PayAttitude: How to use, deposit, withdraw, POS, USSD & more

PayAttitude is a Fintech service that facilitates payments and other financial transactions through multiple channels. This includes multibank USSD, mobile app, POS, ATM, web, and lots more. In this post, you will learn how to use PayAttitude.

You will also learn how to deposit money into your PayAttitude account, how to withdraw funds from PayAttitude, how to pay using PayAttitude, how to use PayAttitude POS services, and many more.

What is PayAttitude and how does it work?

PayAttitude is a multibank USSD and application that aims to facilitate POS, ATM, internet, and P2P transactions. All you need is your phone number.

You can link your Debit or prepaid card to your PayAttitude account. This will make it easier to make transactions both with and without an internet connection.

Once you become a PayAttitude user, you can conveniently and securely make transactions yourself or with a friend by simply providing your phone number at the POS or ATM outlet.

The same procedure applies to transactions on the web or your mobile device. You will be required to provide your 6-digit PIN on your personal device before the transaction can be authorized.

Is it safe to use PayAttitude?

Yes, it is. Payattitude runs on a platform that is compliant with EMV, and PCI DSS standards.

Payattitude Global is incorporated and has a license to operate as a payment service. This license was granted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2013.

PayAttitude also owns a patent that allows it to use innovative technology and processes that enables phone numbers to be used for different transactions available across ATM channels, POS channels, and the internet.

PayAttitude mobile app download

If you use an Android device, you can download and install the PayAttitude mobile app from the Google Play Store

iPhone users can also download and install PayAttitude from the Apple App Store

How to deposit money into your PayAttitude account

You can fund your PayAttitude account in many ways. This can be by linking your ATM card to your PayAttitude account, sending money from one of your bank apps and selecting PayAttitude as the recipient bank, or by visiting a PayAttitude POS outlet and depositing money.

Here’s how to fund your PayAttitude account through a POS agent.

  • Visit a PayAttitude POS agent
  • Give hand over the cash to the agent
  • Provide your PayAttitude account details to the agent
  • The agent will send the money from his/her PayAttitude account to yours

How to request money from other users on PayAttitude

  • Log into your PayAttitude account
  • Click on the account to transact with and select request payment
  • Input the amount you want to request
  • Add a short description
  • Click on add payer. Provide the phone number of the person you’re requesting money from
  • Alternatively, you can select a number from your contact list
  • Click on the “Send Request” button

How to send money on PayAttitude

  • Log into your PayAttitude account
  • Click on the account to transact with and select transfer
  • Input the amount you want to transfer
  • Add a short description
  • Click on add payer. Provide the phone number of the person you’re sending money to
  • Alternatively, you can select a number from your contact list
  • Click on the “Send Payment” button and provide your PayAttitude PIN

How to make payments online with your PayAttitude account

You can also use your PayAttitude account to pay for goods online if PayAttitude is listed among the payment methods.

  • Select the item you want to pay for
  • Click on PayAttitude 
  • Input the phone number linked to your PayAttitude account
  • Click on pay
  • Now open your PayAttitude app or swipe up for any notification
  • Click on the notification
  • Select the PayAttitude account to debit the payment from 
  • Input your transaction PIN to approve the web payment

How to withdraw money from PayAttitude (through POS outlet)

  • Visit any PayAttitude POS outlet close to your location
  • The agent will ask for your phone number and the amount you want to withdraw
  • Approve with your PIN, which will be requested on your phone
  • Your account will be debited and the agent’s account will be credited
  • The agent will give you the exact amount deducted from your account

Alternatively, you can ask for the agent’s account details and send the money to him/her directly from your PayAttitude account. Once it’s received, the agent will give you the cash and your withdrawal is complete.

PayAttitude USSD code

Launch your dialer app and dial *569#. From there, you can buy airtime, send money, play on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and lots more.

Where is the PayAttitude head office located?

PayAttitude has a head office in Nigeria. From this office, they maintain the payment services they offer and also attend to customer issues.

Their head office is situated at Number 3, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

PayAttitude customer support and email address

For questions and complaints, you can always contact PayAttitude customer care through their email address and customer care hotline.

Email address:

Phone call: +234 (1) 2272870, 070072928848833

WhatsApp: +234 902 068 2250

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