10 Best apps to send & receive money abroad in Nigeria

The internet has made so many things so much easier, including the ease at which money can be sent and received. Gone are the days when you have to stand in line for hours in the bank to be able to send or receive money abroad. Nowadays there are so many online payment apps that you can use to do so. 

The most popular online payment app is PayPal which unfortunately can not be used to receive payment in Nigeria. Regardless, there are several other options that Nigerians can use to send and receive money internationally. In this article, I’ll highlight 10 apps that can be used to send and receive money abroad in Nigeria:

1. Payoneer

    Many Nigerian freelancers have benefited from Payoneer‘s assistance in being paid by writing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Amazon affiliate programs. It is almost as widely used as Paypal and accessible to Nigerians. With Payoneer, you can send and receive payments from over 200 countries in the world.

    It also has relatively low fees than most other sites, with fees usually around 2%. The site is easy to set up and any issue that may arise while using the App can be resolved quickly and easily by following Payoneer’s dispute resolution process.  

    The downside to using Payoneer is the tedious documentation process for new users, and it takes at least two or three days to process your money. Regardless, it is one of the most popular apps for international transfers in Nigeria. 

    2. WorldRemit

      WorldRemit is a multi-currency money transfer software that works in over 130 countries and has no additional fees. With the WorldRemit app, you may send money to loved ones in minutes, and some payments reach their destinations worldwide in as little as a day.

      Furthermore, you get a coupon for future purchases when you refer someone to the app. WorldRemit also do not have a minimum amount required for transfers so you can transfer as little as you have.

      While Google Pay is not accepted, WorldRemit provides a variety of transfer options and takes payments from payment companies. Unusual behaviour is accounted for by the app monitor.  If you can get in touch with WorldRemit quickly, the software will be able to reverse your transaction if you unintentionally send money to the incorrect person.

      3. OFX

        Businesses, internet retailers, and private users may exchange currencies quickly and easily using the OFX app. With your OFX app, you may now transfer money overseas and make international payments.

        They have outstanding customer support and guarantee you get individualized care and provide phone support around the clock. There are also no extra costs when mailing more than $10,000. However, there is a minimum amount required for transfers and they charge a $15 transfer charge (not in the U.S. or U.K.) for any transaction under $10,000.

        The majority of transfers take place within a day.

        4. Wise

          Wise is a useful money transfer software offering a mid-market exchange rate for individuals and businesses. It used to be the best for international transfer from Nigeria until it stopped naira transactions due to CBN policies.

          For those looking for a cost-free option to deal in less widely used currencies, Wise has emerged as a great option. With a clear transfer cost, the software provides users with multi-currency accounts in more than 80 countries.

          90% of transactions arrive within 24 hours, and the majority happen instantly.

          Wise has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements before use, and it attaches your debit card for simple transactions. You may thus make any kind of financial transaction using your Wise account.

          The downside of using this app is that it transfers only to bank accounts. A one-time charge to get a debit card or create a business account is also required.

          5. Remitly 

            Remitly is a well-liked payment choice for several currency routes, allowing transactions from 21 to at least 100 countries.  

            The app boasts a variety of payment methods, simple in-app and internet payments, fixed transfer charges and no minimum amount to transfer. A cash pickup option is also available.

            Transaction fees differ depending on the service and destination countries. Remitly transfers provide easy international transfers using popular remittance methods, however, they are only functional for personal use. Payments or business transfers from one nation to another are not permitted.

            6. Western Union 

              Customers may easily collect payments in cash anywhere in the globe using Western Union. The largest global platform for international money transfers is available for personal, online, and app services. Payments are made virtually instantly to almost every nation on Earth.

              Western Union however is not the most affordable option. Transaction costs are subject to markup and vary depending on the destination country and service.

               Before they approve, Western Union gives consumers a price via the app along with their payment and delivery choices. 

              7. Pay4Me

                Immigrants and foreign students may conduct easy financial transactions using the Pay4Me App. Furthermore, without having to go through the drawn-out and expensive procedure of conventional banking and payment providers, users of the financial app may send quick payments to loved ones, companies, and educational institutions.

                 The Pay4Me App provides the best exchange rate and has no additional hidden transfer fees. Depending on the provider, transactions may be placed in 10 minutes, while transfers may take up to three days.

                Pay4Me collaborates with banks, universities, schools, visa agencies, student loan providers, and authorized and certified money transmitters.

                When using the platform to make payments, users do so in their native currencies.

                8. Afriex

                  With end-to-end encryption for every trade, Afriex offers the finest security combined with speed, with the majority of transactions reaching their beneficiaries in a matter of minutes. 

                  There are users on the site from four continents as well. Afriex also facilitates commercial transactions and helps consumers transfer money to their loved ones all around the globe.

                  9. TransferGo

                    Particularly for transfers to and from European nations, TransferGo is renowned for continuously providing reasonable exchange rates on international money transfers. The platform is user-friendly and provides a variety of pay-in and pay-out methods.

                    With TransferGo, you can send as little as 5 USD or its equivalent in Naira. Transfers can be made straight to your bank account,  as long as you are banking with one of the 22 banks that supports TransferGo. Money transfers with TransferGo can be made with relative ease, as receivers don’t need a TransferGo account to receive payment.

                    You also don’t need to go through the tedious process of inputting bank details to send money, the recipient’s phone number will be sufficient. 

                    The transaction with TransferGo is fast. Payments can be made in as little as 30 minutes every day of the week including weekends. 

                    10. Skrill

                      For consumers who want to transfer money to Nigeria, Skrill is a suitable choice because of its multitude of payment options. With a Skrill business account, you can accept payment in over 40 different currencies from countries around the world. It also comes with a good mobile wallet app for smartphones. 

                      The downside to using Skrill may be the tedious verification process which is necessary to ensure the protection of its users. It may also take a while to resolve any issues you may have while using the app. There isn’t a Live Chat feature that connects you to an actual customer support representative, only a chatbot called Sophia which is only available to existing members. 


                      Thanks to technology, which has made it simpler to utilize the internet to find solutions to the majority of human issues, everyone enjoys an easy life. Sending and receiving payments from abroad is no longer a headache, as many online payment apps have streamlined the process. Now, you can send money with a snap of your fingers anywhere in the world and receive payment just as easily.   

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