VULTe by Polaris: How to open account, get loans, pay bills & more

VULTe by Polaris is a digital bank designed and managed by Polaris Bank. In this post, we will walk you through how you can open an account on VULTe, how to get loans, settle bills and lots more.

What is VULTe and how does it work?

VULTe by Polaris, commonly known as Vulte is the official internet bank created by Polaris Bank. By using the mobile app, users can transfer money instantly to and from other banks in Nigeria.

VULTe by Polaris also allows customers to make cardless withdrawals and payments on ATMs if they forget their card at home.

All users of Polaris Bank can make use of VULTe. Non-users are also eligible to use, but they will have to open an account.

And that’s where digital banking comes in. Instead of going to a Polaris Bank branch to open an account, the whole process can be done on the internet.

Note: This doesn’t mean that a VULTe account can substitute for a usual Polaris bank account. However, all basic banking services and transactions can be done right from your mobile phone.

Benefits of using VULTe by Polaris

Since it’s fully digital, VULTe by Polaris provides many benefits to its users. Here are some of them.

1. Completely digital

Everything, starting from account creation to payment of bills and obtaining loans are done on the internet. This Fintech product by Polaris bank makes life easier for Nigerians.

2. Transfers

VULTe can help you to transfer money from your account to another bank account. Usually, people would walk to a POS outlet or take a bike to the bank.

With the VULTe banking app, you can execute any bank transaction from your home, workplace and anywhere you are.

3. Doorstep Debit Card Delivery

Usually, bank users have to pay like ₦1,000 (with VAT) before they can receive an ATM debit/credit card. Aside from that, they will have to go to the bank in person and apply for a debit/credit form. Then they will be directed to come in a few days to collect the card.

On the other hand, VULTe by Polaris makes debit card delivery very easy. You can select the Polaris bank branch closest to you as your preferred destination. You can also receive your home or work address, as long as it’s easily accessible.

Also, VULTe doesn’t charge any extra cost for delivery. It’s one of the benefits of using their online banking services.

4. Utility bills can be paid using VULTe by Polaris. This includes your usual NEPA/PHCN bills, data and TV cable subscriptions, airtime top-up, online shopping and more.

5. Users of the VULTe mobile app can also apply for loans and pay later.

Is it safe to use VULTe?

Yes. As we said earlier on, VULTe is a digital bank owned by Polaris Bank. It does everything that you can do on other banking apps, including obtaining loans.

All deposits on VULTe by Polaris are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Powered by Polaris Bank Limited, VULTe is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate and render its internet banking services.

Also, more than 500,000 people have downloaded the VULTe mobile app. As of the moment of writing this article, no one has claimed to be defrauded by the app.

VULTe by Polaris: Mobile app download

Before downloading the app, you can click here to register. After that, to make use of VULTe digital banking services, you have to get the mobile app. You can download and install VULTe by Polaris from the Google Play Store.

If you make use of iOS devices, you can download them from the Apple App Store.

How to open an account on VULTe by Polaris

After downloading and installing VULTe on your mobile phone, you should proceed with your account registration. Or you can click here to register fast.

  • Launch the app and grant some permissions
  • On the first page, click on “register your account
  • Provide your account number and your email address (if you’re already a user of Polaris bank)
  • Input the Phone number that is attached to your bank account. A verification code will be sent to confirm if you’re the owner of the account
  • Create your username and password
  • You will also need to create a 4 digit authorization PIN

If you’re not a user of Polaris bank, you will have to provide some documents like your NIN and BVN. You will also have to take a facial recognition capture.

How to pay your bills with VULTe by Polaris

As we said earlier on, you can settle your utility bills through the VULTe digital banking app. Follow the steps below.

  • From your VULTe dashboard, locate and press the “Utilities” button
  • Another page will load on your device. Select the type of utility bill you want to pay. It can be electricity, TV subscriptions, betting, data bundles and the like
  • Depending on the type of bill, you will be required to input the customer ID and some other details
  • Input the amount of money you wish to pay
  • Crosscheck all details and enter your VULTe transaction PIN to complete the payment

How to get loans on the VULTe by Polaris banking app

Do you know that you can also request loans on the VULTe mobile app? You can request a Polaris Payday Loan, also known as Salary Advance.

Here’s how it works. Firstly, you may be a salary earner or someone that receives a steady amount of money each month. The maximum loan amount you can request is half of your estimated salary.

For instance, Polaris bank might estimate your total monthly earnings to be ₦100,000. In this case, the maximum loan amount you can obtain is ₦50,000.

If you’re eligible for a loan it will be displayed on your dashboard, alongside the maximum amount you can apply for. You’ll see something like:

You are eligible for a loan amount of ₦63,868.47. See details…”

How to apply for a Salary Advance (PayDay Loan) on the VULTe app

To apply for a payday loan, follow the steps below.

  • The eligibility message will be shown on your dashboard. Click on it
  • On the next page, input the loan amount you will like to obtain. As we said earlier on, the amount displayed on your dashboard is your loan limit
  • Some terms and conditions will be displayed. You can glance through and accept (if you consent)
  • Provide your VULTe transaction and submit your application
  • The amount you requested will be credited to your VULTe wallet

Where is VULTe head office located?

Like we said earlier on, VULTe by Polaris is a total digital banking app. Everything, including questions and complaints, can be filed through VULTe customer support on the internet.

However, there’s an alternative. You can walk into the Polaris bank branch closest to you and lodge your complaint. They will direct you on what to do.

VULTe referral code

The VULTe referral code is: H8P9HOA8

You can invite your friends to open accounts and make money.

VULTe by Polaris: Customer support and email address

For complaints and enquiries, you can reach out to VULTe by Polaris via their customer care lines, social media channels and email address.





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