How to make money trading Gift Cards in Nigeria

You must have heard about trading gift cards for cash, but you might be a little bit confused about how to do it. In this article, I am giving you the complete guide on how to make money by trading your gift cards in Nigeria.

What are Gift Cards?

These are prepaid cards loaded with a specific amount of money, which you can then use to purchase items from specific stores.

Gift cards come in different types, countries, and denominations.

Types of Gift Cards

Gift cards exist in two forms- physical cards and E-gift cards.

Physical cards: These are branded plastic cards bought from physical stores.

E-gift cards: They are also known as Ecodes. These are digital codes bought online and sent to your email address or phone number.

Some popular gift cards are:

1. Walmart gift cards

2. Target gift cards

3. Amazon gift cards

4. Google play gift cards

5. iTunes gift cards

6. Footlocker gift cards

7. Nordstrom gift cards

8. eBay gift cards

9. American Express gift cards

10. Vanilla gift cards

And much more…

As I mentioned earlier, gift cards come in various denominations. For example, Walmart cards go from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $1000

How can you make money by trading Gift Cards for cash in Nigeria?

Some gift cards cannot be used in Nigeria so these cards may seem worthless to you. Or maybe you just don’t want to use the card. The solution to this is to sell the gift cards in exchange for cash. You can do this through various gift card trading platforms.

Be warned, it is quite easy to get scammed when selling your gift cards so you must verify these platforms and businesses before you trade with them.

To sell your gift cards, although it varies on different platforms, you usually follow these steps:

1. Set up an account

2. Enter details of your card

3. Trade!

How much can I sell my gift card for in Nigeria?

Gift card rates are not constant, they change frequently so it is important to check the daily updates of Gift Card rates.

The rate of your card depends on various factors such as;

  1. What type of card it is
  1. What country the card is from
  1. The amount on the card

Thankfully, some platforms have the gift card rate calculator feature where you can check the current value your gift card goes for.

Where Can I Get Valuable Information about Gift Card Trading in Nigeria?

Sellgiftcards.Africa is your one-stop to getting helpful news, information, and tutorials on gift cards and trading gift cards in Nigeria. They provide beneficial information and resources which will guide you in trading your gift cards on trusted and secure platforms.


Trading your gift cards for cash in Nigeria is quick and easy and you should hop on this if you have available gift cards. Get started by setting up an account with a trusted and reliable trading platform and be well on your way to becoming financially independent.

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