Top PayPal alternatives to send and receive money

When it comes to sending and receiving money online from any country in the world, Paypal is usually the best option.  It is easy to use and very popular among people. Perhaps, the biggest advantage is that it is trusted by many.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in many countries that cannot receive payment from Paypal and that is frustrating. In Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and some other developing countries, you will be unable to receive payment via Paypal. That is why we have decided to look at the top PayPal alternatives for personal use.

Why you should consider PayPal alternatives

If you are a freelancer. You work online and get paid online. Chances are that many of the clients that you work for will ask for your PayPal ID to send payment.  That can be very difficult if you live in a country that you are unable to receive PayPal payment. So to get the best and make sure you earn from your freelancing work, you may have to consider PayPal alternatives.

If you are a blogger, you may get requests for sponsored post and different ads placement. If you live in a country like Nigeria that PayPal is restricted, you may lose out. Because of how you can receive payment. But if you have a good PayPal alternatives, you can recommend to your clients and get your money in no time!

If you are looking to hire someone online or make payment to freelancer online but they cannot receive payment, you may have to consider PayPal alternatives to send payment to your freelancer.

PayPal is good but restrictions placed on some countries is difficult for the people working legitimately there to make money online. That is why we have compiled this list of the best PayPal alternatives.

Top PayPal alternatives

Here are the top Top PayPal alternatives  to send and receive money.

1. Wise (Transferwise)

Transferwise is a leading PayPal alternative and it is very easy to use. It is trusted by many and used by many. I have used this payment method and was amazed at how easy it is. Since I live in Nigeria, this is what I use mostly to receive payment from my partner. I use this alongside Skrill.

One very good thing about Transferwise is that sending or receiving money is cheaper with them. I have observed that whenever I receive payment from them, the money is usually better than most of other services. While others will cut out many percentages on hidden charges, Transferwise says its rate are better than bank rates, and they are right!

As a Freelancer, you can sign up with Transferwise and request payment from your client whenever you are expecting payment. All they have to do is click and pay! Payment can be made with credit card or bank transfer. You receive your money almost instantly. You can also send money too with Transferwise.

If you are sending money via Transferwise, you will need to open an account which is very easy and fast. You do not necessarily need a Transferwise account to receive money. But if you want to send payment request to your client, you will need to open an account. It is free to receive money. The money goes straight to your bank account.

So next time that Paypal is refusing you opportunity to do your transactions, consider Transfer wise. For a widely respected billionaire like Richard Branson of Virgin Group to admire and invest in this company, it must be worth it.

Click here to sign up with Wise

2. Skrill

Skrill is one of the best alternatives to PayPal. They are available in all countries and you can send and receive money from them. I was surprised how easy it was the first time I used their service. I needed to receive money for a job I did and I was in Nigeria. PayPal was not an option.

The client asked if I have Skrill. Until that moment I had never heard of them. This was some years ago. I had doubt in my mind but since there was no option, I went with it. To my surprise the process was very easy. He sent the money. I transferred to my account and I got the money the same day! I was not charged for receiving the money by Skrill!

All you have to do is open an account and you can start receiving money from any part of the world. You have to add your bank account once you open your account. You can add many bank accounts. Whenever you want to withdraw, you can select which of the bank accounts to send the money to.

To withdraw large sum of money, you may be required to verify your identify. That is, if the money is large. You will need a utility bill and a government issued ID. If you want to verify fast, just download the Skrill app on your phone and take screenshots of the items.

Skrill is ideal for people in developing countries and for people who want easy access to receive and withdraw their money. It is free to receive money but you maybe charged a fee to withdraw.

Click here to Open a Skrill account

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is a popular way to receive money online. Unlike the first two listed, it attracts a 3% transaction fee and $25 annual fee. It is a very popular alternative to PayPal and it is widely accepted around the world.

While Transferwise and Skrill are my favourite, Payoneer has to come next. They allow you request payment from your clients. Once you request payment an email is sent to your client with a link to click and make payment. They can make payment with their credit card and do not need to open a Payoneer account.

If your client ignore payments, Payoneer will send a reminder to them.

You can transfer money from your Payoneer to your bank account but that depends on your country. The best bet is to get a Payoneer card. Mine took about 30 days to arrive.

You will be charged $25 annual fees for maintaining your Paypal account. You can signup and earn a $25 bonus once you reach $1000 in transaction.

Click here to sign up for Payoneer

4. Payza

Payza is a very good alternative to receive or send money online without stress.  They have a very simple and friendly interface. With Payza you get a good service.

You can request for payment from your client using Payza. Once your client makes payment, you can withdraw your money at anytime you want to.

One good thing about Payza is that they have many methods of withdrawal. You can do a bank transfer, bank wire or withdraw as bitcoin and more options.

You can send money and there is an option to add funds to your account.

Click here to sign up with Payza


There is no need to panic or lose money because PayPal has denied you the privilege to receive or send money. You can make use of the PayPal alternatives listed on this page. Transferwise is very reliable and popular among the elites. Skrill is good and present in every developing country. While Payoneer is good, it can be expensive to maintain. Payza is good enough.

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  1. Personally, I’ve tested a lot of strategies for creating a paypal account from Nigeria that receives payment and I was able to get one strategy that works very well even till right now am still using it.
     very true, nigeria paypal can’t receive payments but there is a way you can make it to receive payments in Nigeria easily and fast,  Steps to do it:

    Create a Foreign paypal account without using vpn

    It’s not a must to add debit/credit card

  2. Please I have a game bonus reward through PayPal. For this, I created a PayPal account. But I can’t receive money from this account. With alternative to PayPal, how can I retrieve my money if I create an account with any of the alternatives?

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