How to scan documents & pictures to PDF with your phone

Have you ever needed the software copy of a paper document? Soft copies are always a better way to back up important documents, just in case, the original paper becomes lost or damaged.

A desktop scanner is what is mostly used to scan documents and pictures into soft copies. However, most people don’t know they can do it with their mobile phones.

The TapScanner app makes it possible for people to scan their important documents and pictures with their smartphones and tablets. In this guide, you will learn how to use TapScanner, how to get the soft copy of any paper document, how to scan pictures to PDF, and lots more.

What is TapScanner, and how does it work?

TapScanner is a mobile app that allows users to scan any document and convert it to PDF. This can be done with their Android, Tablet, or iOS devices.

With the TapScanner PDF maker, you can get a soft copy of your receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, ID cards, books, and pictures. You can also convert to PDF easily.

Benefits of using TapScanner

There are many benefits of using the TapScanner app. Here are some of them.

  1. You can scan any document and picture with your smartphone. That way, you can back it up as a soft copy
  2. You don’t have to send any paper documents through the Post Office or mailbox any longer. Just use TapScanner to get the soft copy and then send it to the recipient through Email.
  3. You can create the PDF version of any textbook, course material or tutorial book. Just scan each page and compile everything into a PDF file. With this, you won’t have to carry big textbooks around everywhere you go.
  4. With the TapScanner app, you can compress a PDF file with a large size into a small size. This will save you some space while also making the PDF easier to send.
  5. You can also use TapScanner to make your already-scanned documents look professional and presentable. This can be done by using filters in the app to remove shadows.

    You can also convert dirty and stained documents into plain black and white. That will make them look as if they are recently typed and printed from a computer.
  6. Backup features. You can use TapScanner to backup your most important documents to the cloud. This will make it easy to retrieve your documents when you lost the original hard copy.
  7. TapScanner also has a security feature that lets you secure your sensitive documents. Nobody can open such documents and PDF files unless you tell them the password.
  8. You can also convert your already-existing PDF files to text. With the OCR feature embedded in the app, you can convert PDF to the doc.

TapScanner mobile app download

You can download the TapScanner app from the Google Play Store (if you are using an Android device).

Users with iOS devices can also download TapScanner from the Apple App Store.

How to scan documents & pictures to PDF with your phone

After downloading and installing the app, follow the steps below to scan documents to PDF.

1. Launch the TapScanner app

Once you launch the TapScanner app. You will see the welcome screen. Click on continue.

Quick scanning

2. Grant permissions

On the homepage, press the camera icon to begin. It will ask for some permissions, and you need to grant them before you can proceed.


3. Position the document

 On the next page (the camera capturing page), align the document with the camera. Once you get a clear positioning, click on the blue capture button at the bottom centre of the screen.


4. Crop

The next page is for cropping and rotation. Once you adjust the document to your preference, click on the “Next” button to proceed.


5. Make adjustments

The next page is for filters, brightness, and contrast settings. You can adjust these settings to make your document more presentable. Click on “Save” after you are done.


6. Set file name

You will need to set a file name for the document. Once you do that, a separate page will be automatically set aside for that document. 

Anytime you want to add to the document, just visit that page and click either the “Camera” or “Photo” icon. Then repeat the process to add multiple documents.


7. Covert to PDF

Once you have scanned and added all your documents to that page, you should convert them to PDF.

To convert to PDF, click on the “Download” icon at the top right corner. A popup will appear on your smartphone screen. Click on the “Save” button, and wait for a few seconds (or minutes, depending on the number of documents you are converting to PDF).


8. Save

The PDF will be saved into your downloads folder. You can access the PDF document from any file manager or PDF reader on your smartphone.


How to convert multiple documents and pictures to PDF at once

Aside from scanning each document manually, you can also add all the documents at once.

This is possible only if you already have all the documents saved as pictures on your phone. To use TapScanner to convert pictures to PDF, follow the steps below.

Press the “Photo” icon beside the “camera” button.


2. Navigate to folder containing your documents or pictures

A screen showing your recently taken photos will be shown. If your documents are saved in another folder, click on the drop-down menu button to click on that folder.

3. Select as many documents/pictures as possible

Select as many images as you want and press the “Done” button located at the top right corner.


4. Make adjustments

The next page is for cropping and rotation. Once you adjust the document to your preference, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

The remaining steps are the same as the ones involved when scanning documents to PDF. Once you are done, check your downloads folder to access your saved PDF files.


TapScanner customer care and email address

For questions and complaints, you can contact TapScanner through their email address. You can also browse through their website and explore its UI.

Email address:

TapScanner website:

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