is unlike other social media platforms where people go there for entertainment and probably gossip.

LinkedIn is for serious-minded people who are ready to connect with you immediately if they see you have something valuable to offer. So, as an influencer or a would-be influencer on LinkedIn, you must position yourself as one with value and insight relating to a particular niche or industry.

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