10 Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria (2024)

Have you ever tried using your Nigerian credit card to make an online purchase but were rejected? It can be upsetting, particularly if you desperately desire the goods. 

There is a solution, though, that involves using digital dollar cards.

You may easily purchase and make payments with virtual dollar cards on overseas websites where your naira card is not accepted. These are prepaid, dollar-denominated internet cards that let you pay for your online purchases without problems.

Numerous digital platforms allow you to purchase virtual dollar cards to make paying for your online activities easier. Shopping is fun because of this.

Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria

To help you choose the best virtual dollar card whenever you want to make one for yourself, let’s attentively and critically examine the top 10 in Nigeria.

  • Barter by Flutterwave.
  • ALAT Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card.
  • Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Fundall Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Payday Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Chipper Cash Visa Virtual.
  • Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card.
  • CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card.

1. Barter By Flutterwave

Flutterwave, a Nigerian payment firm, developed the Barter app in 2019 to enable quick money transfers. They can assist in converting your cash into a digital wallet and vice versa because they specialize in mobile money and digital wallets.

It can be financed via a bank account, credit card, or mobile payment account. You can perform transactions such as purchases of cryptocurrencies, online trading, betting websites, or money transfer services. 

You can establish a virtual dollar card once you have money in your account and use it to make online payments on most websites. 

To create a virtual card, you must have at least $5 in your account. Each virtual card costs $2, with a $1 monthly fee. To get the app, go to Google PlayStore, install the app, create an account, request a card, and fund your newly created account.

2. ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

Owned and operated by Wema Bank, ALAT Virtual Dollar Card provides a full range of banking services, including a bank account, actual debit card, savings, loans, and, yep, one of Nigeria’s top virtual dollar cards.

Once your account is created and funded, you can put up to $20,000 on your card directly from your Naira balance and, if necessary, convert the dollars back to Naira. However, it is incompatible with 3D Secure, and you cannot use it on websites that facilitate money transfers.

ALAT virtual dollar card is a suggested choice for anyone trying to close business arrangements with vendors from different countries.

3. Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Wallet Africa is a Nigerian Fintech platform that operates across African countries, including Ghana and Kenya. It is comparatively unknown to many smartphone users in Nigeria.

Its beginnings can be pointed to 2018 when John Oke started it. In addition to offering real cards and an instant account statement, Wallet Africa also assists you in creating virtual dollar cards for online purchases.

Given the genuine nature of these credit cards, they are excellent for travel, which many Nigerians find difficult due to the rise in theft.

4. Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card

Nigeria and several other African nations can download the FinTech app Bitsika. With the help of this software, you may do financial transactions online without going to a physical bank and waiting in long lines for hours.

Users of the Bitsika wallet can buy and sell Bitcoin, ABCD stablecoin, and BUSD (Dollar stablecoin) in the interim. Your account will be charged $8 for the virtual dollar card. However, using this card lets you enjoy a fantastic online shopping experience.

5. Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card

Nigerians like Kuda bank because it is one of the best mobile banking platforms in the nation.

In addition to offering free real debit cards and low-interest loans to qualified and interested clients, Kuda provides more than just a virtual card service.

6. Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

A digital bank based in Nigeria called Fundall offers both personal and commercial customers a wide range of financial services, including loans and savings accounts, and bank accounts and budgeting tools.

They offer loans, digital wallets for safe transfers of money, protection for purchases made through the Fundall app, secure payment gateway on websites or apps, access to digital banking service that promotes savings, and monthly statements.

7. Payday Virtual Dollar Card

This digital FinTech app allows you to send and receive funds from around the world; it is digital software that provides a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

Payday users use the services of a virtual dollar card option to facilitate digital transactions and make payments at their convenience from anywhere in the world.

You will be charged $5 to create a virtual dollar card; after this, you can fund the card and make all your online payments without any limits.

8. Chipper Cash Visa Virtual Card

This virtual card lets you start and end any national and international online transactions within minutes. You can fund your card from your chipper wallet without any charges.

One drawback is that there are limits to funding and withdrawal. You cannot withdraw more than $1,000 daily, and you cannot deposit more than $1,000 into your card daily, nor can you spend more than $1,000 a day. 

9. Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

This Nigerian digital bank offers various banking services, including corporate bank accounts, individual accounts, savings, and other services such as instant loans and mutual funds. 

They give a free virtual dollar card for level 3 account holders that can be activated anytime. 

10. CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card

This virtual dollar service provider enables you to carry out your online transactions. With this card, you can pay for online services you purchase from any African country and receive payment for your products and services.

To create a CaahBuddy dollar card account, you must have at least $3 in your account and start using your card without any visible or hidden charges. You can load up to $10,000 in your account per month.

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Virtual dollar cards are great options for payment in any online transaction. It saves you the agony of not being able to complete a transaction for a product of your choice.

With the above list of various virtual dollar cards, you have the chance to choose any one you wish to use to enhance any digital transactions you are carrying out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Nigerian bank gives virtual cards?

Most Nigerian banks offer virtual cards but are Naira based. For example, a debit card with Naira as its currency is the FirstBank Virtual Card. It is a digital version of any plastic debit card connected to the wallet account or the customer’s operating account. FirstMobile or FirstMonie Wallet applications are the digital channels via which you can obtain your Virtual Card. GTBank also offers virtual cards but in Naira. Same as Access, Zenith, and many others.

Which virtual card is best in Nigeria?

One of Nigeria’s top virtual dollar cards is the ALAT virtual dollar card. A commercial bank with operations in Nigeria runs the digital-only brand ALAT. It provides a full range of banking services, including loans, bank accounts, savings, and ALAT Virtual Dollar Cards, among the best in Nigeria.

Can I buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria using a dollar card?

Yes. Coinbase enables Nigerians to purchase Bitcoin using a debit or credit card. Additionally, the platform offers a Coinbase Wallet that can hold Bitcoin.

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