How Mr Macaroni is making millions monthly from comedy skits

They say laughter is the best medicine, but for Nigerians, it is solace in a precarious situation. The quality of life in Nigeria is at an all-time low, and mounting frustrations have led to Nigerians seeking an escape in comedy. 

Skit-making is a multi-million naira industry in Nigeria. Comedians are some of the most sort after and highly paid celebrities right now. Everyone wants to laugh away their problems and comedians are doing a pretty good job at that. 

There are many well-known comedy actors in Nigeria; too many to count actually. Mr Macaroni is one of those many comedy actors in Nigeria whose fame has skyrocketed since his debut. He is not just famous and well-liked, but rich as well. His net worth is estimated to be over ₦70 million while his earning potential per month is more than ₦2 million. All estimates are based on his YouTube channel views and subscribers, and social media followers and views. You might be curious as to how and why he’s making so much money, in this article, I will make sure to satisfy your curiosity.

Who is Mr Macaroni?

Mr Macaroni’s real name is Debo Adeboye. He was born in the year 1993 and is an indigene of Ogun State. He was raised in Abebi, Ojota in Lagos State where he attended his primary and secondary school. He obtained a degree in theatre arts from Redeemers University Ogun State. 

Growing up, Debo Adeboye was full of mischief and incredibly playful. He loved imitating popular TV personalities which spurred his creativity and imbued humor in him. 

Debo Adeboye is currently one of the best skit-makers in Nigeria. His comedy skits are enjoyed by millions of people in Nigeria and other parts of the world. He is also a renowned actor, social media influencer and activist. 

How he started

Before Mr Macaroni went into comedy, he dabbled quite a bit in acting. In 2014, he underwent an acting course at PEFTI film institute. After graduating from acting school, he featured in several movies and drama series including; Face2face, Jenifa’s Diary, Mistresses, House 31, and others. 

He took up the moniker “Mr. Macaroni”, after starring in the comedy movie, Face2face when the director of the movie asked him to think of a name in an effort to get a name for his character. He picked Mr Macaroni due to the playful nature of his character. Since then, Mr. Macaroni has been his stage name and he has become quite famous with it. He then began to share his comedy skits on various social media platforms. The satirical nature of his comedy skits has earned him many followers and fans. 

What his content is about

Mr Macaroni’s comedy skits centre around a wealthy, ruttish politician called “Daddy Wa” who loses focus whenever he is around attractive women. He also plays the role of a sadistic lecturer called “Professor Hard Life”. 

His skits portray real and serious social issues in a sardonic manner so as to promote human rights. He chose the role of a sugar daddy because it represents a good chunk of Nigerian men who are naughty and cannot control themselves. 

He usually features other well-known people in his skits including Jim Iyke, Falz, Bimbo Ademoye, Lateef Adedimeji, Sola Sobowale, Broda Shagi, Oga Sabinus (Mr. Funny), KieKie, Remote, and  Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife.

What people like about him and his contents

Within the short time Mr Macaroni has debuted, he has garnered quite a lot of interest from the masses. Mr Macaroni has made an incredible mark on the Nigerian comedy industry. His popular catchphrases like “freaky freaky”, “ooin”, “Fantabulous”, and “you’re doing well” has become a sensation among his fans. 

He is funny and does not shy away from portraying social and political issues like bad governance, civic responsibility, and human rights. This has earned him respect and loyal followers. 

During the End SARS movement of 2020, Mr Macaroni was an active participant. He used his platform and physical presence at the protest sites to advocate against police brutality. 

How he makes money

Mr Macaroni chiefly earns money from his comedy skits in the form of Google Adsense ads on YouTube, sponsorships, adverts and endorsements. In addition to this, he also earns money from being an influencer on social media, his entertainment company, and scriptwriting. 

With over 1 000,000 subscribers across his 2 youtube channels and 18 million views on YouTube, Mr Macaroni makes a considerable amount from his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel continues to gain massive recognition and his earning potential continues to skyrocket. The money he makes from Google Adsense ads, sponsorships adverts and endorsements is undoubtedly his main source of income. 

His large following on social media has earned him the title of social media influencer. He has built his brand around his catchphrases which has increased his popularity and drawn in endorsements and advertisement deals with reputable brands and businesses. He also does adverts for corporate bodies and brands which has definitely earned him some money. He is a brand ambassador for prominent companies including myPaddi and Crystal Dental Care.

Mr Macaroni also earns money as an entrepreneur. He manages the Mr Macaroni Entertainment Ltd, a Theatre troupe and digital firm focused on promoting different brands. His theatre troupe has performed in many universities including Babcock University, Adeleke University and many others. 

He also makes money as a scriptwriter writing comedy skits for other comedians. 


Mr. Macaroni is a Nigerian comedian who typically plays the role of a wealthy, ruttish politician called “Daddy Wa” who loses focus whenever he is around beautiful women, or a sadistic lecturer called “Professor Hard Life”. His skits satirize social issues in Africa, and Nigeria in particular in order to promote human rights. He is also an activist who has been part of key protests in Nigeria including the End SARS protest.

Due to his popularity, he earns quite a lot of money with his comedy skits. His main source of income is from Google Adsense ads on YouTube, sponsorships, adverts and endorsements. In addition to this, he also earns money from being an influencer on social media, his entertainment company, and scriptwriting. 

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