Top 10 car brands made in Africa (2024)

Africa has the highest number of countries of any continent. The continent has been faced with a couple of challenges, ranging from poor infrastructure to poverty, which has ravaged the continent drastically. 

Despite these flaws, there exist some wins for the African continent, one of which is on the overall service level of the continent. Africa has poor manufacturing growth compared to other continents of the world, nonetheless, there also exists some progress made by the continent in the area of production, this includes car production. 

This article lists the top 10 best car brands in the African market.

Top 10 car brands made in Africa

Here are top the 10 cars made in Africa by African manufacturers:

1. Innoson Vehicle, Nigeria

The Innoson vehicle is less than two decades but has grown stronger over the years. The company began as a spare-part manufacturing company in Nigeria but has since grown to become one of the continent’s biggest names in car manufacturing, with its vehicles being sold across the continent. 

The Innoson vehicles is owned by Innocent Chukwu, a business mogul and is headquartered in Nnewi, Anambra, Nigeria. Among other features, what sets the Innoson vehicle apart is the car’s unique features that match already popular brands across the world.

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2. Advanced Automotive Design, South Africa

The Advanced Automotive Design is manufactured and headquartered in Pretoria, the South African capital. The car design is built for racing with some of the most uniquely crafted features for speed since 1995. 

The company is popular for its versatility with motoring circles and some of the fastest cars on the continent being manufactured by the vehicle company. The company vehicle, Shaka Nynya was named one of Africa’s fastest cars.

3. Mobius Motors, Kenya

Mobius motors is a Kenyan vehicle manufacturing company founded in 2011. the vehicle company is owned and controlled by Joel Jackson with the dream of building a standard vehicle company in Africa that can be depended on by all Africans.

The company is known for its excellent customer relations unit, with swift responses to feedback from customers and frequent changes to their products based on customers correction. The company has evolved to being a creative and standard company that offers the best vehicles to the general Kenyan public.

4. Birkin, South Africa

The South African-made brand has made a strong name for itself in the South African market. The car was founded in the year 1980 and is headquartered in Durban, South Africa. The vehicle is known for the quality manufacturing of cars that are excellent for African roads. The company often export its vehicles to other countries of the world.

The Birkin, in South Africa today, acts as a top choice for the nation’s class society, with the majority of the vehicle being collected by South Africa’s richest as souvenirs. Probably not known across Africa, but Birkin has a strong reputation in the South African market.

5. Laraki, Morocco

Laraki is a car manufacturing company in Casablanca, Morocco. The luxury car manufacturer exports vehicles to parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, with increased revenues and sales over the years. 

The luxury car brand manufactures vehicles that obtain similar standards to luxury cars made in the international market. Some of the vehicle manufacturing brands include the V8, the Fulgura, the Borac and Africa’s only supercar, the 1750 horsepower Epitome. The successes made by the Laraki have inspired car manufacturers across the continent for increased growth. 

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6. Kiira Motors, Uganda

The Kiira motor is yet another African-made vehicle that has made a wave in the African market. The vehicle started as a University project at Makerere University in Uganda under the supervision of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Kiira motors is a sedan-like hybrid electric vehicle referred to as the Kiira EV SMACK. 

The vehicle runs on a rechargeable battery having an internal combustion engine-based generator to charge its battery effectively. In 2018, the company released the first batch of its energy-saving hybrid vehicles to the general public.

7. Wallyscar, Tunisia

The Tunisian brand is synonymous with most off-road vehicles made in the international market. The car has claimed varying successes over time to this day. The car is famous for competing in the most tasking off-road shows on the continent. 

The vehicle manufacturing company was established in the year 2006 and was built on the foundation of affordability, sturdiness and trust. Over the years the vehicle has turned out to be a joy to the nation of Tunisia, trading with several nations, including Spain, France and the middle east. Most of the company vehicles are sold in Africa and the middle east, with over 500 vehicles produced annually. 

8. Kantanka Automobile, Ghana

The vehicle manufacturing company is based in Ghana. The company deals mostly in the manufacturing of pickup trucks and SUVs with its manufacturing plant based at Gomoa Mpota in Ghana.

The automobile company is owned by Apostle Safo Kantanka and has created over 100 vehicles since its establishment. The Kantanka automobile’s greatest strength would be its standard-denying quality, the vehicle production company produces SUVs and trucks of excellent quality; the Ghanaian Standards Authority has longed placed a hold on the company’s commercial vehicle release, with strong demands for standard efficient vehicles produced by the company.

9. Nord automobile, Nigeria

Nord is a Nigerian-based automobile company with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The company came into the Nigerian market through its remarkable designs that met international standards. 

The company so far has crafted an operational fleet that matches cars made at the global market and produces over 800 vehicles annually. The vehicles’ main market is Nigeria, particularly, the city of Lagos, where over 80% of its vehicles are sold. 

10. Bailey Edwards, South Africa

The vehicle manufacturing company started in 2003, to produce excellent cars for the African market. 

The company offers the sale of luxury vehicles that match the standards of the international market. The company has a manufacturing branch in New York serving the international market.

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Africa has tons of opportunities for progress, and with the manufacturing rush increasing by the day, the continent is expected to make a breakthrough in its vehicle manufacturing industry.

This article offered the best car brands in the African market.

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