CRM: What is it? How does it improve businesses?

CRM(Stands for Customer Relationship Management) provides a wealth of benefits for businesses. It helps to retain customers and thus increases the profitability of a company.

What is CRM?

So, what is a CRM? A CRM is a software that is used to gather customer interactions in a central place, thereby improving customer satisfaction and providing a great experience.

Currently, CRM is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, growing at a good rate of 14% potentially from 2021.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is now a vital tool for businesses of all sizes. Formerly, it was majorly suitable for smaller businesses, but things have changed.

The immediate benefits of CRM for your business include increased sales, better retention of customers, and detailed analytics. Another benefit that CRM offers is that it helps you in automating key tasks and organize contacts properly.

Furthermore, a CRM helps you to store important customer data like user behavior, how long the contact has been with you, notes on sales attraction, and purchase records, all of which can be used to optimize sales and marketing processes, which eventually helps to improve customer service across the organization.

The software works by tracking the actions and behaviors of the current clients you have or the potential ones through your social media, business website, and email marketing campaigns. This guides the customer through the buying and sales funnel by alerting a sales representative of the customer’s interest or sending a triggered email.

In essence, CRM is a tool used to manage, store and organize data on your business relationship with customers. Below is a list of benefits you stand to gain by utilizing the CRM.

Benefits of CRM for your Business

Here are how CRM can help your business:

1. Increased sales

A CRM tool can be used to build a sales pipeline, streamline your sales process, automate key tasks, and analyze all of your transaction data in a centralized place. This potentially increases productivity, and therefore, sales.

With a CRM, you can conveniently create a step-by-step sales process that your staff of employees can rely on every time, giving space for minor tweaks as issues arise.

2. Detailed analytics

Having plenty of data about your customers isn’t enough. The best thing is to know what it truly means and also know how to use it.

Typically, the CRM software has built-in analytic capabilities which contextualize data, breaking it down into easy-to-understand metrics and actionable items.

The said metrics include bounce rates, click-through rates, and demographic information which allows you to ascertain the success of the marketing campaign, optimizing it accordingly.

3. Automated sales report

Using the CRM software’s reporting feature and dashboard, your team will have minimum difficulties in collecting and organizing data about current and prospective customers.

This allows your employees to manage and automate their pipelines and processes. It also helps your team members to track their quotas and goals, evaluate their own performances and check their progress on each process at a simple glance.

4. Controlled communication with prospective leads 

Lead nurturing is a complicated, arduous process that has many opportunities and steps to communicate. Automatically, the CRM manages the process, sending alerts to your employees, and reminding them to reach out to the prospect at the appropriate time while tracking every interaction which involves phone calls and emails.

5. Higher efficiency and productivity 

Marketing automation and technology are another technology that CRM software uses. It expedites menial tasks like drip campaigns and frees up time for your employees to handle jobs that only humans can handle. For example, creating content. 

The technology also ensures that no cracks are found in the job, which means that all important emails are sent to the appropriate people.

As a bonus, your CRM can also help to show a dashboard of how your business is going and the steps you can take to help your workflows improve.

6. Improved retention of customers

It is expedient that when you procure and convert leads, it is needed that you put in some extra bit of work to promote customer loyalty and retain them in the long run.

Having a high customer turnover might not turn out to be a great thing for your business, as it can have many negative effects like disrupted cash flow and diminished revenue.

In cases like this, you have to make use of your CRM and the information it provides about customers to practice repeat business.

Therefore, the CRM will provide automated ticketing, customer support automation, sentiment analysis, and user behavior tracking which will help you to speedily identify problems and work on squashing them with your customers.

7. Better customer service.

Modern CRM software has quite a lot of functions, but it was created to improve relationships between the business and the customer, which is actually still its stand-out benefit. 

The CRM manages all of the contacts and gathers important information from the customers. It gathers information like purchase records, demographics, and previous messages across all channels which makes it accessible to anyone who needs it in your company.

This method helps your employees by making sure they have all they need to know about the customer at their fingertips which aids them in offering an excellent and refreshing customer experience for each prospective and existing customer.

Providing such a wonderful customer experience helps to boost customer satisfaction which in turn keeps them coming back. You’d go back too if you had a great experience anywhere.

8. Exceptional customer segmentation

It can be overwhelming and clunky to keep a list of a hundred customers. For instance, if you drop an email about your new in-store product, how do you know which customers would want to read it? A CRM would segment your contacts based on your criteria, making it easier for you to choose whoever you want to contact at any given time, and this will be done automatically.


There is a lot more to learn about CRM, but you get to learn more as you use it. This is a very recommendable software for any user and is easily accessible. You should give it a try.

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