5 Best loan apps in Ghana to get instant loan (2024)

The best loan apps in Ghana enable Ghanaians to easily borrow loans any time of the day from the comfort of their homes or any other place. The primary thing you need to have to request a loan is a smartphone.

Finding the best one amongst the myriad of loan apps in Ghana is a chore itself because even those that are loan sharks don’t appear to be one. But I’ve helped you by providing the list of the best loan apps at the time of writing, based on the reviews of people who have used them. 

You can access a loan from any of the apps in this list without collateral. However, you must be 18 years and above to be qualified for any loan. Here’s the list of the best loan apps in Ghana…

Best loan apps in Ghana

  • Fido loan app
  • Carbon
  • GhLending
  • CediHelp
  • CUDLoan

1. Fido

Fido loan app is an online app where users can instantly get loans in Ghana. The application process is straightforward. If you are qualified for the loan, the cash will be sent to your mobile wallet, and you won’t have to withdraw it from any bank. 

This loan app doesn’t require any collateral, but only your details, such as; your home address, ID card, and workplace address, to complete your application process. 

Finally, Fido loans have a repayment duration of 30 days, and you can get loans of GHC 200 up to GHC 3,000. And every user is only allowed to borrow one at a time. You can download the app from Google Play Store. If you use an iPhone, you can download it from the Apple App store.

2. Carbon

Carbon is another top online loan app that offers quick loans to its users in Ghana. You can download the app on your smartphone through Google Play Store to access loans of up to GHC 6,000 or more. 

Carbon doesn’t request collateral before you get your loan approved. All you need to do is to create an account, confirm your identity, fill out the application form and submit it. 

All details will be confirmed, and your loan will be processed and sent to your account. You can download it from Google Play Store.

3. GhLending

GhLending is an online loan app in Ghana, it enables its users to get loans at an affordable interest rate. The loan amount ranges from GHC 100 to GHC 5,000 at an interest rate of 0.04%. 

The loan term is from 90 days to a year, and you don’t need any collateral to be qualified to borrow. The application process is easy and you can get your loan request approved and disbursed within a day.

To start the process, you have to download the loan app from Google Play Store, open an account on the app and fill in the necessary details. 

Once you have been approved, you get your money in minutes.  Finally, you must be the age of 18 or above, a citizen of Ghana, and a salary earner or self-employed to qualify for this loan.

4. CediHelp

CediHelp is another Ghana loan app where you can get instant loans without collateral or a guarantor. All you need is to ensure your details are correct. 

This makes it very easy and fast to obtain your loan using your mobile device anywhere or anytime. The loan amount ranges from GHC 100 to GHC 5,000 with an interest rate of 3% to 30% yearly, depending on the amount you want

The requirements are;

  • You must be 18 and above years old, and you must be a citizen of Ghana.
  • Download the app from your Play Store.
  • Sign up, input your details, and ensure all details are correct.
  • Submit the application form for review.
  • Once you qualify, the money will be sent directly into your account.

5. CUDLoan

CUDloan is among Ghana’s quickest online loan apps, available only to Ghana citizens. You must be 18 years old and above to qualify for a loan. 

To use this app, you must grant access to your location, calendar, and SMS logs. This app offers long-term loans from 91 days to a year, and the loan amount ranges from GHC 100 to GHC 5,000.

Below are the reasons why most people in Ghana like this loan app;

  • It does not require collateral, a guarantor, or any paperwork before you can be granted a loan. 
  • Loans take one day to receive.
  • You can get the app easily from the Google Play store. After that, input your details and fill out the online loan form, submit it, and wait to be approved.
  • There are no fees attached to any loan request.
  • The application process is easy, fast, and straightforward
  • A customer support team is always ready to attend to you through email, call, or chat.
  • Their interest rate is fair and affordable.
  • Once your application is approved, the loan amount will instantly be sent to your account.


With the advent of loan apps, borrowing money to meet emergency needs has been easier. You don’t need to beg friends or families to lend you money. All you need is a few clicks on your smartphone and boom… the money is in your account.

Loan apps are even better than other traditional lenders because they provide loans to Ghanaians without any form of collateral or paperwork. This means you don’t have to pass through all the rigorous procedures of getting a loan from other financial institutions. 

Just a piece of advice; always ensure to pay back loans on time. This will allow you to request a higher amount the next time you intend to borrow from any of these apps.

The best way to get a collateral-free or unsecured loan is through using one of these best loan apps in Ghana. All these apps offer unsecured loans to Ghanaians.

The above-listed loan apps all offer instant loans. All you need to do is;
1. Download any of the apps
2. Register
3. And fill out the loan application form to instantly get a loan.

If you are using a loan app for the first time, you are usually limited to less money. Although, the amount you can borrow grows over time, and it’s based on the repayment history. 

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