Top 15 universities in the U.S. and UK that don’t require IELTS

Can I go to the USA to study without IELTS? Which university does not require IELTS in the UK And USA? In this post, we will talk about the Top 15 universities in the U.S. and UK that don’t require IELTS.

What is IELTS, and how does it work?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an agreed language assessment examination used by institutions in many countries of the world.

IELTS is used to gauge the language skills of international students that are applying for admission. If you don’t understand, we will make it simpler.

IELTS is used by academic institutions in English-speaking countries to test applicants from non-English speaking countries.

Note that applicants from English-speaking countries may also be required to write this test if their English-speaking skills are not considered good enough.

IELTS has 4 test sections with which it measures the skills of applicants:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

This test usually lasts for 3 hours, and students will be scored overall. Many academic institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom use the IELTS to confirm the language skills of applicants.

Is it possible to study in the US and the UK without IELTS?

Yes, it is. Over the years, many students have been complaining and clamouring for institutions to waive IELTS because of many reasons.

IELTS is very difficult to pass for many international students, especially for those whose official language is not English. But that’s only one disadvantage out of many.

The second disadvantage is the cost and validity duration. IELTS costs range from $140 – $310. Some places charge a flat rate of $220. If you convert to your local currency, it’s a whole lot of money.

Also, the IELTS score is valid for only 2 years, and its expiry date starts counting from the date of examination. As a result, some universities offer alternative English language proficiency tests.

How to Study in the UK and USA without IELTS?

If you are looking for a way to study in the United Kingdom and the United States without IELTS, here are some things you can do.

1. If you are applying for a postgraduate course, you can submit a letter from your previous university. The university will confirm that the course you studied with them was taught in English.

2. If it’s an undergraduate course, then you must have studied English as one of the most important subjects in your secondary or high school education.

You can indicate that in your application for admission or include a letter that says that.

3. If your home country has English as its official language, IELTS may not be required by all the universities in the UK and US.

4. If any of the following does not apply to you and you are unable to take the IELTS test, you can request to take the university’s preparatory program for the English Language.

While these may work for some universities, they won’t work for all. Even if it will work, the stress you will undergo is enough to make you frustrated with your goal of studying in the United States or the United Kingdom.

There’s only one wise option; to apply to a university that admits international students without demanding an IELTS score.

The best UK universities without IELTS requirement

  1. The University of Essex
  2. University of Central Lancashire
  3. The University of Greenwich
  4. Swansea University
  5. University of Northampton
  6. University of Plymouth
  7. Portsmouth University
  8. Northumbria University
  9. Robert Gordon University
  10. University of Bolton
  11. London South Bank University
  12. University of Geneva
  13. Riga Technical University
  14. Audencia Nantes School of Management
  15. University of Bristol
  16. Birmingham City University
  17. University of Basel
  18. University of Warwick
  19. Sheffield Hallam University
  20. Aston University
  21. Bangor University
  22. Brunel University

Which US universities do not accept IELTS? Top Universities to Study in the USA without IELTS

  1. University of New Orleans
  2. Rice University
  3. University of Dayton 
  4. Drexel University
  5. California State University, Los Angeles
  6. University of North Alabama
  7. Northwood University
  8. National Louis University
  9. University of Colorado Boulder
  10. University of Arkansas
  11. State University of New York
  12. University of Delaware

Top 15 universities in the U.S. and UK that don’t require IELTS

Here are the best universities in the United States and the United Kingdom that don’t need an IELTS score to give admission.

Note that some of them use IELTS, but it’s not made compulsory, as they also offer alternatives for applicants that don’t have it. 

1. University of Essex

Location: Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, The United Kingdom. 

Year founded: 1964

IELTS Alternative(s): Pre-sessional English pathway program.

2. University of New Orleans (UNO)

Location: 2000 Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA 70148, United States. 

Year founded: 1956

IELTS Alternative(s): UNO Intensive English Language Program (IELP) with 63+ in LGVR and 70+ in Writing.

3. London Southbank University

Location: 103 Borough Rd, London SE1 0AA, United Kingdom. 

Year founded: 1892

IELTS Alternative(s): Pre-study English courses available at the university.

4. Rice University

Location: 6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005, United States.

Year founded: 1912

IELTS Alternative(s): No specified English language proficiency requirements. The admissions committee will assess your proficiency and communication skills to make a final decision. 

5. University of Bristol

Location: Bristol BS8 1TH, United Kingdom. 

Year founded: 1876

IELTS Alternative(s): Pre-sessional language course. You can also enroll for an English language certification.

6. University of Central Lancashire

Location: Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 2HE, United Kingdom.

Year founded: October 07, 1828

IELTS Alternative(s): Cambridge IGCSE, English As A First Language, OEITC 4, International Baccalaureate, TOEFL Ibt, and many more.

7. Sheffield Hallam University

Location: Howard St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 1WB, United Kingdom. 

Year founded: 1843

IELTS Alternative(s): An English Language course at the university’s TESOL centre

8. Drexel University

Location: 3141 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States. 

Year founded: 1891

IELTS Alternative(s): Proof that you have completed your secondary education or bachelor’s degree while being taught in the English language.

9. University of Warwick

Location: Coventry CV4 7AL, United Kingdom. 

Year founded: 1965

IELTS Alternative(s): Take a pre-sessional English course to prove your English language proficiency.

10. California State University, Los Angeles

Location: 5151 State University Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032, United States.

Year founded: 1947

IELTS Alternative(s): Proof that you completed your secondary education or bachelor’s degree while being taught in the English language.

11. University of Delaware

Location: Newark, DE 19716, United States.

Year founded: 1743

IELTS Alternative(s): Academic Transition (AT) at UD’s English Language Institute.

12. University of Northampton

Location: Waterside Campus, University Dr, Northampton NN1 5PH, United Kingdom. 

Year founded: 2005

IELTS Alternative(s): A Pre-sessional academic English (PEP) language course.

13. Robert Gordon University

Location: Garthdee House, Garthdee Rd, Garthdee, Aberdeen AB10 7AQ, United Kingdom

Year founded: 1992

IELTS Alternative(s): RGU English Proficiency Test.

14. Northwood University

Location: 4000 Whiting Drive, Midland, MI 48640, United States.

Year founded: 23 March 1959

IELTS Alternative(s): EIKEN, IB, Cambridge English Test, ELS, PTE Academic and many more.

15. State University of New York

Location: Albany, Manhattan, and Washington, D.C. All located in the United States.

Year founded: 1948

IELTS Alternative(s): PTE, Duolingo, and Cambridge English Scale.

IELTS costs, exam duration, and validity

If you change your mind and later decide to write an IELTS exam, it costs between USD 140 to USD 310. The exam has a duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes. IELTS certificate is valid for 2 years.

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