Top 10 largest economies in the world (2024)

According to a United Nations report, there are over two hundred countries across the World. With every country having varying forms of trade that impact the world economy, there are expected to be stronger economies in the world in the coming years. 

Over 7 billion people are living in the world today, with a significant number of that population living in extreme poverty. Nonetheless, there exist some powerful world economies that control a vital proportion of the total world gross domestic product. This article brings the top ten biggest economies in the world as of 2022. This is based on IMF data.

The world’s largest economies

RankCountryGross Domestic Product (GDP)
1.United States of America$25,035 trillion
2.China$18,321 trillion
3.Japan$4,300 trillion
4.Germany$4,031 trillion
5.India$3,468 trillion
6.United Kingdom$3,198 trillion
7.France$2,778 trillion
8.Canada$2,200 trillion
9.Russia$2,133 trillion
10.Italy$1,996 trillion

1. United States of America – $25,035 trillion

The United States (US) is the world’s largest economy. The US is the 3rd most populated country in the world with a population of over 300 million persons. The US is a powerhouse when it comes to wealth control, with a strongly diversified economy and a strong service-based sector, the US attracts some of the world’s biggest investments and is the world capital for finance. 

The US consists of 50 states and a capital district, the North American country is home to the United Nation’s headquarters, the World bank’s headquarters and New York, one of the world’s most powerful financial cities. The US has a GDP of $25,035 trillion.

2. China – $18,321 trillion

The People’s republic of China is the second-largest economy in the world. China is currently the world’s most populated country with over a billion people. The South East Asian country has made considerable success in the last two decades, promoting finance, trade and production, which has invariably led to the overall growth of the Chinese economy. 

China brags of some of the world’s most populated cities from its capital Beijing to Shangai, Guangzhou, Macau and others. China’s population strength gives it the leverage it has to take the second spot on the planet’s wealthiest list. 

The economy of China is influenced by production, with the country producing almost 40% of the world’s everyday goods and exporting already-made products to almost every nation of the world. A stable business environment and a skilled but cheap labour force is China’s economic strategy for improving its economic outlook. Nonetheless, the country is gradually moving towards a service-based economy, with significant concentration on the living standards of its labour force. China currently has an economy of $18,321 trillion. 

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3. Japan – $4,300 trillion

Japan has a very stable economy directed towards the production of goods and a wide range of services. World famous companies like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Toyota, Hyundai, Canon and Nintendo are all Japanese companies that have influenced the world generally. Toyota is the world’s largest car producer as of 2021, selling over 20 million cars. 

Japan has a strong engineering and machinery sector. Japan’s capital city, Tokyo is the world’s largest city on the planet, other cities in japan include Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kyoto, and Kobe. Japan currently has a GDP of $4,300 trillion.

4. Germany – $4,031 trillion

Germany serves as a pride to the European market. The European nation has been through a significant historical shift from a dictatorship to an economic powerhouse that claims the world’s 4th and Europe’s largest economy. Following two world wars, both actively participated by Germany, the tales of horror the European country had faced cannot be overemphasized. 

Germany is home to some big brands like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Allianz, Bosch, Porsche, Adidas, Audi, and Siemens. Germany is the 6th most developed nation in the world. German cities include Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and others. The German economy currently stands at $4,031 trillion. 

5. India – $3,468 trillion

The world’s second most populated nation makes is the fifth largest economy on the planet. Some big brands like the Tata group are resident in India. India claims a huge number of pharmaceutical exports to most parts of the world. 

Just like China, the nation leverages its strength from its large population. Major cities in India are Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and others.

6. United Kingdom – $3,198 trillion

The United Kingdom (U.K) is Europe’s second-largest economy and the world’s sixth wealthiest. The British capital London is Europe’s financial powerhouse and the largest city in Europe. The London Stock Exchange is also Europe’s largest and among the world’s largest stock markets. 

The UK stands as one of the world’s most developed economies, with companies like Shell, Deloitte, Barclays, Tesco, Unilever, Vodafone and Paul Smith leveraging Britain’s huge service-based industry. 

Britain also serves as an educational and cultural centre, with most of the world’s best universities that are a top choice for immigrants seeking foreign education, from Oxford to Cambridge, Buckingham, Essex, and others. Aside from London, other British cities include Edinburgh, Oxford, Manchester, Buckingham and others. The UK currently has an economy of over $3 trillion. 

7. France – $2,778 trillion

France comes as the third European nation on the list and the seventh largest economy on the planet. With global corporations from Total to Christian Dior, Renault, Michelin, Peugeot and others. The French economy boosts a strong service-based industry that adds significantly to its economy. 

The French capital Paris is a wonder that can only be pictured in storybooks, the acclaimed romantic capital of the world offers the best experiences to tourists. Aside from Paris, other French cities include Marseille, Bourdeaux, Lyon and others.

8. Canada – $2,200 trillion

Canada is the eighth-largest economy in the world. Companies like the Four seasons hotel, MAC cosmetics, Fairmont hotel, and IMAX theatre. 

Popular cities in Canada include Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and others.

9. Russia – $2,133 trillion

Russia is the ninth-largest economy in the world. With strong corporations that include Gazprom, Sberbank and United Heavy Machinery. Russia is one of the top oil producers in the world and is a big player in the European energy market.

Russian cities include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg

10. Italy – $1,996 trillion

Italy is yet another European nation on the list with an economy of over 1 trillion dollars. With large corporations like Ferrari, Iveco, and Lamborghini. Italy is also the world’s fashion capital with big clothing brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Prada and others.

Some of the largest cities in Italy include Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples.


The top ten largest economies in the world are located in just three continents of Asia, North America and Europe, with Europe and Asia sharing the highest countries on the list.

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