How to send money to Nigeria instantly with Wise (Transferwise)

If you are looking for ways to send money to Nigeria, then you can do that instantly with Wise, formerly known as Transferwise. In the past, sending money to Nigeria was a very stressful venture to embark on. As you will have to send through a third party travelling to Nigeria or send through Western Union or Moneygram and the receiver will have to go to the bank with documents to claim the money. With Transferwise, you can send money to Nigeria and the receiver will get the money fast and directly into his or her bank account. No need to go anywhere!

What is Wise?

Wise, formerly known as Transferwise is an online money service launched in the UK in 2011. It is available worldwide. And through it, you can send money from almost every country to Nigeria without stress.

Perhaps, the most outstanding thing about Transferwise is that it is many times cheaper than a bank. Yes, sending money through transferwise has been proven to be many times cheaper than a regular bank. They achieve this by using two local transfers instead of one international transaction.

The company first gained public attention when American billionaire and founder of Virgin group, Richard Brandson was publicly interested in investing in the company. It has grown to become the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to send money.

Advantages of sending money with Wise (Transferwise)

There are many advantages to consider when you chose to send money to Nigeria with Transferwise.

Transferwise uses real time exchange rate. The same rate you see in Google and other sources is what transferwise is using. No short changing.

They deliver your transfer directly into the bank account of the recipient in Nigeria within 24 hours. 25% of transfers are credited within minutes.

The truth is, they are generally cheaper than sending through banks or any other transfer service out there.

Transferwise is used by more than 3 million people around the world.

Tansferwise is 100% safe and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, just like a UK bank.

How to send money to Nigeria using Wise (Transferwise)

Follow these steps to send money to Nigeria with Wise:

1. Create a free account

The first step to sending money through Transferwise is to create a free account. Click here to sign up with Wise

To create an account is free. The person that you are sending money to does not need to have an account. Only you the sender needs an account.

Sometimes, you maybe required to do verification. That is not always the case but it should be easy if you are asked to and will take a maximum 2 days.

You can register as an individual, if you wish, you can add your business.

2. Enter your recipient details

After you have set up and ready to send. You simply enter the details of the recipient. You can send money to your family, friends, business partner, you can even send money to yourself (maybe you want to transfer some money to your Nigerian bank account).

Enter the account number and all details. That is all. Your recipient does not need to open a Transferwise account to receive money.

3. Pay for your transfer

You can now pay for your transfer. Payment is very easy. There are many options. You can pay with your credit or debit card,  you can also pay via local bank transfer. There are other options depending on where you are sending from.

It is advisable to pay with credit or debt card if you want to send the money fast. Bank transfer might actually take some time before the fund gets to Transferwise to send money.

4. Relax and wait

That is all. Your payment is ready to go through. If you provide the email address of your recipient, they will immediately be informed of the transfer.

If  you are ready to send then go here now.

Note: You can also open a Transferwise free account to request payment from your relative abroad or from your clients outside Nigeria. Click here.

In conclusion, Transferwise is definitely the fastest and cheapest way to send money to Nigeria from USA, UK, Canada, Europe and anywhere around the world

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    • Can I recharge my wise account in Nigeria and send money to other countries? CBN rate?

  1. Sent money from Australia to Nigeria since on Tuesday I have not been credited till date, please what is going on?

  2. Staff, can you give a clear advise on how to transfer money to Nigeria?
    Do we need to use ‘other channels’ as in ‘not’ or as in different currency? If so, will First Bank of Nigeria accept a transfer in EUR or USD?

    • Hello Johan,

      You can use WorldRemit, Western Union, Moneygram, or direct transfer. If you are sending a direct bank wire, just ask for the person’s USD account to send in the USD or EUR to send in the EUR

    • If you need to send money to Nigeria, I’m in, I need money on my wise account and I think we can exchange the currency if you don’t mind. You can reach out to me via, [removed]

    • @Rachel, you can get the naira equivalent another way and at black-market rate. It’s simple, fund Wise with your AUD Debit card. Convert it to EUR and Send it to Buy Stellar Coin (XLM) and send it to Bianance and sell it through P2P, get credited in your Bank Account.

  3. Please am finding it difficult to open a Wise account from Nigeria, I am trying to deposit 20 USD for the activation of my account and it is declining my payment, can someone please help me with this?

    • Download pyypl app, do the necessary verification, and fund the app, then transfer the fund to Transfer wise.

  4. Thanks for writeup. Was very informative!
    My company abroad was having issue with the payment platform they where using to pay me, so I suggested Wise payment to my uba domicillary account and I was credited without delay.

    So OP do you think the ban has been lifted? I also see on their website payment to nigeria only available via USD and not naira.

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