How to start pig farming business in Nigeria (The best guide)

Pig farming business is a lucrative business that involves the rearing of pigs for commercial purposes. Pig farming ranks among the best businesses in Nigeria that brings manifold profits to it owners.

According to my research, I discovered that a struggling Nigerian who gets into the business, will likely not to go through the stress of lack ever again, because profits are sure at all time. This can be justified from the point of view that Pig’s meat (pork) is of a high demand in the market today and virtually everyone prefer the meat to any other meat due to it sweetness.


Why Pig farming business is lucrative

A single pig gives birth to many piglets, which is a big advantage. A pig has the capacity to give birth to about 15 piglets at once, making the business easy to multiply for the owner.

While pig business is a very profitable business to venture into most people especially the educated once are not interested or perhaps overlook its value.  This has created a vacuum. Which has resulted high demand but low supply of pigs. If you can get into it, you will find buyers.

Currently, you can sell a full-grown pig for about N45,000 depending on its weight. But if well fed, you can sell a pig as high as N75,000 even much more.

Now come to think of it, imagine you have about hundreds of them at your disposal after raring them for about 8 months, that means you will be making Millions. If you can stay focused and grow your farm to about a thousand pig, that means you are a multi-millionaire. A hundred pigs can fetch you over N20 million a year.

Again, I will like you to consider the rate at which pigs can reproduce, it won’t be difficult to grow to a hundred pig in a year if you start small.  You can follow the guidelines below to establish your own farm.


Steps to start a Pig farming Business


1. Acquire a breeding ground

Your first step is to get a breeding place you intend to run your business. You can start with a small piece of land and expand with time. But if you have the finance to go big, then do it.

Getting a good land is paramount. So spend a good amount of time looking for a good land for the Pig farming business. You need a land that the pigs can feed conveniently and have a enough space to play.

The ideal place is usually an isolated place. Not closed to residential areas because the odour from the Pigs that cause inconvenience.


2. Build Pens

A pen is the place where pigs are kept. You need to build a very comfortable pen for your pigs. It has to be spacious to grant the pigs freedom to move about. Pigs love space and comfort.


3. Have a good drainage system

A proper drainage system is very important to keep your pigs safe. And also ensure mysterious creatures don’t co-habit with your pigs and thereby contaminating them.


4. Build a pool

Pigs love to swim and play in water. This will also prevent them from being dirty.  A cool and nice atmosphere is important for reproduction to occur.


5. Buy Healthy Piglets

After you have set everything in place, the next step is to acquire the pigs for your farm. To ensure the quality of the product the pigs will produce in the future, it is pivotal you go for the best breeds. Therefore, ensure you make solid enquiry on where to purchase a good breed to start your business and make sure they have history of vaccinations against diseases

Talk to vet doctor — this is because to maintain the health of the pigs, a regular vet doctor is needed. Make sure they are vaccinated as well. Pigs also have the capacity to eat the food that humans can eat so there is no need to worry to much about their feed.


6. Employ Workers

As the farm grows, make sure you employ more workers, you can start with two or three. So that there will be people assisting in cleaning their mess when the pigs start their dirty act. The employees will also be useful when it comes to feeding the flocks.


7. Feeding your pig

Just like humans, pigs also eat a wide variety of food. You can go to their feed store and do combination of feeds for them and you can also give them fruits and other food that humans eat. It in the nature of pigs to drink much water, so it is pivotal you provide fresh and clean water from time to time. Make sure you also provide someone to monitor them from time to time as well.


8. Marketing your pig

Pigs are very much in demand so finding customers will be easy. Visit local market where pig meat are consumed. Pig meat is known as pork. Supply to butchers and buyers. You can also supply the cut and packaged pork meat to big restaurants, supermarket and so on.  In the market, you will find suppliers of pig who buy pigs as whole.

Approach hotels as they regularly patronize pork meat. You can even export. Make sure you do your research and have a plan before you begin.


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