Nigeria Postal Codes (Zip Codes)

A postal code is a set of numbers added to a postal address for easy sorting and efficient delivery of mails. In Nigeria, a postal code demarcates the country into unique postcode areas, known as district postal code. Nigeria’s postal code has six digits. The first three digits represent the dispatch portion, while the last three numbers stand for the delivery component.

If you have ever wondered what a postal code or Zip code is, we will answer your inquiry today. In this article, we shall discuss the Nigerian postal codes (zip codes), explore the history of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) and its functions, and see the composition of Nigeria’s postal codes and mail delivery system.

Besides, we shall clarify if there is a difference between Postal code and Zip code, list postal codes in Nigeria, and how to use postal code to address a letter and the introduction to the Nigerian postal service postcode Lookup system. Let us start right away.

History of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST)

You can trace the history of the Nigerian postal service to the year 1852 when the British Government opened the first post office in Nigeria. By 1898, the British Post Office was in Badagry, Epe, Ikorodu, Ijebu-Ode, Ibadan, and Abeokuta.

As of 1906, 27 Post Offices were operating, and at Independence in 1960, Nigeria had 1,000 Postal agencies, ten sub Post offices, and 176 Post Offices.

After Independence, the Government managed NIPOST as a Department until January 1, 1985. After that date, NIPOST joined the Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL.) as a Department.

Later by decree No. 18 of 1987, NIPOST became an Extra-Ministerial Department. According to Wikipedia, NIPOST employs over 20, 000 and has more than 5, 000 offices nationwide.

Functions of NIPOST

Some of the tasks of NIPOST include:

  • Providing Private Mailbox and Private Mail Bags
  • Receiving posted letters, sorting, and delivering them on time to recipients locally and Internationally.
  • Selling stamps and the collection of stamp duty for the Federal Government
  • Granting Postal Agency permit to Rural areas without a Post Office
  • Bulk post services for events like AGM, Newsletters, and Enquiry slips
  • Do EMS Speed post-Globally and Special parcel service delivery

Composition of the Nigeria Postal Codes (zip codes)

Using the postcode method, Nigeria is divided into nine postcode zones. Each postcode zone is represented by numbers one to nine, and it is the first digit on postal code.

For example, Lagos and Ogun states are Number 1, and Abuja, Niger, Nasarawa, and Benue states are number 9.

Also, a postcode zone is divided into postcode areas, which are identified by a postcode. Nigeria postcode completely covers all the regions of the country’s spaces.

NIPOST Mail-delivery system

With the use of postal codes, NPOST delivers mails in three forms adequately and efficiently. The mail delivery system includes:

  • delivery of mails at post offices and postal facilities (into mailboxes and private mail bags)
  • delivery of mails to large towns by Postmen
  • distribution of letters to rural areas.

Nigeria postal codes or zip codes; is there a difference?

Zip code is the same thing as the postal code. The United States of America makes use of a ZIP code instead of postal code. But Zip code, like Nigeria’s postal code, are specific digits that enable easy sorting and delivery of mails.

Also, if you would like to know what Zip means, here is what each letter stands for. “Z” stands for a zone,  “I” stands for improvement, and “P” stands for plan.

So, the next time you are online, and you are filing a form, just note that the postal code in Nigeria is the same as the ZIP code in America. Do not enter Nigeria’s telephone code 234 and imaginary numbers. Instead, find out the exact Postal code for your state and use it.

What is Nigeria Postal Code (Zip Code)?

There is no general postal code for Nigeria as a country, rather postal codes are divided into regions, states, and cities. The postal code for Lagos which is Nigeria’s commercial nerve is 100001 for the mainland and 101001 for Island. The postal code for Nigeria’s capital, Abuja is 900001.

List of Nigeria postal codes (zip codes) for each State

Here is a compilation of postal codes allocated to each of the 36 states of the federation plus the Federal capital territory, Abuja

StatePostal Code
Abuja (FCT)900001
Akwa Ibom520001
Cross River540001
Lagos mainland100001
Lagos island101001

How to use Nigeria postal codes (zip codes) to address a Letter

When next you post a letter, make sure you use the above-listed postcodes for each state.

For instance, you can send a letter to Lagos Mainland with code 100001, and Lagos Island, with code 101001.

Note that in each state, they divided the locations further into local government areas and streets. The Postal code for a letter going to Anthony Village, Lagos, will be different from that of Ikoyi Lagos.

See these examples of a letter to an M.D. of a company on the Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island.

The Managing Director

Make Money. N.G. Limited

P.O. Box 10345

Anthony Village 100001,

Lagos Nigeria.

The Managing Director

Make Money. N.G. Limited

P.O. Box 10345

Ikoyi 101001,

Lagos Nigeria.

Nigeria postal service post lookup system

It is ideal to know the postal code for each part of the state or country you are sending a letter so that your letter will go swiftly to the recipient’s location.

If you do not know the postal code for each place, memorize your state’s postal code or use the Nigerian postal service Post Lookup System instead of not adding any postal code.

Use the website to drill down to retrieve the postcode of any location you desire. You can find the Rural Location, Urban Location and Postal Facility, and the Town, Area, and Street.

Lagos postal code (Zip Code)

The postal code (Zip code) for Lagos is 100001 for Lagos Mainland and 101001 for Lagos Island.

Abuja postal code (Zip code)

The postal code (Zip code) for Abuja is 900001.


In this article, we presented you with a list of Nigeria postal codes (zip codes). You also found out that Zip code is another name for postal code, and the history of NIPOST and its functions.

Also, we explored the composition of Nigeria postal code and mail delivery system, how to use postal code to address a letter, and the introduction to the Nigerian postal service’s postcode lookup system.

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