Top 10 insurance brokers in Nigeria (2024)

The insurance broker is an advisor who knows the benefits of insurers and who has the skills to explain to you which insurance suits you best according to your needs.

Knowing all the insurers (as well as the clauses of insurance contracts ) for an individual is a titanic challenge. But the Insurance broker helps to figure that out.

What does an insurance broker do?

Insurance brokers ensure that their clients are able to choose the right insurance for their needs. Insurance brokers: listen to their client’s wishes and write down their questions and information; looks for the insurance that’s best for their clients, and examine options with several insurance companies.

The insurance broker will then contact their clients to discuss the possibilities and give them advice. Finally, their clients can take out the insurance they have chosen with them.

Why Choose An Insurance Broker?

1. To save time and money

Going through an insurance intermediary can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. This is why more and more individuals, SMEs, local authorities, large companies wishing to take out an insurance contract are using a broker. They assist in choosing the contract and also in monitoring it.

2. Receive a coherent proposal between the various insurances

The insurance broker is a professional in the field. As such, he can quickly identify market offers likely to meet your needs. It maximizes your chances of finding great life insurance, better auto insurance, or great home insurance. In short, it puts the different insurers in competition.

3. Better contract negotiation

The insurance broker is in a strong position to negotiate a contract. It can intervene in situations requiring a complex financial and legal package. In the event that the collaboration ends with a subscription to an insurance agreement, you will not be obliged to pay a sum of money to the broker. It is the insurer who will pay him a commission.

4. Defend the interests of the insured

Once you have signed the insurance contract, a broker’s job is not done. He takes care of the follow-up of the contract and ensures that the clauses are respected. Sometimes he may offer you other better deals and provide you with his cancellation assistance. He also takes care of the procedures with the insurance company in the event of a claim.

Now, the top 10 Insurance Brokers in Nigeria.

Top 10 insurance brokers in Nigeria

1. Mascot Insurance Brokers Limited

Mascot Insurance Brokers Limited

Mascot Insurance Brokers Limited is a leading Insurance Broking firm transacting business as Brokers, Risk Management Consultants, Life and Pensions, Health Insurance Consultants, and Claim Service Experts.

Mascot Insurance Broker limited provides tailor-made Insurance Policies to cover your Assets, Personnel, and Liabilities by negotiating with your Insurers at reasonable rates, flexible terms and conditions, favorable discounts to enable your organization to pay as low as possible for the best cover available.

Northlink Insurance Brokers

Northlink Insurance Brokers Plc was licensed by National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), and incorporated on 23rd October 1989, to render Insurance brokerage services. Northlink Insurance Brokers helps clients to identify insurable risks and ensure that clients obtain the best available insurance coverage for the premium they pay.

They also provide individual services to clients by regularly reviewing their insurance needs, providing analysis and reports, and paying regular visits to clients, and keep updated with their requirements.

3. Carrier Insurance Brokers

Carrier Insurance Brokers

Carrier Insurance Brokers was incorporated in 1994. The company is licensed by National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to provide all classes of insurance. The company also provides specialist services to public organizations and the organized private sector. They offer the following:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Fire and Special Peril Insurance
  • Personal/Group Personal Accident Insurance

4. Nasco Nigeria Insurance Brokers Limited

Nasco Nigeria Insurance Brokers Limited

Nasco Insurance Group is a privately owned group originally founded in Lebanon in 1969. Today, in addition to Lebanon, the group has a presence in France, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, and S.Korea.

5. Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited

Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian Company registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 1974 as an Insurance Broker to transact all classes of the insurance business.

Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited focuses on clients’ specific needs and provides professional skills in the area of risk identification, analysis, quantification, treatment, and transfer using insurance mechanisms in the value chain.

Their traditional business model revolves around the development and establishment of specialist Divisions which include: Oil and Gas, Marine & Aviation, Construction and Engineering, Industrial & Commercial, Reinsurance, and Multinational Risks Management.

6. Colenson Brokers Nigeria Limited

Colenson Brokers Nigeria Limited was established in 1983, making it one of the oldest Insurance brokerage firms operating in Nigeria. They specialize in Oil and Gas Insurance, Transportation Insurance, Liability, Accident, Life, and Financial Insurance, etc.

7. Glanvills Enthoven Reinsurance Broker Limited

Glanvills Enthoven Reinsurance Broker Limited focuses on the fact that clients want products and services built around their unique needs and provided by professionals with deep expertise in their industries and local markets. Glanvills Enthoven Reinsurance Broker Limited prides itself to have built a professional services company to achieve these important goals.

They offer services in Human Capital Consulting, Reinsurance, and Insurance and Risk Management.

8. Hilltop Insurance Brokers Limited

Hilltop Insurance Brokers Limited was incorporated in 2003 as required by Nigerian Law as a private Limited Liability Company; to carry on the business of Insurance Broking, Risk Management and Consultancy services in; Marine, Oil and Gas, Motor, Life and General Insurance Business.

Their insurance brokerage services Include ​Motor Insurance Services, Oil & Energy Insurance, Marine Insurance (Hull & Cargo), Engineering Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Group Personal Accident (GPA), Group Life Insurance, Risk Management & Advisory Services, etc.

9. Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Limited

Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company under the name Rock Insurance Brokers Unlimited. The company was subsequently re-registered with National Insurance Commission as an insurance broker to transact all classes of the insurance business, which include:

  • Life Assurance Business
  • General Insurance Business
  • Special Risks

The company is also registered with the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers.

10. Nigerian Life and Provident Company Limited

Nigerian Life and Provident Company Limited (Formerly known as Nigerian Life and Pensions Consultants Limited) is majorly Nigerian-owned and a responsible Corporate Organization which pioneered Pensions Management and Consultancy in Nigeria. They offer the following:

  • Funds Management Services
  • Personal Provident Plan
  • Target Savings Plan
  • Almond Fund
  • Employees Savings
  • Insurance
  • Customized Staff/Team Training


This is the list of the top 10 Insurance Brokers in Nigeria, based on our choice. There are still several ones you can choose from. However, ensure that any Insurance brokerage firm you choose is registered with the Council of Registered Insurance Brokers(NCRIB), and licensed by the National Insurance Commission(NAICOM) in Nigeria.

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  1. None of these insurance brokerage firms is in the top 10 in Nigeria. I do not think ranking by your choice is also a requirement for this list. I expect that at least some background research should be done before rolling out this list.

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