United Bank For Africa: USSD codes, mobile banking, contacts & more (UBA)

It is very necessary to know all the important details of your bank. Especially if you care about your money, time and business. Having the right knowledge will make your personal life, work-life, and business life easier. As banks play a vital role in our finances. In this article we look at all the important information you should know about the United Bank For Africa (UBA).

Here are all the important details you need to know about UBA. From Internet banking to Mobile banking, transfer codes, customer care and more.


United Bank For Africa also known as UBA is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria and Africa with operations in 20 African countries. UBA was founded in 1948 as British and French Bank Limited (BFB).  It has over 550 branches in Nigeria, branches in 20 African countries and three international subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom and France.

UBA Internet banking

UBA has a very easy to use internet banking service for it customers. The online banking platform is very efficient. It is a very good experience as it makes things easier. You do not need to go to the bank, majority of the time you can do a lot from the internet banking.

There are a lot of thing that you can do with the United Bank For Africa internet banking. You can transfer funds, manage your cards, request for cheque book, open account, manage your fx account and much more.

Registration for UBA internet banking

To use the UBA internet banking, you need to register. Registration is usually simple. Walk into any branch of UBA close to you, locate the customer service desk and ask to be profiled for internet banking.

However, the fastest and best way to register for UBA internet banking is to sign up online. Simply fill the form and you are on your way to enjoying the amazing benefits of internet banking. To register visit the UBA Internet banking registration platform and submit your details

Login to UBA internet banking

To login to as individual visit the UBA internet banking platform and login with your ID

To login to as a business visit the UBA internet banking platform for business and login with your corporate ID

UBA mobile banking

United Bank For Africa (UBA) has amazing mobile banking solution for it customers. From your mobile phone, you can carry out lots of banking activities. You can use the magic banking code or mobile app. We will cover all, keep reading.

UBA transfer code

The UBA transfer code is *919#. With this code you can do a lot of things. You can transfer money, buy airtime, pay bills and so much more. Before you can use it for transaction, you need to first register for it. Dial *919# from your registered phone number and follow the instructions. Here is a break down of some of the things you can do with this transfer code.

Transfer money from UBA to UBA

To transfer money from UBA to UBA just dial *919*3*account number*amount#

Transfer money to other banks

To transfer money to other banks just dial *919*4*account number*amount#

Check account balance

To check your account balance just dial *919*00#

Buy airtime for yourself

To buy airtime for your registered phone number dial *919*amount#

Buy airtime for others

To buy airtime for others or for your other phone numbers dial *919*phone number*amount#

ATM Cardless Withdrawal

To perform cardless ATM withdrawal just dial *919*30*Amount#

Pay bills

To pay bills just dial *919*5#

There are many more things you can do with the UBA magic banking code. Just dial *919# and follow instruction.

UBA mobile app

You can use the UBA mobile app to complete a lot of transaction. With the banking app, you can transfer funds, pay bills and do so much more without having to visit a bank.


Visit the Google play store to download the UBA mobile app for android


Go the the App Store to download the UBA mobile app for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

UBA customer care

You can contact the United Bank For Africa through many means.

UBA customer care phone number

+23412808822, +23416319822, +2347002255822

UBA WhatsApp number

You can chat with UBA customer care on WhatsApp via +2347002255822



Live chat

You can visit the website to chat life with their customer care.

United Bank For Africa (UBA) address

The head office of the United Bank For Africa is at UBA House, 57 Marina, P.O. Box 2406, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

UBA products

The United Bank For Africa offers different products to its customers. Saving, current and domicile accounts to individuals. It also gives loans to individuals and businesses. Business accounts and different banking products for companies.

UBA loans

The United Bank For Africa (UBA) offers different kinds of loans to it customers. Personal loans for individuals and loan for businesses. Here are some of the loans offered by UBA.


Overdraft loans allow individuals withdraw from their current account for 6 months up to a maximum of N3 million naira.

Features and requirement

  • 5% repayamnet every month till the end of the 6 months tenor when you have to repay the total outstanding
  • You must be a UBA account holder
  • Receive salary through UBA for at least 3 month
  • You do do not have a history of returned cheques due to insufficient funds

How to apply

  1. Complete a UBA consumer loan application form. You can get it from any of their branch or download here.
  2. Submit the form any UBA branch close to you.

Asset Finance

This loan is to help individuals buy that one thing they really need to. That one asset you have always want to own.

Features and requirement

  • You must be a confirmed employee of a reputable company in the public or private sector
  • Be a UBA account holder
  • You must have received your salary through UBA for at least a month
  • Considerate and convenient terms of payment.

How to apply

  1. Complete a consumer loan application form (You can get this from any branch of the bank or download online)
  2. Obtain a Pro-forma invoice from an acceptable vendor known to your customer service officer
  3. Submit your application to the customer service officer in your branch
  4. Provide the minimum equity contribution of 20% of the cost of the asset
  5. Provide the funds to cover the insurance cost

UBA also offer different kinds of loan. Mortgage finance, diaspora mortgage finance and loans for businesses. You need to walk into any branch of UBA or call the customer service to speak with a representative.

UBA website

The website of the United Bank For Africa is www.ubagroup.com

UBA Swift code information

Swift code:UNAFNGLA
Bank Name:United Bank For Africa Plc
Bank Address: UBA House, Floor 8, 57 Marina

UBA Branches and ATM locations

If you find yourself anywhere looking for the closest UBA branch or UBA ATM to you, it is very simple. Go to the UBA branch and ATM locator, once there type in your location and you will see name of branches and ATMs close to you

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