Best free online shops in Nigeria to sell your products (2024)

Are you looking for a free eCommerce website in Nigeria? Have you been troubled about how to sell your products online in Nigeria? Or probably, are you looking for the best online shopping site in Nigeria? 

Whatever it is you are looking for, you are in the right place. Since the popularity of the internet in Nigeria, you don’t have to wait for weeks before you get buyers for your products. There are many free e-commerce websites in Nigeria that you can showcase your products and find buyers right from your home.

These online shopping sites have a high traffic of users looking for what to buy. They also have a good reputation for showcasing the cheapest goods.

This article will show you the best online shopping sites to sell your products in Nigeria.

5 Best E-commerce websites to sell online in Nigeria

1. Jumia

selling on Jumia

Almost everyone knows Jumia. It’s one of the largest e-commerce websites to sell your products online. It’s also among the biggest of its kind in Africa.

Jumia allows small businesses to market their goods fast and easily. It was launched in May 2012 and is now presently rated as the Nigerian online shopping site with the highest traffic. 

Jumia will grant you unlimited access to your online store. It serves as a gateway between you and your buyer. Your goods are displayed to numerous users when they search for something related to what you sell.

They will always notify you whenever a customer places an order. People sell almost all products on Jumia, be it electronic devices, baby products, home appliances, phones, laptops, gadgets, toys, furniture, and many more.

How to sell on Jumia

  • Visit Jumia e-commerce site here.
  • Register as a vendor and fill in all necessary details.
  • Go through the training and tutorial for new sellers.
  • Input some products and start selling without delay.

Jumia cost of service in Nigeria

Just like any other eCommerce store, Jumia charges you for each sale you get. These charges are mostly determined by the delivery method chosen by your buyer.

Apart from this, Jumia is totally free to use. There are no registration or maintenance fees in Jumia. Also, there is nothing like monthly charges.

Jumia is one of the best and free e-commerce sites to sell your products online in Nigeria.

2. Konga

Selling on Konga

Konga is a Nigerian online marketplace founded by Sim Shagaya. Konga allows small businesses and vendors to sell their products online without delays.

Konga has high traffic of buyers. This explains how they get a high amount of buyers and sellers transacting on their website. As a seller, your products will be visible to customers interested in the things you sell.

Most things sold on Jumia can also be found on Konga. You can sell groceries, drinks, gadgets, appliances, domestic products, clothing items, and many more.

How to become a seller on Konga

Becoming a seller on Konga is very straightforward. The steps are explained below.

  • First, checkout Konga’s homepage here.
  • Register for a Konga seller account.
  • Input the products you want to sell. Add their prices.
  • Save your entry and start selling. You can manage your items through your dashboard.

Konga cost of service n Nigeria

Unlike Jumia, Konga is not free to use. To become a seller on Konga, you will have to pay a membership fee.

You can go for the silver plan. It allows the selling of not more than 10 items in 30 days. It costs ₦1,000 per month.

The gold plan allows you to sell as much as you like. You can sell an unlimited number of items in 30 days. The gold plan costs ₦2,500 per month.

Despite the required fees, Konga is still having numerous transactions daily. This is probably because it’s one of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria.

3. Jiji


Jiji is an online marketing site in Nigeria where you can sell freely. Jiji is the biggest classified site in Nigeria.

On Jiji, there is more traffic than you can possibly guess. Jiji has a feature that allows the exchange of goods and products.

You can exchange your products with that of a buyer. This buyer can also be another seller. It’s no different from swapping.

How to become a seller on Jiji

Creating an account and becoming a seller is very simple on Jiji. The smooth interface and refreshing color of green make the site cool. Follow the steps below.

  • Visit Jiji’s homepage here.
  • Create a Jiji account and upload all necessary details.
  • Once your account is verified, input the products you sell.
  • Be patient and let the management approve your goods. Each uploaded product has to be verified before it’s posted on the main page.

Jiji cost of service in Nigeria

Unlike Konga, Jiji is completely free. You won’t need to pay any registration fee. There are no membership fees or monthly plans. This reason and many others make Jiji one of the best free eCommerce stores to sell online in Nigeria.

4. OList


OList is a free shopping site where you can sell your products online. It’s a Nigerian online marketplace set aside for sales.

On OList, you can advertise your products, upload and sell your goods. You can also render services or patronize one. Transactions are very easy on this shopping site.

How to start selling on OList

  • To become a seller on OList is easy. Visit the homepage here.
  • Tap the start selling button.
  • Register and fill in necessary details.
  • Once your account is activated you are good to go.
  • Enter your products and add prices.

OList cost of service in Nigeria

One striking feature about OList is that despite all its good service and user interface, it’s still free of charge.

You don’t need to pay any fees before selling on OList. It’s among the free e-commerce websites to sell your products online in Nigeria.

5. Scrader


Scrader is an eCommerce site in Nigeria that also works as an escrow. One striking feature about Scrader is its anti-fraud security system.

Just like Jumia and Jiji, you can upload your items and sell them online. Scrader has a combination of social media and eCommerce features. This explains why it has so much functionality.

How to become a seller on Scrader

  • To start selling on Scrader, visit Scrader main page here.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Register as a seller and fill in the necessary details.
  • Set your logistics preferences. This is where you will select your preferred delivery options.
  • Input the products you want to sell. You should enter not less than 5 products so as to gain visibility.
  • Add your prices and you are good to go.

Scrader cost of service in Nigeria

Registration as a seller is completely free on Scrader. There are no monthly charges whatsoever. For every sale you make, you won’t need to pay any commission fee. 

However, Scrader will charge an escrow fee of 1% per sale. This escrow fee will be paid by the customer, and not by the seller.

Honestly speaking, it’s hard to come by an eCommerce site that also functions as an escrow service. Indeed, Scrader is one of the best and free e-commerce sites to sell your products online in Nigeria.


These days, people don’t need to stress anymore to buy or sell products online. It has all been made easy through the use of social media platforms and e-commerce companies.

There is no doubt that you will find this article useful and simple. Kindly note that all e-commerce companies mentioned here are purely informative, and they are all chosen based on merit and customer ratings.

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  1. Frankly speaking this list is impressive. However online shopping in Nigeria is growing bigger and bigger and also comes with safe and secure ecommerce experience. eCommerce sites in Nigeria have been doing pretty well, and they will continue to do better in the coming years. However, you can also check out to Buy, Sell & Auction.

  2. Jiji and Olist is not free,. The seller must pay 10 to 15 k monthly…so the idea that olist and jiji is free is a lie.

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