10 Best Angel investor platforms in Nigeria (2024)

Studies have repeatedly shown that most (over 80%) start-up businesses fail in their first year due to insufficient funds to continue their project. Money is the lifeline of any business. Having the best business idea is not enough! Sufficient capital is the fuel needed for the long journey from a mere business idea to a revenue-generating business.

Angel investor platforms are entities owned by individuals or groups that aim to help the capital base businesses by investing in them; they have been a significant fundraiser for firms in their early stages.  

They invest in businesses in exchange for such companies’ partial or equal ownership interest. With fundraising being a significant challenge for most entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Angel investors offer to be the best bet.

Are you in dire need of funds for your new business? Or are you searching for investors who can invest in your business? Below is a list of the ten best angel investor platforms in Nigeria that you can apply for.

Best Angel Investor platforms

Below are the best Angel Investor platforms

1. Lagos Angel Network(LAN)

Lagos Angel Network is one of the most active angel networks in Nigeria and Africa at large. LAN is a non-profit organization that invests in businesses in their early stages in Lagos, Ibadan, or Abeokuta.

LAN is a network of business angels that invest in startups and create a mentorship scheme for these businesses.

Since its establishment in 2014, they have invested in many startup businesses, particularly in the western region of Nigeria. They have most of the Top Nigerian investors in the organization and strong partnerships with international organizations.

2. Abuja Angel Network

Abuja angel network is a member-led organization founded by business leaders and C.E.O. members involved in the diverse sector of the economy.

They aim to provide funds to invest in intelligent and ready startup companies from pitches to successful exits.

They offer an extensive network of business support to the companies they are involved with, and help go through the process of identifying, financing, and mentoring these startup companies.

They have a mission to contribute immensely to entrepreneur development by working with various entrepreneurs from different cities where there is an investment opportunity.

They invest and support entrepreneurs from various sectors from automotive, agribusiness, banking, education, E-commerce, e.t.c. 

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3. Gust

Gust is a global platform for funding, operating, and investing in scalable, high-growth companies, with the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors from 192 countries.

Gust platform supports you as an entrepreneur with an idea or a startup business owner at every point of your journey from mission-critical business tools, robust performance benchmarks, and trusted fundraising recommendations.

Gust is the official platform with the world’s leading angel investor federations. It has a vast network with over 800,000 startups and over 80,000 investment professionals, which opens you up to many possibilities as a business owner.

Gust’s mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing the necessary help from the initial setup to funding rounds. It creates a platform to help you find what you are looking for to make your business successful.

4. Funded

Funded creates a platform that gives you a primary source for Angel investors for your business and has been in operation for over 13years. 

Funded.com is a platform that provides a platform for startups and already existing businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that need fundraising and connect them with funding sources.

Many entrepreneurs have been beneficiaries of the platform created by funded.com to build and establish their business by finding the right investors over the years. They also help people to develop professional business plans.

Aside from the growing list of reliable angel investors, the organization can boast of. It also has an excellent customer service team for advice and assistance. 

5. LeadPath Nigeria

LeadPath Nigeria is a seed capital fund that provides short, medium, and long-term funding to small and medium-sized startup businesses in the technology field.

LeadPath was established in 2014 by Olumide Soyombo to empower startups to become prominent businesses in the market; they focus only on technology entrepreneurs with extraordinary ideas to solve real problems.

LeadPath Nigeria’s average investments range from $25,000 – $100,000 as seed investments before following up with several millions of dollar funding series.

They also provide these startup businesses with the required mentorship opportunities and access to a conducive environment.

It has TeamApt, Piggy Vest, and PushCV, among others, in its portfolio.

6. Microtraction

Microtraction was founded by Yele Bademosi in Lagos to help startup businesses with the required capital and also render mentorship services for them.

The organization comprises Angel investors seeking to identify potential startups that thrive well and raise funds for them.

They also focus majorly on technology entrepreneurs who aim at building high-growth, technology-driven businesses and invest a minimum of $100,000 with them.

Moreso, they introduce startups to later-stage investors and help them navigate the process of raising larger funding rounds for their business. They are open for application all through the year.

They have invested in various startups in Nigeria, some of which are: Wallet.ng, Cowrywise, BuyCoins, RIBY, and Thank-U-Cash, among others.

7. Growth Capital Fund

Growth Capital Fund is the first Nigeria social innovation fund to develop a unique path to scale for outliers driving social change in Nigeria.

They majorly support and fund enormous potential and startup businesses that aim at building the next generation infrastructures with Technology.

The organization has Top investors who bring their wealth of experience and resources and network together to assist startup businesses in navigating their path to phenomenal growth.

Their investors include CcHUB, Bank of industry, Omidyar network, and Venture Garden, Group.

8. Angel Investment Network

Angel Investment Network is a global network of investors that started in the United Kingdom but currently has 30 branches and is in operation in over 80 countries of the world.

They provide a platform for startups looking for investors to promote their business and those looking for valuable investments to meet.

Investors provide the necessary funds needed, and the right contact for the business needs to be phenomenal and outstanding.

They also provide mentorship to startups and supply them with the knowledge required to help them succeed.

9. GreenTree investment company

GreenTree investment company was founded in 2014, aiming to provide business startups with a platform that rapidly grows their business by providing the required funding.

They invest in passionate entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

They also assist them in implementing a bulletproof corporate governance framework to ensure the sustainability of such a business and build tools to help you make profitable business decisions.

GreenTree investment company leverages its extensive collective expertise to help startup businesses they invest in to grow and stay dedicated to their growth.

10. African Business Angel Network (ABAN)

ABAN is an all-African association established in 2015. It is a non-profit making angel investment network that offers support for startup businesses and helps them navigate their path to phenomenal growth.

They provide human and financial capital help to African startups through a growing number of Angel investor groups and networks across the continent.

They invest over $100 million yearly in African startups.


Angel investor platforms have helped many startup businesses in Nigeria, and they are still helping out. You have to have a well-furnished business idea and move to one of the listed angel investor platforms above and apply. 

Don’t kill that idea that you have; someone can help you make the best out of that idea of yours.

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