10 Most economically friendly cities In Nigeria

Nigeria is currently going through unprecedented hardship coupled with high inflation on nearly all basic necessities of life.

Looking at how the country is and the economic realities we are facing, the average Nigerian is only concerned with how he can have access to these necessities of life for himself and his family. Every other thing that is beyond this becomes secondary.

So, if you are a Nigerian who is planning to make the most of your finances and still have enough to take care of your most important needs, it is important that you reside in a place where the economic realities are not as harsh as it is in other countries but if you have places.

To this end, I have compiled a list of the most economically friendly cities in Nigeria. Take your time and read through, make an informed choice, and save every naira that needs to be saved.

This article will give you a succinct and sincere insight on some the most economically friendly cities in the country 

10 most economically friendly cities in Nigeria

1. Ilorin 

Ilorin is the capital of Kwara State, and it is also an economic hub with various companies. It is blessed with eye-popping landscapes and mouth-watering tourist attractions, which are beautiful to behold.

Another reason why you should pick Ilorin is because of the low cost of living. Housing and accommodation in Ilorin are quite budget-friendly.

While there is a hike in fuel price, Ilorin still has a relatively low cost of transportation.

Choosing to live in Ilorin means choosing to live a life of comfort even with your budget.

2. Onitsha

Who has not heard of Onitsha and how things are relatively cheap and affordable? Onitsha is home to many of our homemade products, and it is sometimes called the China of Africa. 

If you can ignore the fact that it is usually overcrowded, then you will very much enjoy it.

The price of food and the accommodation is one of the major challenges of the average Nigerian in this economy.

Well, guess what?

They are amazingly very much affordable in Onitsha. And if you are business inclined it is also a great place to start your business. You can buy products from here very cheaply and sell them at a profitable price in your shop.

3. Aba

Like its counterpart, Aba is one of the most economical cities in Nigeria. Aba is home to some of Africa’s cheapest, most affordable, yet quality clothing products.

Have you heard of Okrika before or Bend-down-select, then you probably have heard of Aba. 

Transportation and food costs are very affordable in Aba. This would help you save more and put it into other areas.

If you are interested in business, Aba is a place where you can start and grow a profitable business.

In addition to these is the sense of belonging and community in Aba. All of these make it one of the Most economic cities in Nigeria.

4. Ile-Ife

If you are familiar with Nigerian history, then the peaceful town of Ile-Ife will not be new to you. Just as it has made a name for itself in the world of history, it has also provided its inhabitants with the best and most affordable way of living.

With enough job opportunities and a great economic atmosphere, Ile-Ife is a place you want to settle down and live a modest life.

It is said to be where transportation is cheap even during this fuel hike, accommodation is very affordable, and food is easily accessible.

5. Ibadan 

Oyo is one of the most popular and most powerful ancient civilizations in africa. Now it is a state in modern day nigeria and its capital is Ibadan.the cocoa merchant city is home to the first sky scrapper in nigeria. 

Ibadan is one of the most economic cities in nigeria because of its lo Because of its low cost of living. 

The cost of accommodation and transportation fare is low and ideal for its inhabitants. 

For those looking to visit and enjoy rich history and culture while maintaining a friendly budget, then Ibadan is the best choice for you.

6. Owerri

Popularly known as the Eastern Heartland, Owerri is the capital of Imo State and home to exotic sites such as Oguta Lake. The cost of living is relatively low in this Eastern city.

If you are watching out for places with good road networks, low-cost accommodation, cheap and affordable cost of food, and different blends of melodies caressing your eardrums while at the same time sticking to your friendly budget, I would personally tell you that Owerri is your best choice. This is because it combines modern-day and traditional ways of life.

7. Jos

Jos, the capital of Plateau State, is popularly known as J-Town. Some attributes that make it stand out are its rich history and culture, a cool climate, and many places to cool off and have fun. Its natural beauty and affordable cost of living make it a better place to settle down.

8. Kano

Kano City is the capital of Kano State, and it is one of the best places to visit and live in because it has attractive historic sites. Its markets are always busy with local and foreign visitors. It is one of the most economic cities in Nigeria as the prices of goods and accommodation are one of the lowest in the country.

The city is a big producer of agricultural products, clothes, medications, furniture, etc. Despite the fact that it is an industrialized city in Nigeria, it is still very affordable to live in.

9. Abeokuta

The Ogun State capital is less commercialized than other cities, yet it is one of the most Economic cities in Nigeria. It has a low cost of living due to the fact that the cost of accommodation is relatively low, and also has local produce.

Olumo Rock and Centenary Hall all make the city a very attractive place to live.

10. Zaria

Zaria is home to Ahmadu Bello University. It is neat, affordable, and homely. 

Zaria is one of the most economical cities in Nigeria because the price of food is quite cheap, and the cost of transportation is affordable. One of the most impressive facts about Zaria is that the city is an academic city. This is because great academic institutions have been established here.


The reality in Nigeria today calls for prudence and wise planning. While others may resort to anger, depression and other vices, it’s important you sit down and reevaluate ways and means to beat the situation.

Finally, it is important that people live in a place where they can easily afford their way of life. 

If you are in a place where the cost of living is on the high side, and your income cannot afford it, then take your time and choose one of these affordable cities to live in.

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