Carbon Zero: How to buy now and pay later with no Interest

Carbon Zero is a feature enabled for eligible users of the digital bank, Carbon. The Carbon Zero feature enables users to pay for electronics in installments without any interest rates added. However, the feature has a few conditions attached before a customer can be eligible.

In this guide, you’ll find more information about the eligibility criteria for the the the the the Carbon Zero feature and how to take advantage of it.

How Carbon Zero Works

Carbon has partnered with many merchants, and they are leveraging the relationship with these merchants to give Carbon users high-quality products without paying all at once. You can get started in just four steps:

  • Choose your preferred store, and choose the item. 
  • Inform Carbon in your application form
  • Your application will be reviewed, and if you qualify, you will be chosen.
  • Set up a repayment plan within 3 – 6 months and make a 25% downpayment.

Visit to get started now.

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Conditions to be eligible for Carbon Zero

As mentioned earlier, the Carbon Zero feature has a few eligibility criteria, they are:

  1. Be a Carbon Customer

Of course, you have to be a part of the Carbon platform to get the benefits of the platform. Carbon needs to have all your verified details as proof of trustworthiness. So, to take advantage of the Carbon Zero feature, you have to be a registered member of Carbon bank.

  1. Be a Nigerian-based salary earner. 

Even though Carbon is available in other African countries like Ghana and Kenya, the Carbon zero feature is only available to Nigerian salary earners, and the income must be verifiable. 

  1. Income of ₦120,000 and above

Even if you are a Nigerian worker with a verifiable income, if you do not earn up to ₦120,000, you will not be eligible for the Carbon Zero feature. 

Carbon Zero referral code

The Carbon Zero referral code is: MfonIvTuC

How to Buy a Simba Den Inverter with Carbon Zero

Download the App

Go to your Play Store or App Store and search for Carbon Finance. Click on download and wait. After it has been installed, launch the app.

Register to Generate Client ID

You have to create a client ID to be able to access any feature on the loan app. Click on Sign up or Register, and input the basic details required. 

To confirm and verify your details, you will need a means of identification( driving license or International passport). You will also need to submit the last six months’ bank statement.

Present ID

Go to a Simba den near you (only available in Lagos) and show your client ID. Apply for Carbon Zero

Wait for Status

After dropping the necessary information and applying for Carbon zero, you will receive your application status within 24hours.

Make first Payment

Once your application has been confirmed, you will need to make a 20% down payment. And once your payment is confirmed, the delivery process begins.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • The Simba den Carbon Zero offer on inverters and batteries is only available in Lagos.
  • The feature is only available for products worth N100,000 and above.
  • The user has to submit the required documents; Driving license/ International passport and last six months’ bank statement) on Carbon Finance App.


  • There is doorstep delivery available at an extra cost. And the product will only be delivered to verified Carbon Finance users.
  • If you request that the delivery be made to a third party, the third party must also be a Carbon Finance user with their ID uploaded on the Carbon finance app. 
  • After the product has been delivered, the recipient will sign a delivery note with the received date and time. 

How to buy other products with Carbon Zero

To use Carbon zero to buy other gadgets, check out the carbon zero merchants and follow these steps:

  • Launch your carbon app or visit the online portal
  • Share your carbon account number.
  • Choose your preferred merchant, item, and price.
  • Upload your bank statement.
  • Wait for a few hours so that your application will be reviewed and your new purchase can be set up.

How to Sign up as a Carbon Zero Merchant.

To sign up and be a Carbon zero verified merchant, you have to be earning at least N2 million Naira in sales. Other documents needed are

  • Certificate of incorporation of merchant
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Company’s website URL
  • Utility bill of merchant
  • Bank details

Once you have all the documents ready, contact Carbon and apply. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be given feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carbon Zero about?

Carbon zero is a feature that allows you to buy gadgets and electronics now and pay later. And when you pay, you pay in installments with no interest. Some of the gadgets and electronics you can get include phones, TVs, gaming consoles, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Will I have to pay to enable the Carbon Zero feature?

If your application has not been approved, you do not have to pay anything. Your eligibility depends on certain features. But after your application has been approved, you have to pay at least a 20 – 25% down payment. After which, you can pay the remaining installments within three to six months.

Are there any hidden charges?

Even though the offer seems too good to be true, there are no hidden charges to be scared of. You will know about the total amount you are to pay, and you will make the repayment plan yourself. However, if you fail to follow the repayment plan, there is a charge for late repayments.

Who are the merchants I can buy items from?

Carbon has partnered with authentic merchants, so you can only use the carbon zero feature for Carbon Zero-verified merchants. You can suggest your preferred merchants.

Can I apply for Carbon Zero as a business person?

Carbon zero is only open to salary earners who have a verifiable source of income at the moment.

How much is the minimum I can earn before being eligible for carbon zero?

The least you can earn is N120,000 monthly. 

Can I apply for Carbon Zero if I have an active Carbon loan?

No, you have to finish paying any pending loan before being eligible for Carbon zero. As soon as you repay your loan, you can apply for Carbon zero.

Is Carbon zero available everywhere in Nigeria?

Most Carbon zero verified merchants are in Lagos, which might pose a problem when buying items. 

How can I sign up as a merchant?

You can apply by sending an email to The email should contain the following information. 

  • Business name
  • Type of products you sell
  • Where is your business located?
  • Your business registration certificate.

After this, you will be vetted, and if you are eligible, Carbon will verify you as a merchant.

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