How to get a loan from Zedvance

Zedvance, also known as Zedvance Limited is a consumer finance company widely known for giving fast loans without collateral to Nigerians. The process of getting a loan is easy and can be done via WhatsApp chat.

You can get a loan up to ₦5 million and you will be credited within 24 hours.  All a user needs to get a loan is to log in to the website, chat with the team or visit any of its offices.

Zedvance Loan

In summary:

Interest rate:5% to 20%
Loan term:30 days to 365 days
Loan available:Up to ₦5 million
Repayment:Cheque, Direct Debit mandate, bank deposit
Collateral:No collateral required
Mobile app:Beta
Customer care:0700 100 1000
Head office:177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
How fast?1 hour to 24 hours
WhatsApp Loan:09060003933

Zedvance loan requirement

Here are the requirements to get a loan from Zedvance:

  1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  2. You must be in a paid employment
  3. Your age should be between 22 and 55 years
  4. You must have a salary account that is active
  5. 1 Passport Photograph
  6. A means of identification. It can be any of International Passport, Driver’s Licence, or National ID card
  7. 6 months up-to-date salary statement of account
  8. Employee ID Card
  9. Employment Letter
  10. NUBAN Cheques or Direct Debit Mandate
  11. If you are a freelancer or an unconfirmed employee, you may require a guarantor.

How to get a loan from Zedvance

Follow these steps to get a loan from Zedvance:

1. Visit the loan portal

Your first step is to visit the loan portal. There are two ways you can do this. You can go to the website and then click the Apply Now button, it will take you directly to the loan portal. Or you can go directly to the loan portal

2. Register

Once you are at the loan portal, you have to register. Give accurate information. At the registration stage, the information needed will include your name, email, BVN, Date of birth, and password.

3. Apply for a loan

Once you have registered, you can log in anytime to apply for a loan. Follow instructions and submit all documents needed

4. Wait for loan

If your application is approved, you should receive your loan. Usually, it does not take more than 48 hours.

If you do not want to apply for a loan using the website, you can try the steps below. But if you have already applied through the website, do not try applying again through the following steps.

5. Chat with the loan team on WhatsApp

Another way of getting a loan is to chat with the team via WhatsApp on 09060003933

6. Visit the office

You can also visit the office which is located on Victoria Island to apply for a loan.

How much can you get?

You can access up to ₦5 million. How much you are offered will depend on the team and your purpose for the loan with other factors taken into consideration.

Zedvance interest rate

The interest rate varies from 5% to 20%. Generally, the company uses risk-based pricing to determine repayment on loans. You can use the loan calculator on the website to know how much you will have to pay back.

Loan term

Loan term ranges from 2 weeks to 12 months

Repayment of loan

Repaying a loan is easy. You can repay with Cheques or Direct Debit mandate. If you do not want to make payments with cheques, you can pay into their account. You can contact them for an account number to pay into. But be sure to contact them at least 78 hours before your loan is due.

You will be unable to make part payments. You have a choice to arrange how long you want to pay back when taking the loan. After that, if you intend to change the payment date, it is possible. You may have to contact them. But charges may apply.

If you default on your payment, the penalty is 1% on the installment amount for each day of default. If the default exceeds 30 days, more stringent measures may be applied and default would also be reported to the credit bureaus.

Zedvance Office

The head office of Zedvance is located at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Zedvance customer service number and email

The customer service of Zedvance is 0700 100 1000

The email is

WhatsApp loan

With Zedvance you can get a loan straight from your WhatsApp. Simply chat up them up on 09060003933

Zedvance Website

The website of Zedvance is

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