PayArena: Pay taxes, repay a loan, verify, shop & more

PayArena is an online payments platform that allows users to make transactions quickly and easily. With Payarena, you can buy airtime, pay your utility bills, verify identities, pay your taxes, etc. In this post, you will learn how to use Payarena.

You will also learn how to pay taxes and levies on Payarena, how to repay a loan on Payarena, how to shop on Payarena, how to verify the identities of individuals and companies on Payarena, and many more.

What is PayArena and how does it work?

Payarena is an online payment platform that allows people to easily make transactions like the payment of bills, purchase of airtime, money transfer to individuals and businesses, payment of loans, etc.

Payarena also incorporates organizations, businesses, and educational and religious institutions. This means that users can pay into such registered entities without any difficulty. You can also use Payarena to pay your taxes, levies, insurance, and pensions.

You can also make use of Payarena payment services through the website, the application, POS outlets, and ATMs. The things you need are quite simple; an internet-enabled device and a data/wifi connection.

Is it safe to use Payarena?

Yes, it is. Payarena is a product of Unified Payment Nigeria, and it has been in existence since 2014. Unified Payment is a partner with more than 20 Banks in Nigeria.

Talking of security, Payarena is compliant with EMV and PCI-DSS standards. These are among the most secure forms of international security standards as of the moment of writing this article.

How to create an account on Payarena

  • Visit the Payarena user registration page 
  • Fill in your first name, last name, and third name in the appropriate slots
  • Input your Date of Birth
  • Select your gender
  • Provide your phone number
  • Click on the “Next” button and follow the prompts

How to pay taxes and levies on Payarena

1. Visit the Payarena main page on a laptop or computer. You can also access it from a mobile browser, but you should set it to desktop mode.

2. Click on the button that says “Pay taxes, loans and levies“.

3. Click on the entity you want to pay your tax to. It can be:

  • Sokoto Internal Revenue Service
  • Anambra State MSMEs
  • Akwa Ibom Internal Revenue Service
  • Kwara Internal Revenue Service
  • Bayelsa Internal Revenue Service
  • Sokoto State eTAX, etc

4. On the next page, click on the drop-down menu and select the option that best describes the tax or levy you want to pay. Note that you must be sure of the entity you’re paying to before starting this payment procedure.

5. Depending on the option you select, some details will be asked and you will be required to fill them. They include your email address, customer ID, etc.

How to repay a loan on Payarena

1. Visit the Payarena main page on a laptop or computer. You can also access it from a mobile browser, but you should set it to desktop mode.

2. Click on the button that says “Pay taxes, loans and levies“.

3. From the list of entities displayed on the page, the loan service provider you want to repay and click on it. For instance, let’s assume it’s “One Credit”.

4. Once you click on One Credit, it will show you a new page. From the drop-down menu, select the “Loan Repayment” option.

5. Input the amount of money you want to pay, the vendor and your email address.

6. Click on the “Proceed” button and follow the prompts. 

Verifying on Payarena

Identity Verification Service

This service gives you the access to verify the identity of whoever you want to engage with for any business dealings that require due diligence.

Educational Verification Service

Payarena is a partner with many educational and professional institutions. As a result, it can help people to carry out online real-time verification of claims of individuals. This can help with employment.

Document Request Service

If you’re an alumnus of one of the institutions partnering with Payarena, you can make document requests like Transcripts.

The document can be sent as a PDF to an email address or delivered to a specific location of interest which will be defined at the point of making the request.

Learn more about PayArena Verification Services

How to shop on Payarena

You can shop for items on Payarena. Visit the PayArena Shopping Mall and click on any product you want to buy. You can also select from the top categories.

You can also become a seller on Payarena. Customers can view your products and pay for them through the platform. You can register to be a Payarena merchant here. 

How to recharge airtime on Payarena

1. Visit the Payarena main page on a laptop or computer. You can also access it from a mobile browser, but you should set it to desktop mode.

2. Click on the button that says “Airtime Recharge“.

3. You will see 4 network services providers on the next page. They are MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile. Click on the one you want to recharge.

4. On the next page, you can click on the drop-down menu and select the type of recharge you want to make. You can recharge Airtime, Virtual Top-up, Postpaid Bill Payment and Data Plan Daily.

Where is the PayArena head office located?

Payarena has a head office in Nigeria. From this office, they maintain the payment services they offer and also attend to customer issues.

The head office of Payarena is located at Number 03, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

PayArena customer care and email address

For enquiries and complaints, you can always contact Payarena customer support through their email address and phone numbers.

Phone call

  • +234 700 864 3433
  • +234 (1 ) 270 3011
  • +234 (1 ) 270 3021
  • +234 (1 ) 270 3023

Email address:

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