How to use Paystack: Send money, transaction fees & more

Paystack is a payment gateway that allows merchants to receive payments from customers through different payment channels, including debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, bank accounts, QR codes, USSD, and many more. In this post, you will learn how to use Paystack.

What is Paystack, and how does it work?

Paystack is a secure payment platform that aims to make online payments very fast and hassle-free for businesses and customers.

PayStack is one of the top payment gateways in Nigeria and a few other African countries. It allows businesses to receive payments from customers through debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, bank accounts, QR codes, USSD and lots more.

Many of our readers get inspired by Paystack startup stories. It’s very captivating.

Is it safe to use Paystack?

Yes, it is. Many businesses and large organizations have been using Paystack for some time now, and none has ever claimed to be defrauded.

Is Paystack secure?

Yes, Paystack is very secure as of the time of writing this article. It uses a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard system (PCI DSS).

Paystack systems are audited by a Qualified Security Accessor and all activity is processed through HTTPS using TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security).

Paystack supported countries

As of the moment of writing this article, Paystack is available in 3 African countries and is making plans to expand to other countries.

CountrySupported Currency
NigeriaNGN, USD
South AfricaZAR

Paystack mobile app download

You can download the Paystack Merchant app to monitor your Paystack account directly from your mobile device.

You can download the Paystack mobile app from the Google Play Store (if you are using an Android device). 

Users with iOS devices can also download Paystack from the Apple App Store.

How to create a Paystack account

It’s very simple to set up a Paystack account. You will need to provide your business name, email address, country, and a strong password.

From your desktop browser, input into the URL address box or click on it directly from this article. After your Paystack account is created, you will be asked some additional questions regarding the nature of your business.

Learn more about Paystack account creation.

How to fund your Paystack account

On a normal day, Paystack is a platform for receiving payments. However, you can also use it to send payments to other people or businesses, if the need arises. You can also deposit money into your account.

  1. Login to your Paystack account
  2. You will see the “Balance” section at the far right, of your dashboard
  3. Click on the “Topup” button
  4. Input the amount you want to deposit into your Paystack account and click the “Topup” button
  5. You will see many deposit methods on the next page. Note that your currency is what determines the deposit methods that will be available to you
  6. Click on your preferred deposit method and follow the prompts

How to send money from your Paystack account to a local bank account

  1. From your dashboard, click on the “New Transfer” button
  2. Select which of your Paystack balances you want to transfer from
  3. Input the amount of money you want to send
  4. From a drop-down menu, select the Bank name you want to send money to
  5. Input the bank account number
  6. Usually, the bank account name will be automatically generated within seconds. If this doesn’t happen and you’re sure the bank details are correct, you can the account name manually
  7. Input the email address of the recipient
  8. Provide a short description of the transfer. This can be a short note or a few words
  9. Input your desired reference code. That code will always link back to this transaction
  10. Click on “Start Transfer” to authorize your transfer

Minimum and maximum transfer amounts on Paystack

CountryMinimum Transfer AmountMaximum Transfer Amount
NigeriaNGN 50NGN 10,000,000
South AfricaZAR 1ZAR 1,000,000
GhanaGHS 10GHS 50,000

How much does Paystack charge per transaction? Paystack service fees

NigeriaTransfers of NGN 5,000 and belowTransfers between NGN 5,001 and NGN 50,000Transfers above NGN 50,000NGN 10 per transferNGN 25 per transferNGN 50 per transfer
South AfricaN/aZAR 3 per transfer (failed or successful)
GhanaN/aGHS 10 per transfer

Where is the Paystack head office located?

Paystack has a physical office address in 4 different countries, which are Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and the United States of America.

United States

354 Oyster Point Blvd., South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States.


126 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


AfricaWorks, 35 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.

South Africa

House of Elkay, (4th Floor), 186 Loop St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa.

Paystack customer care and email address

You can always reach out to Paystack for complaints or enquiries. They have customer support staff that will attend to you.

Contact Paystack on the web

Phone: +234 163 16160 (Nigeria)

Email address:

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