Rubies Bank: How to open account, save, make money & more

Rubies Bank is a fully digital banking platform, offering zero-fee banking targeted at millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions, and FINTECH companies. Rubies bring new concepts to banking technology, marketing, and engagements powered by cloud technology, AI, and analytics.

How does Rubies bank work?

Rubies is a completely digital bank, giving customers a complete banking experience. Rubies’ unique approach to banking starts from choosing your account number, getting a free debit card delivered to you at no cost, and many cool features. These cool features include:

1. Independent banker – Earn off your customer’s transactions, simply share your link

2. Money request – Requesting and splitting the bill with people

3. Money market – Invest your money with Rubies

4. Loan A Friend – Loan a friend with Rubies, with set interests and reminders

5. Rubies Invoice – for small business owners

With Rubies, your banking experience will only get better – having no hidden charges, and the Transaction fee is only 10-naira. To join the Rubies family – Simply download (

Benefits of Rubies Bank

Banking with Rubies Bank, you stand to get the following benefits:

  • Decide what your account number looks like
  • Open an account in a minute
  • Get free Debit cards and have it delivered to you at no cost.
  • No hidden charges
  • Request money
  • Earn 20% income on friends you bring on board

Is it safe to use Rubies Bank?

Rubies Microfinance Bank is one of the top completely digital banking platforms in Nigeria. Rubies is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) as a Microfinance Bank, with the registration number RC I66231, and also duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

All deposits in Rubies Microfinance Bank are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Rubies Bank is a digital bank, therefore, it’s unnecessary to have multiple branches littered around the country like the traditional banks. Rubies bank currently have just one branch in Lagos. However, you can reach the Rubies bank team via any of the available options on the support menu on the Rubies App.

How to open a Rubies Bank account

If you’re at least 18 years old and Nigerian, you can open an account with Rubies bank, regardless of your financial history. Follow the following steps to open a Rubies personal bank account:

Step 1: Download the Rubies app from either the play store or Apple App store.

Step 2: When you launch the app you will land on the enrollment page.

Step 3: Input your phone number and email address to register.

Step 4: The next page will inform you that your phone number is your username and you can change it if you prefer. You will also have to fill in your first and last name in the form displayed.

Step 5: The next step is to set up your six-digit pin. You will be asked to confirm it.

Step 6: Rubies bank will send you an OTP to your registered number.

Step 7: You will be asked to either choose your account number or have one generated for you.

Step 8: Then, you have successfully created your account.

Follow the following steps to open a Rubies business account:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Set your login details.

Step 3: Select Add company.

Step 4: Provide your company details.

Step 5: An account number is generated and sent to the company email provided.

Step 6: Provide your account officers (signatory/directory). Account officer(s) gets a confirmation mail at the email address provided

Step 7: Required company documents are provided and internet banking access is granted.

Rubies Card

Once you have opened your account you can order your Rubies debit card within the ‘Card’ section of the app. When you order the card you will need to confirm the delivery address you’d like the card to be sent to. In most cases, your Rubies card will arrive at your address within 7 to 10 business days.

When your card has arrived, the next thing to do is to activate your new card. Your four-digit default pin will appear on the card icon on the app. On Android, tap on “Debit card” from the app’s menu and then choose ‘View card pin’. On iOS, visit the ‘Card’ tab and tap on ‘View card pin’. In order to activate the card, you will need to go to any ATM to change your default pin to your preferred pin.

How to make money on with Rubies bank

To make money from Rubies, you have to download the app. Once you have done that, sign up by providing accurate information following the on-screen instruction.

Immediately you have set up your account, you will see in the menu the “independent banker” feature. Click on it. And you will get a link. Rubies bank will pay you for friends you invite when they meet certain criteria.

Rubies Digital Personal Bank features

1. Savings

This is a feature that allows you to plan your savings with Rubies. You can save with Rubies and create custom savings plans for any and all large expenses. You can as well keep track of how close you are to fulfilling each one of your savings goals and manage how flexible the plans are.

2. Money request

You can make a money request on your friends and family, and get credited automatically as they approve. You can monitor your requests on the Rubies app. You can as well approve, decline, or blacklist requests sent to you.

3. Funding

This is a feature that allows you to spend anywhere. Rubies offer so many options to fund your Rubies bank account. You can fund using your other bank debit card or transfer from any other bank account to your Rubies account. You may even deposit cash at some banks branch and it will hit your Rubies bank account.

4. Independent Banker

This is a feature that allows you to earn money while banking. As you bank on Rubies, you can make money by introducing your friends. Each time your friends do transactions, you get credited 50% of the fees they pay per transaction. That means you get paid for their funds’ transfer, bill payment, and airtime purchase. Click here to download app and start making money.

Rubies Business Account features

1. Current Account

With Rubies, your business account is tailor-made for your cash and your business type. Also, Rubies offers a much lower transaction cost compared to traditional banks.

2. Collection & Payment (Afropay)

When you sell, Rubies make collection seamless for you, with real-time integration that alerts you tracks invoices. Rubies uses Afropays – an API-Driven payment platform that makes payments easy for businesses through its features(Invoicing, Direct Debit, Merchants Payments, and eCommerce Payment Gateway).

3. Open Banking

Rubies offers businesses ready-made, tailor-made APIs to transform their business operations through Rubies APIs.

4. Accounting Software (BizBuuk)

Rubies uses BizBuuk – a free accounting tool for businesses. You can automate your business operation with BizBuuk, from invoicing to inventory management. This feature is free.

5. Payroll System

Rubies uses Qoosquare – a platform that allows the automation of the payroll process for regular salaries and task-based or attendance-based wages, as well as organize tasks and give employees access to salary advance. Therefore, you can get an easy and reliable payroll system on Rubies through Qoosquare.

Rubies Junior

If you’re looking for ways to teach your child financial literacy, consider using Rubies Junior. It’s a very simple process to get Rubies Junior for your child – simply visit Play Store to download Rubies Junior.

If as a parent, you want to create a Rubies Junior account for your child, simply login into Rubies, click on Rubies Junior, and add your child. Your child would receive an email stating an account has been opened for them. After this is done your child can transact and use the Junior app easily.

Kids/teens can also sign up themselves by downloading the Rubies Junior app. Clicking on sign up and fill in all necessary information. The parent would receive a text request for the account to be approved via Rubies. Once the parent approves, the child can then use his or her account.

There are testimonials from parents about how Rubies Junior teaches their kids great saving habits. Therefore, Rubies Junior is a good and safe place to start you and your child’s financial future.

How to contact Rubies Bank

Send a mail via or call 0908 779 2949 any day and anytime.

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