PropellerAds is the best Google AdSense alternative for Nigerians

PropellerAds is the number one alternative for Nigerians and other Africans who are unable to access Google AdSense. There are many options but for those based in Nigeria and most African countries, PropellerAds is just the best option.

When it comes to making money from blogging and similar online ventures, Google AdSense is widely regarded as the best option. But for some reasons, many bloggers are unable to use Google AdSense. This is because Google AdSense can be very difficult to access. It might take a while to get approved.  Even after approval, an account can be banned without warning.

If you are a first time blogger, you may not get approved to use Google AdSense until you can start generating reasonable organic traffic and it takes time. There are many factors. For this reasons, PropellerAds is the best solution.

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Why PropellerAds is the best alternative for Nigerians and Africans

There are numerous alternative to consider but here are the reasons why PropellerAds is the best:

Availability of ads

Most Google AdSense alternative do not work with Nigeria or African publishers. Therefore do not have ads for them. For example which is owned by Yahoo and Bing, is mostly focused on American traffic. So if most of your visitors come from Nigeria and other African countries, you may not make so much. But with Propeller Ads, you can monetize your traffic from Nigeria and all African countries.

High paying ads

They work with premium brands around the world just like Google AdSense. Many other Google AdSense alternatives that you may see are reselling. Most only have low paying Ads. But Propeller is a big company that has many premium partners.

Getting paid

After all your work, getting bad can be a big issue with many other platform but not with PropellerAds. When it comes to Payment, PropellerAds is even better than Google Adsense because they payout weekly while Google Adsense is monthly. With them, you can withdraw every week as long as you make enough.

Most Google Adsense alternatives only pay through Paypal which is not available in Nigeria and some other African countries for receiving payment. You can use Payoneer Bank transfer and receive the money into your Payoneer account then transfer it to your Nigerian bank account instantly. Alternatively, you can receive payment by Skrill and transfer to your Nigerian bank account instantly. There are other payment options!


PropellerAds has so many options when it comes to ads. They have options which Google Adsense do not have such as pop ads, Push notifications and more. They have basically all the best performing ad sizes in Google Adsense.


Many people these days use AdBlocker to block ads on websites they visit. This is the reason that sometimes, a blogger may have so many visitors but less revenue, because most of the visitors are using AdBlocker. They can’t see the ads or click on it. But PropellerAds have the technology to fight this. With them you can monetize your content even with visitors using AdBlocker.


PropellerAds is probably the only premium advertising network that anyone can register with without so much requirement. Even if you are a beginner. There is no big traffic requirement. Even if you start blogging today, you can start using PropellerAds. With the others, you will need to meet so many requirements.


They have a very big reputation. So many positive reviews. And they are very popular. Many big websites use them

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How to open a PropellerAds account

Follow these steps to open a PropellerAds account:

1. Go to the sign up page

To sign up and start using PropellerAds, go to the sign up page. You will be required to provide details such as your name, email, phone number, country and so on. Just fill the form, accept terms and condition and you are good to go. Click here to signup now.

PropellerAds signup
Fill in your details, accept terms and conditions

2. Confirm your email

An email will be sent to you. Check your email and activate your account.

3. Register your site

You are already confirmed to use Propeller Ads, next thing is to register your blog so that you can start running Ads. On your dashboard, click on Sites wait for it to load then click on Add Site. From there you can add a new site. See the image below.

PropellerAds add site
Click on Sites then click on Add site

4. Verify your site.

You will be given a code to place in the front page of your domain and verify it.  Copy the code and go to your blog. Place it on the head section of your website. If you are using WordPress, you can do it through your theme or through a plugin. A good plugin is Head, Footer and Post Injections. Simply install the plugin, activate it, open it and paste the code in the the part labeled Head tag and save.  You are good to go. Once you have done this, clear your cache, return to PropellerAds and click Verify.

5. Monetize your site!

Congratulations you can now make money from your blog with PropellerAds. You can try out the different Ads. If you need help you can always contact them. There are many resources on their website to help.

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  1. Thank you sir for the information. I even thought about given it a try.

    But i want to ask. Is paypal one of their payment method, and since they pay weekly what’s their minium payout?

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