Outrage as GTBank suspends transfer of FX via internet banking

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has suspended the transfer of forex on its internet banking platform. Customers who try to make transfers from their domiciliary account have been left with disappointed. This is in addition to limitation withdrawing FX from the counter.

No reason has been given for the suspension but when a member of our team reached out to the bank on Twitter, they confirmed via private message that there is indeed a suspension.

When asked about issues transferring domiciliary account funds to other GTBank via internet banking, below was their response:

“Hello, please be informed that the service has been temporarily suspended and will be restored as soon as an update is made. We apologize for any inconvenience this must have caused.”



When asked about when it will be reinstated, the team could not provide a time frame. Their was response was “You will be duly notified once there is an update. Please bear with us.”

We cannot verify if this is as a result of a Central Bank of Nigeria policy.

But a Tweet from Zenith Bank Yesterday confirmed that withdrawal and transfer of FX are available on their internet banking.

Zenith Bank Dorm

If access to FX transfer is available via other banks, it might just be an internal GTBank issue.

Unfortunately, the bank is yet to issue a statement on this, many of its customers in disarray.

Here are some customers who have expressed their irritation on Twitter:

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