10 Most economically friendly cities in Ghana

Ghana is a West African country that is rich in history and culture. Many people have always dreamt of relocating to Ghana. Just like every other country, Ghana is also experiencing certain economic harsh realities that affect the citizens.

Everyone wants to live within the confines of their budget. This can only be possible if you are living in a place that allows you. So if you’re looking for a place that can help you live within your budget, and at the same time get some of the benefits of big and expensive cities in Ghana, then this list is for you.

This article explains the most economically friendly cities in Ghana.

Most economically friendly cities in Ghana

1. Techiman 

Techiman is in the region of Brong-Ahafo and it is one of the biggest cities in Ghana. One would expect that because of this the standard of living would be high but contrary to this, it is quite low. The cost of food and accommodation is relatively low.

One could get the most affordable of things in its markets. It also has basic social amenities. So if you’re looking for a place with a low cost of living, then Techiman is your best choice.

2. Sunyani

Another city in the Brong-Ahafo region, this city is well-developed and provides access to basic social amenities. It also has recreational facilities that would provide fun for the city dwellers.

Sunyani is one of the most economical cities in Ghana as it provides very affordable cost of accommodation. In addition to its serene environment, it also has a very affordable standard of living.

3. Bolgatanga

If you are looking for a Ghanain city that has a mixture of affordable transportation, low-cost accommodation, and cheap prices of food, then Bolgatanga is your best choice.

This city is known for its bustling markets, rich history, and culture and this has drawn the attention of travelers who are tight on a budget.

4. Ho

Ho is the capital of the Volta region and the cost of living here is relatively low compared to other cities in Ghana. It is also one of the most affordable Ghanaian cities.

This makes it the best choice for those who are seeking to relocate to a place that provides affordability for their budget. For those who want to live life at a slow pace, Ho is your best alternative. This makes it one of the most economic cities in Ghana.

5. Koforidua 

Many people believe that Koforidua is the most welcoming state in Ghana. This is because it provides the most affordable kind of life for anyone irrespective of your kind of budget.

Residents of this city enjoy basic infrastructural development as well as a relatively low cost of housing. The cost of transportation is quite low too.

6. Tamale

Tamale is in the northern region of Ghana. It is one of the biggest cities in the country and is known for its rich cultural heritage and history. Tamale is well known for its cultural diversity as several tribes, ethnic groups, and races all live together in peace.

Tamale is a place that provides you with the ability to live within your budget, provides essential public services, and a friendly environment. When considering the city in Ghana to visit or permanently relocate to, make sure to keep Temple in mind as it is one of the most economic cities in Ghana.

7. Nkawkaw

If you are the type that is seeking an affordable lifestyle without sacrificing the quality of life they want to live, the Nkawkaw is the best place for you. You also get to enjoy the serene environment of the city. 

Nkawkaw also has a very low cost of accommodation, cheap price of food, and affordable transportation.

One of the reasons people and families tend to move to this city is the fact that it provides the basic amenities and is one of the most affordable cities in the country.

8. Takoradi

Takoradi is a port city in the western region of Ghana. It is a city that provides employment and economic opportunities to people.

Although the cost of living here is slightly high, it also provides the people of the city with a high quality of life at an affordable price. One that makes it a point of call is the fact that it has a friendly climate and recreational facilities for fun lovers.

9. Nsawan

This city located in the eastern part of the country is a great destination for those who are trying to live far from the daily haggle and struggle of a larger metropolitan city. This is because it is not as big as other cities. 

It is also a great place for those with a heart for agriculture as it is a great agricultural hub in Ghana. 

It has a very low cost of living and it provides individuals and families the essential social amenities and very affordable accommodation.

This is why Nsawan is one of the most economic cities in Ghana.

10. Cape Coast

This is one of the most beautiful cities in Ghana that provides an affordable cost of living. Do you like to visit historic sites? Do you like to go to the beach to enjoy yourself with friends and family?

If yes then Cape Coast will be the best place for you to reside because it has beautiful historic sites and beaches. It also has a high cost of cultural heritage. This, in addition to the sites and beaches, has attracted tourists and people who are seeking an affordable standard of living.

It provides essential social amenities, low cost of housing, and affordable prices of food giving its inhabitants a better quality of life.


The economy of Ghana is growing and as a result, its cities are experiencing rapid development in education, electricity, standard of living, and lots more which in turn brings in expatriates. It’s also noteworthy that most Ghanaians are finding it difficult to meet up with the rising cost of living, especially those living in dense and Urban areas. 

While there are the affluent in every society there are also those who just want to live a modest life that they can afford. This article is for such people. For individuals who want to live comfortably within the limits of their budget.

So do some personal research about these cities, and make a good choice for where you can live happily and at the same time live modestly.

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