Top ten most needed skills for those moving to America

One of the best ways to make money and access more opportunities is migration. Migration helps people move away from unproductive environment to productive environment. And when it comes to migration, America is always top of the list. But the truth is that, the grass is not always greener on the other side. You need to develop the right skills, if you want to make it in America. MakeMoney.NG research team has listed the top 10 most needed skills to help those moving to America.

Opportunities arise with increase in need and America can’t defy this with its increasing demand as the market hits over 6 million job openings. However, to get a job, you need to have the right skills. Well, we’re going to guide you on what the market and employers are looking for.  After reviewing surveys from overwhelming business leaders and markets in America, the findings on what you need to start earning isn’t far.

Forbes puts experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be the most wanted skill and this may hit its peak by 2024. Nevertheless, let’s start the countdown.

Top ten in demand skills for those moving to America

Artificial Intelligence

As Forbes captured this, AI is being used by companies to provide goods and services, with more than 95% efficiency rate being recorded.  More than half of the organizations in the US are re-configuring their enterprise plans with AI alongside data analytics.

Cyber Security

2017 recorded a significant increase in cyber-attacks. This led to increase in demand for safety policies so as to prevent and infiltrate any threats. Explore this field more and you may be lucky.

Cloud Computing

This being one of the fore trends in 2018, machine to machine computing and data analysis are skills that are on the rise. Storage is being made universal and competent skills in this field are required.

SEO/SEM Marketing

The increase in online marketing and businesses has made search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM) be skills many are looking for. They provide business promotion since a wider audience is covered despite the geographical barriers. Google has already had an upper hand on these by implementing SEO in its transactions.

Programming and Machine learning

Programming machines to execute functions on their own as directed is currently being required in many production companies so as to increase efficiency with lower costs. These skills have a strong relation to mathematical optimization and are applied even in the medical domain.

Innovation and ability to learn

Idea Economy is basically the ability to come up with new ideas is a great skill you need to possess for you to thrive. Many companies currently are looking for visionary and flexible personnel to propel against the market competition.


In our daily activities, we try to sale what we have to the other party. Be it a commodity, idea or even just convincing. Sales skills are needed currently like never before, for the ability to persuade since a company can have a great product but lack the persuasion to the consumers. Even with valuable skills in the market place, you need sales skills to persuade the employer too.  Sales skills should be a top priority if you are moving to America because it is like gold if you want to be an entrepreneur


Nearly every industry is in need of a researcher to project on various trends be it in the pharmaceuticals or the engineering fields.

Social Skills

This may surprise you. Companies want to get people who can build up team work and connect with others in a useful way so that you can help each other rather than be an extrovert. In case a company wants a strong deal and good relations with its competitors, it will need an all-round and social CEO to make mountains meet. As a matter of fact, while moving to America, this skill will help you settle in!

Contractors and Project Managers

Skills are required in project management as a profession so as to have certified skills, ability and experience as a PMP-project management professional. PMPs can direct and lead company projects in an efficient, economic and timely manner.


The above top ten means data management and technological solutions to various problems in America is the supreme sector to be skilled at. Dynasty remains in the computer and production field. So, if you are considering moving to America, you should consider a skills in these areas.

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