Best time management app and tools (2023)

Being able to effectively manage your time is a difficult but valuable skill to have. If increasing your productivity or having a productive week is your priority, you may want to think about adopting a focus app or daily checklist tool to help you better manage your time and become more productive.

To assist you with time management, I have put up a selection of the best time management applications to assist you in working more efficiently and effectively. 

1. Todoist

Todoist is an excellent checklist tool that can assist you with time management and task prioritization. Millions of users have used the feature-rich, user-friendly Todoist software to improve their time management and ultimately work more productively. Works on Android, iOS, and Web.


  • Makes it easier for you to manage all of your duties and streamline your workflow.
  • Customize your task views to fit your workflow and working style.
  • effectively sets priorities for jobs so you may work more efficiently. 


  • Free plan for beginners
  • Pro plan: $3 per month
  • Business team plan: $5 per month

2. RescueTime

Preserving time involves avoiding pointless internet surfing. You may use RescueTime, a productivity reporting tool, to check how much time you spend on various websites and applications.

RescueTime’s reporting tools make it an excellent tool for tracking how much time you waste on pointless browsing and identifying areas for reduction. RescueTime is among the greatest applications for working more efficiently and saving time since it’s a wonderful productivity tool. Works on Chrome Extension, Android, iOS and Mac Desktop. 


  • evaluates and reports on the things you do online. 
  • The “Productivity Pulse” score facilitates easy time management. 
  • Helps to properly allocate the hours spent in a day, as well as show users where most of their time is being spent. 


  • 14-day trial version
  • One-month pricing is $12.00/month, or $6.50/month for 12 months.

3. Click-Up

All users, regardless of industry, may work together in one location, automate tasks, and manage time efficiently with ClickUp, a potent productivity tool. Whether you work as a student, a solopreneur, or in a team of any size, ClickUp provides a feature-rich and fully customized experience to help you remain on track, meet your objectives, and keep track of all project updates.

Works on Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and mobile apps. 

ClickUp’s user-friendly task creation, distinct hierarchical workflow, and plenty of time-saving features enable you to plan your tasks in a manner that suits you.


  • Use ClickUp’s time estimations and global time tracker to increase productivity on every work.
  • Choose how you want to display your work with more than 15 editable views and flexible deadlines on an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Interacts with over 1,000 other time management applications so you can start saving time immediately. 
  • More than fifteen views, such as Workload, Gantt, Timeline, and Calendar.
  • To track time spent on any job and on any device, use the native global time tracking feature. 
  • Use time estimates to forecast the duration of each activity on your project schedule.
  • Personalized time reporting to see your entries and apply various filters to them.
  • More than 100 methods for automating comments, status updates, and other repetitive chores.


  • Free Forever: Get 100MB of storage, add an infinite number of tasks and members, and more. 
  • Unlimited: Unlimited storage, unlimited dashboards, unlimited integrations, agile reporting, and more are available for $5 per user each month.
  • Business: Google SSO, limitless teams, customized exporting, sophisticated public sharing, sophisticated automation, and more; monthly cost of $12 per member. 
  • Business Plus ($19 per member, per month): offers extra features including enhanced automation and API, custom role creation, custom permissions, and subtasks in multiple lists.

4. Freedom

Freedom enables users to spend up to eight hours a day without using the Internet. For individuals who want to be free of interruptions, the app is ideal. Over a million individuals use freedom to stay focused and productive. Freedom enables users to block what they want, when they want, and manage their time more effectively. Works on Chrome, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. 


  • Block any number of distracting websites, including ESPN and Facebook.
  • Blocked gaming and email applications are distracting.
  • You can use as many devices as you’d like at once with Freedom.
  • Address network issues in various browsers. 


  • Monthly: $6.99
  • Yearly: $2.42/month 
  • Eternity: $129 

5. Remember The Milk.

If you struggle with task management, you may want to give Remember The Milk a try. Remember The Milk is a web-based time management program that was developed in 2004. Users may use it to handle chores both online and offline from a computer or smartphone. Remember The Milk, a San Francisco-based app, helps over 6 million individuals remain organized and increase their productivity. Works on Web, BlackBerry, iOS, and Android


  • Compatible with Google Assistant.
  • To make archiving simpler, import and export your Remember The Milk data in JSON format.
  • Can link Remember The Milk to a Google Drive or Dropbox account.


  • Free
  • Pro: $39.99 a year

6. ZenDay

In contrast to the majority of other productivity and project management tools, ZenDay enhances time management by fusing calendars and tasks from several sources into a single, central timeline.

ZenDay is a comprehensive planning application that helps with task, project, and process prioritization, scheduling, and updating. You may use ZenDay on your phone instead of all other productivity applications. Only works on Android. 


  • makes use of a special integration technique that allows you to see your tasks inside a 3D timeline. 
  • All of your calendars will sync.
  • With dynamic scheduling, your tasks may adapt to the passage of time.


  • In-app purchases range from $2.90 to $19.00 per item.

7. Wrike

One of the main advantages of the robust project management tool Wrike is its online time-tracking capability. Wrike’s time-tracking project management gives you total insight into the output of your team.

This aids in improving your planning, preventing missed deadlines, and allocating more time to billable tasks. Works on Android, iOS, and Web. 


  • Software for monitoring time online. 
  • Automated templates, easily navigable Gantt charts, and Kanban boards.
  • Calendars shared by the team. 


  • Free plan
  • Team: $9.80/month
  • Business: $24.80 a month per user
  • Enterprise: Custom
  • Pinnacle: Personalized

8. Focusmate

Focusmate, as the name suggests, is about developing your attention in tandem with a partner. Working with an accountability partner, you may complete significant tasks with Focusmate’s network of doers. Focusmate is an excellent tool for improving time management and increasing productivity. Available on the web, Chrome for Android, and Safari on iOS (iPhone/iPad). 


  • Makes use of virtual coworking to increase output. 
  • When you want to be productive is something you can decide on.
  • Working silently with your Focusmate is made possible with 50-minute sessions.


  • Free for three weekly sessions, lasting 50 minutes each. 
  • For $5 a month, you may upgrade to Turbo for unlimited sessions.

9. Toggl Plan

An excellent checklist software for managing your duties and maximizing time management strategies is the Toggl Plan. Over 4,000 international businesses, including Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb, and Stripe, trust Toggl, which is renowned for its simple user interface.

With Toggl, you can create new projects and give due dates, daily time estimates, comments, and step-by-step checklists. This promotes productivity and time savings. Available on Android, iOS, and Web. 


  • Organize tasks straightforwardly and easily. 
  • has a drag-and-drop interface that is simple to use. 
  • Excellent time tracking. 


  • Free for 14 days
  • Team plan: $8/month
  • Business plan: $13.35/month

10. Google Calendar

For managing your chores and projects on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, Google Calendar is ideal. Google Calendar lets you arrange your duties wisely and save time by providing an overview of meetings, work, and other things. ClickUp gives you a far better view of your day by connecting to your Google Calendar. Works on Web, and mobile applications for iOS and Android. 


  • Every morning, you’ll get an email that will assist you in organizing your responsibilities. 
  • allows for the smooth integration of all of your productivity applications. 
  • keeps you informed about impending appointments and unfinished business.


  • Free
  • Pro: $6 per month


Effective time management is crucial for completing tasks with the least amount of stress, whether you work for a regular company or are an entrepreneur. These 10 apps are the best I found, so be sure to check them out. 

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