10 Most lucrative business ideas in South Africa (2024)

If you live in South Africa, there are many lucrative businesses you can go into. And this African country has many resources and opportunities available to succeed in any business you set up. It’s therefore not far-fetched why this nation is amongst the top African countries with the ease of doing business.

Without making you wait for long, the following is a list of the top 10 most lucrative business ideas in South Africa anyone can venture into.

10 Most lucrative businesses in South Africa

  • IT and Telecom
  • Architecture firm
  • Fitness trainer
  • Garments manufacturing business
  • Agribusiness
  • Export business
  • Computer training academy
  • Consultancy business 
  • Pharmacy
  • Event management

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1. IT and telecom

IT and Telecom are very profitable and lucrative business ideas in South Africa. Although, it is not easy to set up because it takes lots of time to get customers, infrastructures, and other skilled resources needed for this business to be successful.

However, if you can put all of these resources in place, you are sure the business will flourish and the profits will be immeasurable.

2. Architecture Firm

Architecture is a study that combines visual arts and sciences in building the environment. Architects oversee and design the construction of buildings, monuments, gardens, public spaces, parks, and other structures. 

People seek their consultation in interior designs, commercial buildings, and residential architecture, industrial facilities, such as designs for stores, offices, banks, schools, townhouses, etc.

South Africa is one of the fastest-growing African countries in terms of infrastructural development. And that’s why owning an architecture firm in this part of Africa is a gold mine.

3. Fitness trainer

This is another lucrative business to start in South Africa. It’s good for people who want to have a business in the health and fitness field.

You need some equipment to start a fitness training business, such as free weights and treadmills, about 100 square feet wide by 150 feet long space, good lighting, and so on…

As a fitness trainer, you have to provide training to clients and help them lose weight and increase their strength and body flexibility. 

When starting this business, your prices should be a bit lower than competitors. But over time when you get enough clients, you can decide to increase it a bit. It’s such a lucrative business in South Africa, especially in the Metropolitan cities.

4. Garments manufacturing business

This is another lucrative business in South Africa because humans generally can’t live without covering their bodies with a garment. To start this business, you need to source the materials locally and internationally, hire skilled labourers to make these garments, and put them in the market for sale.

Over time, your products will become popular, and attract more sales. Alternatively, you can import already-made garments and sell them in markets.

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5. Agribusiness

Agribusiness is another great and lucrative business in South Africa. This is an agric industry that supplies agricultural products and services to farmers. It is a lucrative business idea because we need our cultural products to survive.

To venture into this business, you need enough capital, labourers, and raw materials. These are the basic requirements for this business. Ensure to research the available agric products in South Africa before going into this business.

6. Export business

This is another lucrative business you can venture into in South Africa. You can export finished products or natural resources to other countries in this business. 

For instance, South Africa has lots of diamonds; therefore, you can export diamond jewellery to other parts of the world that need them.

7. Computer training academy

A computer training academy is a lucrative business idea that you can go into South Africa. As the owner of this business, you teach people how to use the computer. You can train your students through workshops, seminars, one-on-one discussions, or classes.

You need to have acquired computer knowledge and major certifications to start this business. This business is quite easy with the right equipment. You can rent computers or buy already used computers and other equipment needed to start.

8. Consultancy business

A consultancy business or company is an organization that advises its client. The word consultant means seeking advice from someone or an agency. The advice may be on finances, or any other services a consultant company offers.

These companies aren’t limited to providing only services but they offer products that match the advice they give to their clients. 

So, if you are interested in and quite knowledgeable about any niche, you can set up a consultancy firm in South Africa to help to provide solutions to people’s pain points in your area of specialization. And while helping people, your bank account will keep growing.

9. Pharmacy

Pharmacy has become a very lucrative business over the years, not just in South Africa but also in many other African countries. 

Due to different illnesses and diseases in the human body, there have been high demands for drugs to cure or manage these illnesses. So, if you can bring a drug store close to people who need them, you’ll make money.

To successfully do this business, you need a good and legit supplier of drugs from different brands that can meet people’s expectations. This business is very lucrative, and the profits are high, but you need lots of startup capital.

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10. Event Management

Finally, this is another great business you can become successful in, in South Africa. To be an event manager, you need to have good planning skills and be thorough and organized. 

Jobs that fall under here are; planning wedding parties, corporate parties, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, etc. You can start with little capital, and the profit is massive.


In summary, there are a lot of lucrative business ideas in South Africa. The most important thing is your ability and skills to succeed in any business you start. 

Before choosing from these top 10 lucrative business ideas in South Africa, research each of them to know which one will be best for you and also to know if there are other similar ideas in your area. This will help you analyze how competitive this particular business is in your location.

Finally, always remember that Startups take time to grow. Never give up; instead, invest your time, resources, and enough skills required to build and grow your business.

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