How to get Trader Moni and all you need to know

Trader Moni also known as TraderMoni or Trader money is a non-interest loan initiative from the federal government of Nigeria targeted at petty traders who require small capital to startup or boost their businesses. It is a part of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) scheme of the Federal Government, being executed by the Bank of Industry. It requires no collateral and attracts no interest.

In this article, takes a look at how you can get trader moni. Well, you can also call it trader money or TraderMoni if you wish. The loan scheme became famous when the Vice president, Yemi Osinbanjo visited markets to disburse loans to traders. But right here you will find all you need to know.

Why is Trader Moni important?

There are over 20 million petty traders who just need small capital to start or grow their business. These traders have no access to loans because they do not have potentials that lenders want. They do not also have the collateral to access loans. And, the interest rates from regular loans can be intimidating. Some of them do not even have an active bank account.

Because of these limitations, they continue to suffer and their businesses cannot grow. And the truth is that they are not looking for big money, just small money to start or grow their business. Because of this the Federal government introduced Trader Moni as a way out for them.

Who can get Trader Moni

The loan is targeted at petty traders. If you are a trader or artisan in Nigeria that N10, 000 to N100, 000 can help your business right now, then you are eligible to get Trader Moni.

To break it down, if you are a small kiosk owner, food stuff seller, bread seller, mai shai, wheel barrow pusher, mobile tailor, mobile cobbler, fruits seller, keke rider, okada rider, call center operator, small business owner, then TraderMoni can help you.

How much can you get from Trader Moni?

You can get from N10, 000 to N100, 000 from Trader Moni. The loan is in phases. First you get N10, 000.  Once you pay back the N10, 000 you get N15, 000. As you pay back the N15, 000 you get N20, 000. After the N20, 000 is paid back you get N50, 000. Payback the N50, 000 and you get N100, 000.

Getting the next loan is automatic! As soon as you pay back any loan within 3 months, you dial a code on your phone and you get the next higher loan immediately.

Every state in Nigeria including the FCT will get 30, 000 loans.

Trader Moni interest rate

TraderMoni loan is interest free! You do not need to pay any interest! Just repay the money you receive.

Trader Moni collateral

You do not need any collateral to access TraderMoni! It is collateral free! That is Federal government’s way of making sure that everyone can access the loan.

Trader Moni requirements

There is no big requirement for Trader Moni. Just be eligible for the loan and apply. For the first N10, 000, you do not need a bank account. After that, you will be required to provide your bank account and BVN to access more loans.

How to get Trader Moni (Application process)

Follow these steps to apply for Trader Moni

1. Find a Trader Moni Agent close to you

You need to locate a Trader moni agent close to you. That is the first step you need to take. You can go to to find contacts of Trade Moni coordinators in your state.

2. Capture your details

The agent will capture your details. The process is simple and fast. Your basic details.

3. Text notification

You will receive an instant text message with a code. Save the code.

4. Pick up your money

You can go get the cash from your bank! Pay back and get more cash!

How long do I have to pay back the loan?

You are given six months to pay back your first N10, 000. With this plan, you are expected to pay back N430 every week. If you choose to back back faster then you can back in three months. That will be N860 every week. Immediately you pay back, you get the next loan.

How to become a Trader Moni agent

Follow these steps to become a Trader Moni agent:

1. Locate the coordinator in your state

The first step is to get in touch with the coordinator of the scheme in your state. You can find information of your state coordinators

2. Offer to be an agent

Once you establish contact with your coordinator, express your interest to be an agent

Trader Moni contact

You can contact TraderMoni through the following channel:

Website: is the TraderMoni website


Phone: 0700-1000-200

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  1. When I came across this wonderful program/empowerment I was very happy and I thank mr president for inneciating this program for the indigenous persons of this great nation Nigeria.

  2. it is quiet unfortunate that some agent will register some people and equally eat and do not pay them. he deceived them to supply him all the information sent to them regarding the payment, which they did. To my greatest surprise still now, they have not received their money. thanks.

    the agent name:0000640752- SHAkSONZee enterprises
    phone number:08069679942

  3. it is quiet unfortunate that some agent will register some people and equally eat and do not pay them. he deceived them to supply him all the information sent to them regarding the payment, which they did. To my greatest surprise still now, they have not received their money. thanks. The agent:07084441968

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