Cash App alternatives for Nigerians

Cash App is a digital money service that allows users to send and receive money at a very fast rate. However, it’s not much of an option for Nigerians due to reasons we will explain in this article. Read on and learn about the top Cash App alternatives for Nigerians.

What is Cash App, and how does it work?

Cash App is a digital money service that offers fast ways to make person-to-person payments. Users can also spend with a linked card, get faster direct debits, and invest for their future.

It’s much easier to use Cash App for payments. Just input the contact details or $cashtag username of the recipient and it would be sent within the shortest possible time.

Is Cash App available in Nigeria? Cash App supported countries

  1. The United States
  2. The United Kingdom

Cash App is good for transactions, at least according to reviews from existing users.

However, it has limited international options. Cash App allows users to send and receive money in the United States. United Kingdom users can also use it to receive money.

Cash App alternatives for Nigerians

Here are the best cash app alternatives for Nigerians:

1. PayPal

Almost everyone has heard of PayPal in one way or the other. If you’re someone that regularly shops on the internet, then there are chances that you’ve used PayPal at least once.

You can also use PayPal to send and receive money from friends, family, freelancers, clients, customers, business associates, and many other people.

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Pros of PayPal as a Cash App alternative in Nigeria

  • Fast and reliable
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Recognized and available as a payment method on most eCommerce platforms
  • Enhanced level of security and fraud prevention

Cons of PayPal as a Cash App alternative in Nigeria

PayPal has a very aggressive security measure. If your account is frozen due to a dispute, you may lose access to your money balance until you can prove that you have done nothing wrong.

If you’re a seller in Nigeria, you may want to think twice before using PayPal as your primary payment processor. PayPal has a reputation for favouring buyers in most disputes.

Any scammer that knows how to play victim can easily dupe you and even get your account frozen in the process.

2. Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is an online money service that allows Nigerians to send and receive money from within and outside of the country.

All you have to do is create an account for free, fund your account, get the details of the person you’re sending money to, and boom, it is done!

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Pros of Wise (TransferWise) as a Cash App alternative in Nigeria

1. The recipient does not need to have a TransferWise account before he/she can receive money.

2. TransferWise uses real-time exchange rates. It doesn’t hype exchange rates for users that want to make international transactions.

3. Can be up to 6x cheaper than local bank accounts.

4. Users can hold more than 50 currencies in their account, get paid from 30 countries, and send money out to more than 80 currencies.

3. Kuda Bank

Popularly referred to as the “Bank of the Free,” Kuda Bank is a microfinance bank that also provides digital money services. It allows people to create an account within minutes, fund their account, save money, easily pay bills and send money amongst other things.

Once you have an account with Kuda Bank, you can apply for a free debit card which will be delivered to your doorstep, at zero cost.

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Pros of Kuda Bank as a Cash App alternative in Nigeria

1. You will get a free debit card and it will be delivered to your location. You can use this card to make purchases online and offline.

2. Kuda Bank has low service charges, often lower than that of Nigerian banks and many digital money platforms.

3. Aside from sending money to non-users, you can also use Kuda Bank to pay your utility bills, create a savings goal, make smart spending decisions and enjoy 25 free transactions every month amongst other benefits.

4. Kuda Bank is a Nigerian Fintech product. If you’re considering the best Cash App alternatives for Nigerians, then this should be among your top choices.

5. Kuda Bank is integrated with Payoneer. That way, a Kuda account grants you access to two different financial service providers at zero cost.

4. Alat By Wema

Alat by Wema is a digital bank designed and managed by Wema Bank. Imagine a whole bank digitalizing most of its banking services and making them available to all on the internet.

You can use Alat in physical locations, web browsers and also on your mobile phone. Everything, including account registration, sending money, obtaining your ATM card, withdrawing money and many more can all be done without leaving your seat.

All you need to do is create an account, provide your NIN and BVN, upload your selfie and signature, set a transaction PIN and you’re good to go.

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Pros of using Alat By Wema as a Cash App alternative in Nigeria

1. Opening an account automatically makes you entitled to a free ATM regardless of where you’re residing.

2. Your Alat account automatically functions as a savings account in Wema Bank. You can walk into any Wema Bank branch in future and they’ll welcome you like any other customer because you’re one.

3. Alat lets you send money to other banks, pay bills, create multiple bank account numbers, create virtual dollar and naira cards, obtain instant loans and create smart savings goals amongst many other benefits.

5. Opay

OPay is another Cash App alternative for Nigerians. It is a digital wallet that is already being used by many Nigerians for making transactions on mobile phones.

Many POS agents also choose Opay as their preferred payment service provider. This is due to its fast speed and reliability in Nigeria. Aside from being accessible on mobile phones, it has low service charges.

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Pros of Opay as a Cash App alternative in Nigerian

1. Easily send money to your contacts that are users of Opay. You can also use Opay to send money to almost all commercial banks and digital wallets in Nigeria.

2. Opay has service changes that are less than that of many financial service providers in Nigeria, including commercial banks.

3. Account creation is free, bill payments are fast and easy, and funding and withdrawals are very straightforward. You can also get discounts on many transactions through the use of vouchers.

4. Opay is integrated with Okash. Users can get instant personal and business loans by creating an account with Opay.

5. You can use Opay to deposit money on betting platforms like NairaBet, Bet9ja, Cloudbet, Supabets, etc.

Other apps

Other alternatives include:


Cash App is great, according to reviews from existing users. However, it’s not available in Nigeria and many other countries.

In this article, we have highlighted the top Cash App alternatives for Nigerians, all of which offer various financial services. This makes them more suited to specific customer needs.

While PayPal is great for international payments, Alat is good for virtual dollar cards, Kuda Bank is good for money savings, Opay supports almost all Nigerian transactions and TransferWise is available in 80+ countries.

We also have Palm Pay, Sparkle Bank, VBank, Paga and many other Cash App alternatives in Nigeria.

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